Would you get a bikini wax for the doctor?

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  1. Dear readers,

    I was surprised to hear that some women get a bikini wax before birth so it's 'nicer' for the doctor (I guess we can't do much about the blood and gore. But we can control the stubble).

    During the boredom of the 2ww, I was wondering how widespread this custom was. Why would you do it / not do it? If you would, does this mean you wax before every RE session? What about regrowth? So many questions...

  2. LOL!!! Great poll!!

    I don't wax down there, but I admit I do "trim" before my appts!

  3. My OB specifically told me NOT to do this. She said if I got a nick or an infection it would make things much worse during my c-section.

    Emma and Ethan, 26 months

  4. I plan on doing it unless my OB specifically says not to. I am a big brazilian fan so that's the route I'll take around 8 mths if I can.

  5. In the past they used to shave women before birth. I wax before i start IVF cycles so that i dont have to worry about grooming before appts. Its hard enough to remember to shave my legs. One less thing I have to think about. I also get a pedicure too.

    However you do need to be careful of when. There is risk of infection afterwards so you would want to do it early as possible. Of course you never know for sure when that baby is going to decide to come.

    The other thing that I was told is that it does hurt more when you are pregnant and your hormones are going - so I probably wouldn't do it if it was the first time i was having it done. It does get easier the more you do it.

    You asked about regrowth- you can only have it done 1x/mo so you will have some regrowth but the follow-up will be quicker and easier.

  6. Cutesydoo, I love the image of an 8-month-pregnant on her hands and knees while a beautician gives her a Brazilian. LOL. You are a braver and stronger woman than I am. Hahaha.

    The other responses are interesting too. I am getting so used to taking my pants off in front of strangers (we hardly ever see the same RE at the clinic, and I also go to an acupuncturist once or twice a week) that I have stopped thinking about pubic grooming. Maybe this is a whole side of life I am missing out on. LOL.

  7. This is an excellent topic, very funny! I thought I was the only "wacko" who thought this stuff up...I have waxed in the past and considered the waxing pre-pg. But that's also a good point about infection that I hadn't thought of. So basically, I'm still mixed!

  8. A friend of mine who is due in July just did the wax and she said she will NEVER do it again! She said b/c she was pregnant the pain of the wax was increased 500%!!! Also, the docs don't care, trust me I am surrounded by them in my family!

  9. DH works in OR every day and says that 80 to 90 % of women under 35 are shaven big time and many men too. I was mad when he told me this. I don't shave like that. I guess Im getting older. 36.

  10. Well to say. I'm 36 and I'm shaving since my 20\'s.


  11. Can someone help me out? Does a brazilian take everthing away? I tend to overtrim with the razor, but have never braved the wax.

    I mean, are a lot of women waxing it all away? Or am I misunderstanding things?



  12. Jenn,

    Yes, Ma'am! Everything - including the bum, unless you choose to leave a little "p0rn strip" at the tippity top! I was hesitant at first but am now a huge fan. It's a nice clean feeling - just my opinion.


  13. Just lurking as I have my FET transfer on Tuesday but this poll made me laugh. I totally agree with the brazilian wax being so much more clean and fresh. I too leave a little strip so I don't look like a little girl down there. Shaving is too scratchy. I am ready for my doctor on tuesday!! Stacey

  14. Ok...this is too funny.

    I'm a big brazilian fan....leave a landing stip so I still look my age. LMAO I'm 35. I don't know what I would do if pg but my esthetician waxes pg women all the time.

    the only thing I don't like is ingrown hairs sometimes. but last longer than shaving for sure.


  15. What a lot of cool answers. I never realised it was so popular to have a trim before seeing the doc.

    Brazilian etc fans, I have a question for you. Perhaps this is because I feel self-conscious enough about getting my clothes off for the doctor. Don't you feel, when you strip off for the RE - that it kind of sexualises your body or might remind the RE of a porn film? For example, if you got a pink heart-shape done for Valentine's Day and then went to the RE, wouldn't you feel a bit, um, self-conscious? Or are Brazilians so common now that the doc doesn't even blink. Perhaps I am a bit behind the times....

  16. Hey Rose, cute thread!

    My girlfriend runs a salon and has always waxed it all for me save a little landing strip, so named by my pilot DH. I've had 7 EPU and many ops and must admit to always making sure it was done few days before each time.

    I honestly think they have seen it all and would have got a chuckle out of your heart. They probably have the same mildly amused reaction we get seeing someone walk down the street with pink head hair. When I was waiting to go into theatre for major surgery, I was so nervous my RE was being chatty and told me he once got a surprise to see an peirced ring you know where. It sounds kinda creepy when I type it now (an RE saying that) but it really wasn't at the time. He said 'she was supposed to remove all jewerly\'!

    Cheers and thanks for the humourous diversion!

  17. Trust me, those docs have SEEN IT ALL!!!!!!!!!!! : ) I personally would be more embarrassed if I had NOT shaved at all! Just my opinion though!!!! : )

  18. Hi ladies. I've actually gone through laser hair removal treatments. They're supposed to be permanent, and so far they have been - 2+ yrs. Did my underarms, bikini area and lower legs. Sorry of TMI, but I haven't convinced myself to do the entire labia, so I still shave there. I just love the results though! And I guarantee if you can handle the pain of waxing, you can handle the laser. It does take 6-8 treatments in each area though. The facility I've been to will do certain areas when you're prego, but will avoid others (ie; the treasure trail from your belly button down), but I think they can still do the bikini area. Just thought I'd pass along the option in case you've never thought of it.

    IVF #1, DD, 12/02
    IVF #2, BFN 03/05
    IVF #3, BFN 05/05
    IVF #4, BFP 02/06. Mc @ 11 wks
    IVF #5, Beta 6/25

  19. I wax regularly but for me and my husband. I couldn't care less what the doctor thinks.

    As far as nicks go if you have a good esthetician you are less likely to have skin damage with a well done wax job. Shaving always leaves micronicks even if you don't actually get cut enough to bleed.

  20. As an ER nurse I see a lot of um....well you know what's. Needless to say most women are completely shaved down there. I usually have to "aim the light" down the speculum so I kind of have to look there. On occasion I also see pretty hairy women too. Makes me want to go get a wax before delivery. (Not brave enough for the brazilian though!).
    Oh ya, as an afterthought, the doctor really doesn't care!

  21. I normally shave it all down to a 1/4 of inch for the entire IVF process. If the doctors do talk about different "private" areas, I don't want mine to be the one that was voted the "worst".


  22. Isn't 1/4 inch kinda itchy? Just wondering...

  23. No - not really. It's sort of a refreshing feeling to be honest and you get used to it (sort of like a thong) hahahaha

    Good luck to yo all!

  24. I trim everything so there isn't all kinds of hair in the way when he's trying to work down there, but as my husband said when I read this poll to him, "you don't get a bikini wax for me why the heck would you do it for the doctor?" Then again, my skin is so sensitive that I can't shave or wax without ending up looking like I have some kind of horrible skin disease.

  25. Do you know how much that would hurt to get done while you were pregnant and you had all that blood flow down there? Totally not worth the pain!!!!!!!

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