Would you switch IVF clinics when Doctor is rude (a vent as well)?

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  1. Sylvia - if you tell us where you are located, I'm sure people could give you more specfic advice on switching.

    I was in the same situation last October and after much debate, I switched to a different clinic. The original one is very convenient to my house and work and monitoring hours would have been much easier. But the doctor and the nurse were unbearable. Fortunately, I live only an hour from NYC where there are at least two top clinics and could not be happier that I switched to Cornell. I have an excellent rapport with my RE as well as the others that I have seen during monitoring. I had a mc right before xmas and the fellow on call could not have been more compassionate. I am lucky that I did not have to sacrifice in terms of success rates; I just had to give up a bit of convenience.

    Again, I think if you disclose your location, people could provide better advice for you. Whatever you decide, best of luck!!

  2. Hello gals,

    I\'m no longer in fumes.

    Thank God.

    Level headed me is back.

    I\'m afraid to mention specifics so for now, will not name the clinics.

    More afraid to jinx the entire thing and since I don't have anything positive to say, I'd rather keep it vague as to not scare any patients currently cycling there.

    Both clinics are almost the same in stats.

    I\'ve spoken to a Fertility Lifelines IVF nurse who has worked in the industry for 18 years in at least three different clinics.

    She sees both sides and agrees that I am in a pickle.

    Time, once more, if not our friend.

    Now it's looking like I will stay put at 80% and hope, dear God, do I hope that I will have a positive outcome with a singleton, non-eventful, full term baby a year from now.

    I\'m sincerely hoping that despite the cr@ppy treatment I will continue to get, that it's worth putting up for the ultimate goal: baby.

    I will put Jamine's advice under use in my modified way:

    "Unfortunately you are catering to his attitude but with certain types it helps to make it easier on them. It is hard to take the high road when you are going through so much already but sometimes the result is worth 'babying' your RE. Try to think of it as another challenge that you can rise to during this harrowing process..and the good karma will hopefully come your way!"

    I am not proud to admit that I will not outright tell them during the cycle what sh*tty people they are because truth be told, I am afraid, this type of treatment is more common than we would like to publicly admit.

    Very sad.

    Good luck to you all!


  3. Sylvia... I'm proud of you for figuring out what's going to work for you in this situation... Good luck with your cycle!

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