would you consider this a +htp?

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  1. Took a FRED this am (normal kind, not a fancy "digital"). Transfer was Mon, so I guess this makes it 6dp5dt FET. Or do I could the day of transfer as 1dp?

    I peed on it, then laid it on the shelf in the restroom. Came in the kitchen and made a pot of coffee. Peeked at the test while the coffee was brewing and it appeared to be neg. So I pitched it in the trash.

    Had coffe and read the paper. Coffee pot goes off at the two hour mark. Figured I'll make a fresh pot since DH isn't down yet. So when I go to throw the old grounds out, I see the test laying there on top of the trash and it now appears to be a pos. Two lines, line is pretty faint but is "pink" not grey like a evap line would be right?

    I\'m hesitant to call this a positive since two hours had elapased since I took the test but.....the line is pink, not grey and I did pitch it pretty much right after I took it (maybe 3 -5 mins that it took to make the coffee)

    So...would you consider this a pos or neg test?

  2. Damn those hpt tests. Why do we torture ourselves with them?? I'd say its a strong "maybe", esp since the line is pink. While I know the possibilty of an evaporation line exists when the test sits for 2 hrs, the only second line I ever saw was followed up by a + beta. And I threw lots of negative hpts in the trash, and then went back & looked at them later - still negative.

    I'm sure your planning to POAS again the am, right? Here's hoping your pink line comes up right away!

  3. Hey, I came back to check on you today, any news??

  4. *Positive POAS mentioned*

    Hi MD,

    Yes, I poas the next morning and got a faint positive and today - a little darker. My beta is on Thursday.

    This was my 15th (?) transfer so I'm hoping this is finally the cycle that works out with a take-home baby.

  5. quietly jumping up & down for you over here

    OK, cautiously optomistic.....one hurdle down.....I'll keep my fingers crossed that this is the one.

  6. BabyBlue -

    So so hoping this is the one for you. You deserve it...please keep us updated.

    No one should have to go through what we go through on a monthly basis so when it works out it's that much sweeter. I'm pulling for you all the way!!

  7. well, yesterday's poas was still + but I'm thinking that this cycle is going to turn out to be a chemical.

    I have no symptoms, none at all. Not even sore BB's - which now has me freaked out about the PIO I'm using. It's not expired and it's been stored correctly but shouldn't I at least be having some of the side effects from the PIO? I've never had a cycle (+ or -) where I didn't at least have something going on....

    Beta is today. Hopefully, I won't be back in "beta hell*".

  8. I read posts here that are all over the map regarding symptoms, and they don't seem to correlate to + or - , so hard when you are second guessing the lack of symptoms. Is your PIO in a different oil than before? Please update with beta when you get your results!

  9. Well, beta came in at 228, and prog. at 110. Repeat isn't until Monday (they don't do them on the weekends).

    The PIO bottle is slightly different but the oil and stuff is the same....It's weird since the last pregnancy (ended in corneal ectopic rupture) my progesterone was really low at beta (like 16) but I had way more side effects....

    Thanks for for your well wishes>

  10. That's awesome Babyblue - we'll keep fingers crossed for Monday but so far so good!! Congrats on the beta

  11. OMG that is an awesome beta & progesterone! Way to go......you must be a little bit relieved. We'll keep your cheering section going over here until Monday.

  12. I'm getting ready to leave for today's beta. I think it might really be over though....I still have no real symptoms, not even sore BB's which I've never not had...

    and spotted since friday night. Some old blood, but some pinkish too. The spotting was pretty light but it has gone on for three days now. Not heavy enough to be AF (or maybe so since I'm still on pio) and also accompanied but some light cramping. The cramping is hard to read since I've had so many surgeries over the years...I think 6 now? including one "big cut" one and a recent one (June to remove the ruptured corneal ectopic). Anyway - I don't have any scar tissue inside my ute but a fair amount around it so I tend to have cramping pulling sensation day to day as it is...

    I'm also on Lovenox and BA so I wonder if it's making the spotting worse?

  13. Ugh, I'm so sorry you're going through that. Hang tight - let's see what today's beta brings. It is absolutely gruelling. I had my beta this AM as well (already know it's going to be BFN - no symptoms whatsoever) but I'm hoping and praying things are ok in there for you babyblue. Keep us updated.

  14. Arggh, I'm so sorry that you are spotting & cramping. Why does it have to be so hard?? I hope your numbers today are reassuring. I am keeping my fingers crossed for your results. I would think that yes Lovenox & BA can make spotting worse.

  15. Still waiting to hear from the clinic. I always wonder if they call the on the good result first or if they do the bad ones first to get them out of the way?
    Last result (good) they called at 1:30 even though they said they'd call between 2 and 4. So I'm thinking - no good news that they haven't called yet since its nearly 3? Then again - they were pretty busy down there this am...

    Smarty - I really hope that you are wrong about your beta. The waiting sure is torture! So you didn't do a poas ? I always say I'm not going to but I always cave....

  16. Wow, just got the call. Beta has risen to 1840, so about 31 hours doubling time. I'm still in shock, this is my 7th (lucky number 7?) time being pregnant and my betas in the past have always been so-so.

    Clinic seems to think that I've just built up a tolerance to the pio side effects since I've done a couple back to back cycles.

    Thanks for the support.

  17. Babyblue - YEAH!! Congrats to you on the very strong beta. It's funny the mental games we play with the callback times....I do the same thing. Hang in there!! When do you get your 1st U/S? CONGRATS AGAIN!!

    Well...I got the absolute shock of my life yesterday and got BFP!! I'm telling you, not one symptom whatsoever. I didn't even answer my cell when I heard it ringing b'c I didn't want to cry/be upset at work for the millionth time, so I refused to even answer. As I was leaving, I listened to the message and almost fell over in shock. Beta was 407, estrogen at 990 and P2 at 32 (a little low so I amped up on it last night). I go for repeat bloods tomorrow. Considering my history (3 early m/c) I'm excited but only cautiously excited until I can get further than 7 weeks.

    Thanks for the moral support girls!

  18. Good news all around, I love it!

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