Would you get a bikini wax for the doctor?

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  1. Funny... I just came back from getting my Brazilian Bikini wax done. It honestly wasn't too bad. There are two spots that hurt the most, but if you get the right person who knows what they are doing and do NOT go to a place that uses strip wax!!!! I usually get one anyway but avoided doing so until now only b/c I was too afraid of something happening.

    I did have to apologize to the woman doing it though b/c it's been since January. OY VAY!!

    b/b twins

  2. Ladies, I waxed already 5dpt3dt! No one should be a hairy mess for anyone! Besides it makes me feel better and my hubby likes it too. I recommend trying it, the minimal pain is nothing compared to what all of you have gone through.

  3. If you do it for yourself, because it makes you feel pretty or sexy, fine. This is why I would do it. Not to say that I will do it, but if I did. I certainly wouldn't do it for the doctor's sake though~ Screw them. Besides... they could care less anyway. If you think they care, you are wrong. And if one does care, he's a pervert. Why would you put yourself through pain and possible infection for a pervert?

  4. Good point, Lulu, and since I rarely do it for myself or for DH, why would I do it for a doctor?

    Actually I have very unhappy memories of the last wax, where a vicious Thai beautician, ignoring my protests, ripped off my knickers and waxed my privates to within an inch of their life, leaving about 3 hairs of 5mm length. I felt like one of those small, naked dogs that has a tuft of fluff on their heads.

  5. I giggled when I saw this....TBH I don't think mine would have noticed!!! (By the way I am joking here I am with lulu on the pervert comment).He is excellent at his job and very well thought of but doesn't seem to have that patient/consultant relationship thing going on......quite aloof! As long as he gets the results though I guess his "bedside manner" is immaterial!!!

  6. i do make sure to at least trim before dr's appts. i didn't realize most women shaved/waxed it all off. once and only once i tried a brazilian. i have very sensitive skin and had a pretty bad reaction to it. someday (after paying for all the fertility treatments, maybe) i can afford to get lazer done, but i would like to have most of my hair down there removed, so i don't have to worry about it, and i am beach (and dr.) ready all the time.

  7. Ew. Isn't there enough pain involved in this process already?

  8. Um BLEEP no....who cares about the doctor?! He or she has seen *all* and if I figure if dh likes it than who the heck cares about the doc!...or anyone else who sees down there at this point!

    Besides....doc should be focused on catching what is coming out...



  9. HA! This is one of the funniest posts I've seen in a long time! My BF is a nurse who attends many births, according to her and the OB/GYN group she works with, the doctors couldn't care less about how "groomed" or "ungroomed" you are in the pubic area.

    The things they do care about are during gyne exams (this is straight from the doctors mouths ladies):

    1) toliet paper reminents left behind in the tushy

    2) stinky winter book feet

    3) during delivery - many women - ahem, how shall I put this delicately- poop while pushing ......(totally out of your control, but still, that's all I could think about when I went into labor!!)


  10. Hi,

    I am not brave enough to wax but do shave. I have a little shaving tip for you. If you make a paste with tylenol and water and apply it to the shaved parts you will not get the little red bumps (razor burn) works everytime. I do shave for the doc just to feel clean. I am spread eagle might as well be proud of it!


  11. Near the end of the pg with DD, everyone kept asking if I had nesting urges. If neasting urges mean the desire to get pedicures and bikini waxes, the answer was yes. But I must say, the wax was much more painful than normal. Yeow! But, I ended up with an emergnecy c section, and will never forget the nurse pulling out one of those disposable blue razors and going at me -- so I guess the was was for nothing.

  12. Hi,I am not brave enough to wax but do shave. I have a little shaving tip for you. If you make a paste with tylenol and water and apply it to the shaved parts you will not get the little red bumps (razor burn) works everytime. I do shave for the doc just to feel clean. I am spread eagle might as well be proud of it!Tina

    Do you put the paste on afterwards or do you use the paste for shaving? I've had laser hair removal of the front and part of the underside because I get the red bumps so badly from shaving and waxing. Of course, even laser hair removal isn't perfect. I have one little spot that refused to give up and I'd love to be able to shave it without the bumps afterward.
    Thanks -Tru.

  13. This is quite an interesting poll. LOL. I do wax down there (big fan of Brazilians) but not for the doc, but because i just like the clean feeling and as a bonus DH likes it too.

  14. Ok, for those who do shave...how do you keep it from itching? I've been miserable with the itching every time. What's the secret?

  15. Ok I can't believe I am joining this discussion, but here goes. I am definitly not brave enough for the professional job, but love just having a landing strip. I bravely took the plunge myself about a year ago and would never go back. Here is a tip I found for those who shave themselves. Buy that liquid foaming shaving gel. Put the gel on to shave and then when done put the gell on again and leave it there for a few minutes. I rarely get knicks or anything now.


    Thanks for the fun topic

  16. wild topic, but really, the docs must see so many that i dont think they care, they are there to work, not look and we are all different anyway!

    and they do not always shave for c-sections... i had one and no shaving required even though a bikini cut.

    ive never been one to shave for vanity, my legs included! so the tush, just for experimental purposes!

  17. Well, if you think about it- the docs really aren't looking at your vagina so much as what's INSIDE! They just want to get a good look at the ovaires and the vag is just the way in. So I think they think about it for half a second until they get whatever instruments they need in. Know what I mean? What's on the u/s is waaaay more important than what's on the labia!

  18. I don't wax down there for NOONE

    I would try to clean it up a little, with a razor, or have DH shave the area.

  19. Would the doctor do a bikini wax for me? Probably not. Especially my doctor, a 60-something man. He shaves his face. I shave my legs and the stragglers around my bikini line. Good enough.

  20. i hate to admit it but it all comes off for the doctor.

    try it. you will be hooked. i use a little electric shaver, nifty thing that and i don't get razor bumps.

    i do it for DH but only as a treat (aherm)

    oh the pain when it grows back.

    oh my god oh my god ohmygod i can't believe i have broadcast it to all and sundry.


  21. Absolutely I would wax for the Doc! I have been waxin the cat for 4 years now and I'll never go back to the old days. I think a hairy cat is disgusting! MY hubby definetly prefers the no hair look and feel as well...much cleaner and neat. And shaving? No way, that is not for me as it causes mucho itchiness when the re-growth comes in. With a wax job, you don't even feel it growing back and it's finer, softer and thinner as well. You do however have to be prepared for some pain. Especially in the beginning. Ouch! But it's worth it....in my opinion.

  22. I don't wax...but I shave for the Dr...and DH
    I shave every few days so the itch doesn't really get a chance....

  23. I would think that hygiene is something you do for yourself. I tried waxing and could not handle it. I even tried waxing after a few crown and cokes. I prefer shaving, doesn't itch or bother me a bit. Maybe i should try a professional wax job. May be easier than the do it yourself kits.

  24. First of all..... I don't think the doctors care too much. When my husband came with me for one of my u/s he didn't even know they had put the thing in, they did it so fast and barely looked where it was going.

    I have had laser hair removal for the bikini. Not a Brazilian. I do trim it with hair trimmers. I hate it when it gets long and gets stuck in my underwear. I don't do it for anyone other than myself. I feel cleaner with it trimmed.

  25. when i started to go into labor with DD - i had DH trim the area up for me a bit. I was WAY too large to do it myself. So - well groomed - yes - waxed - HELL NO! There will already be enough pain going on down there - i dont need to add to it!

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