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  1. Hi natasa.mudresa,

    I'm so sorry for the scare! The genetic counselor should be far more informative than either your OB or your GP, though, so it's great that you'll get a chance to talk to that person. Hopefully, there's nothing to worry about. Afterall, you used DE, so the odds are really good that things will be fine, even with the false positives. How did your OB know for sure that they were "false"? I know these tests provide some false positives, so hopefully he was right.

    My sister-in-law had a false positive with the AFP test. I think she was in her early to mid-30s with that pregnancy and had to have an amnio. Of course, that was scary, but everything turned out fine. Have you thought about what you'll do if the genetic counselor recommends you have one? It's such a personal decision.

    I don't recall how old your donor was, but hopefully she was nice and young so the odds of anything going wrong are really low.

    Good luck and keep us posted! Oh, I hope you get to have another u/s soon so you can find out the gender! How frustrating!

    AFM, I had my 24w OB appt on Monday and all seemed well, except we're still waiting for our u/s at 26w on 9/10 (to look at the heart and one hand, which the tech couldn't see sufficiently well to draw any conclusions, and to look at the placenta to see if the marginal previa has cleared up). So, I'm a little on pins and needles, too (the hand is important to see, as, if it is clenched, it is a marker for trisomy 18). Our bloodwork indicated a low risk for trisomy 18, so hopefully they'll be able to see the hand better this time and can reassure us that all is fine. Our donor was 24 at time of donation, so I'm optimistic all will be well (although, of course, a problem with the heart could happen with any baby, regardless of egg age).


  2. Nw- good luck with your u/s and let us know how everything turns out. Speaking of the trisomy 18, I had a low risk for that, Donar was 34 at the time of donation. Actually she's coming iwth me on Monday for my u/s. Gp was theone who told me that the higher risk for fals posititaive and so therefore i ws suprised that I'd gotten a phone call.

    afm- I did speak to the counsellor today and she told me the finding of the oriainal panel and then once she'd gotten more information the results were changed. So my risk for downs is 1 in 354 and spina bifida was 1 in 209. The risk for triscomy 18 is 1 in 99,000. I was told I was on the "higher side" and so we've opted for the u/s for now and won't do an amio at this time. It's also been suggested that we have an u/s in the 3rd tri. I'm getting this done for my own peace of mind

    hope e/e is well


  3. Hi natasa.mudresa,

    Glad you got the call back from the genetic counselor and that you'll get another thorough ultrasound on Monday. I hope you can find out the gender. I hear drinking orange juice makes the little ones more active for the us, so that might do the trick! doc said our risk for trisomy 18 was <1 in 100 and that that test didn't report any lower risk. Perhaps it's just a difference in the labs we used, but that's great that yours is so low. I hope the u/s gives you peace of mind about the other potential concerns (your risk is still very low on those, too). It's great that you'll get a third trimester scan as's always nice to get an extra look or two!

  4. Nw- I was told by the genetic counsellor that the tests are inaccurate because of ivf. We also should have a low risk because donar was under 35. When they first ran the panel my risks were high, Then thry ran it again and my risks were still high but not as high as when gp sent the referral. So even though we've been advised of this, we've decided to get the u's done anyways so we don't spend the rest of the pregnancy worrying. I also like that I can talk to a peri after the u/s too. Our donar is coming with me since dh is unable to attend


  5. HI ladies- well I had the u/s and we found out we're having a girl I can't believe it's a girl!!!! I had a strong gutt feeling it was a boy! So after having the u/s I met with a peri and was told everything's good There were no soft markers of downs and the spine looks good too! so my risks is very minimal. My donar went with me to the u/s for moral support it was quite the appointment she cried, I'd cry. When I was watching the monitor during the u/s I said I waited so long for this and I thanked her too! Then when we saw the genetic counselor, I started to get emotional about family history and she cried then too! The next day my ob phoned to see how our appointment went and offered to let us come in without an appointment. We did discuss some of the appointment and he's recommended I get the 2 hr glucose test and therefore I have to fast I already have a headache At least I can drink water. I ate a lot today so I'm guessing baby's going through a growth spurt.


  6. natasa.mudresa,

    That\'s great that you don't have to have the amnio and that everything appears normal! Congrats on the little girl! I'm glad she cooperated so you could see her gender this time!

    Sorry you have to have the GTT. I hope it turns out normal so you don't have to worry about GD for the rest of the pregnancy.

    AFM, I'm still waiting for my f/u u/s on 9/10. We're anxious to see if the previa has cleared up and to get the information on heart and hand that hte us tech couldn't see last time. Plus, I'm curious if the little guy is still breech. I think, if I'm going to do a scheduled c-section, they schedule those around the 28 week appointment (I don't recall for sure), so I need to decide soon if I'm going for a VBAC or a c-section. I'll probably just schedule the c-section and keep on thinking about it. But, if the little guy is still breech and I still have previa, there may be no decision to make. I get my Glucose screening test at my 28 week appointment (9/24).

    I'm thrilled that I am almost in my third trimester!


  7. Nw- you had a c-section before? you're 5 wks ahead of me I'm now 20 weeks!!! I can't believe that!!! it's so hard to believe I thought I'd never get this far I really didn't. When does the 3rd tri start anyways? Good luck on the 10 Let us know how it goes


  8. Hi Kooka,

    Yes, I had a c-section with DS (2.75 yo...last good egg baby). He was breech and I ended up getting preeclampsia suddenly at 36.5 weeks, so they had no time to attempt turning him (they wanted him out, and I guess they considered that close enough to term). We were both fine, although we had a lot of trouble breastfeeding and I wonder whether that was because he was early, because I had a c-section, or simply because my body doesn't produce enough milk. I'm hoping BFing goes more smoothly this of the reasons I'm considering a VBAC. But...I may not have a choice. At 19 weeks, this one was breech in exactly the same way as the first was, so it may just be some quirk in my uterus or pelvic shape.

    Although there are different definitions of the trimesters, I think third trimester is commonly considered to start at 26 weeks (which is in two days for me!!)

    Congrats on making it half-way!


  9. How is everyone doing? I haven't posted in so long, I don't even know where to begin. I'm now 25 weeks 5 days and have 100 more days to go. I've been really super uncomfortable. I'm actually small (just started buying maternity clothes a few weeks ago), but I'm already extremely uncomfortable. I have really bad leg cramps that keep me up in the night and I'm sick constantly. I feel like I can't keep any food down. When he kicks, I should be excited, but it freaks me out!!! I don't know what's wrong w/ me??? Is anyone having any bad symptoms? I was almost in tears today. I can't even hardly explain it.

  10. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

    Hi Ladies- quick post as I just got home and at lot's happened in the past few days. On Tuesday I went to my ob applointment and my bp was high again. He ordered me to go to local hospital yesterday for 4 hours and have it moniotred. It was all over the place so I was asked to come into see him today and I packed a bag becasue eh and I anticipated that he's admit us. No, he's putting me on a bp medication. Then my placent is still viging off that protien I've mentioned before that indicate spina bifida, well it can also cause low birth weight and preterm labor. So for that we'll start having u/s @ 24wks every 2wks, then After 32wk, every week until delivery. the u/s wil motir baby's growth and to ensure my cervix isn't dilateing. I had an u/s today at ob's and baby's doine good and cervix is still closed. I did ask about a stitch being put in for precautions and he said no, then I asked about the steriod shots and he said we'll start that at 24wks too! I also go back to ob's on the 29th and I'm guessing he'll see me every 2 wks. I will still be monitored 2 times a week at the hsopital about my bp until next appointment. lol ob did see we're having a girl lol Have a great night all I'm off to relax and get some sleep I hadn't gotten much sleep the past few days


  11. oh Shannon, I'm sorry you're having complications. Hang in there girl, and keep us posted!

  12. Is anyone out there?

  13. I"m here, I'm here Tm- how are you? how many wks are you now? Me? 23 I still can't believe hoe far I am so far. I'm still going twice a week to the hospital to monitor my bp and I had an u/s last Tuesday and baby's already a pound I so can't believe that. I have an appointment with ob on Tuesday and another u/s next week. We've picked out our doula so I'm happy about that. I thought that since I may go into preterm labor, I wouldn't be able to have a doula. However I mentioned that to her and she's fine with it. I hope I don't have to keep being monitored twice a week at the hospital and i"ve been on high bp med and it seems to be working so far. Dh has been working lots too

    hello to e/e Take care

    23 wks

  14. I'm here, too! I'm 28w5d now. My little guy weighed in at just shy of 2lbs at our u/s at 26w2d. Everything else looked good (my previa had cleared up and he was no longer breech). I'm just getting bigger all the time, and more uncomfortable. My heartburn is worse, periodically, but not consistently. But, I really don't have any other major complaints. It's great to be in the home stretch now! I still have to decide whether to try for a VBAC, if everything is still looking good at term.

    DH started to paint the baby's room. We still have stenciling to do, but it'll feel so good when that is done and I can get in there again (DH has sealed it off, so I don't smell any fumes).

    We still haven't had a serious discussion about names and I'm starting to get anxious about that. I think we picked our DS1's name in October (he was also a Dec baby, due on the 28th, but came on the 4th). So, I'm hopeful we can come to a decision in October. I'm optimistic I'll make it longer than 36.5 weeks this time, as so far I have no signs of impending preeclampsia like last time.

    Kooka, sorry you're having to go in so frequently for monitoring! I hope they can keep your bp under control! Mine never went up until the day DS1 was born, but I had a lot of swelling in the 3rd trimester, so I knew something was up last time.

    Hope everyone else is doing well!


  15. Nw- wow 28wks too!!! my! we've got a name picked out but dh hasn't started painting the room. I'm sensing that he's not too keen on this right now. I ask when he'll paint the baby's room and he tells me whenever we have the $$$. I ask if he's looked into how much time he'll get off, no, he hasn't done that either. My concern is that I won't have any support once the baby gets here. My mom is in the process of tearing her marriage apart and moving further away and I don't want her here anyways because she adds chaios to things and my mil works fill time. My friens livein my hometown and the ones that live here are working too

    afm- I have an ob's appointment tomorrow and am hoping I won't have to be monitored for bp anymore since my med seems to be doing that as for the u/s still will need to do them.

    hello to e/e


  16. Has anyone done or wil do the bpp u/s? Just wondeing, I was supposed to have one yesterday but wasn't far enough along. I had an u/s yesterday and everthing's good. I had a fall on Friday and went to er and baby's heartbeat was checked out. Then I didn't feel baby move on Saturday and went in to be monitored for that as well. All is well so far. I also did my gt on Monday

    Tm- how are you

    Nw- are you still out there????


  17. Hi Kooka,

    I had to look up the BPP test, as I hadn't heard of it. It looks like it is more common after week 38. I didn't get that far with my last pregnancy (had a c-section at 36.5 weeks), so I never had one, even though I did have pre-eclampsia suddenly at the end. My OB hasn't mentioned having one, but so far, my pregnancy is going along just fine and I'm optimistic I'll avoid pre-eclampsia this time.

    Sorry you had the ER scare, but I'm glad things look fine for your little one. I'm sure the fall was frightening. I remember going in for one non-stress test last pregnancy, when DS1 didn't seem to have moved for a while. Better safe than sorry, is what I say. This time around, I haven't felt the need to go in (which is fortunate, as we live a lot farther away from the hospital now). I'm sure having DS1 to preoccupy me is helpful! My OB isn't an advocate for kick counting, so I never really did that last time and haven't this time. I just tend to notice DS2 moving at his regular times.

    I feel pretty good these days. Even the heartburn isn't as bad as it was a couple of weeks ago (and nowhere near as bad as 3rd tri last time). Yay Zantac! I do have insomnia a fair amount and sometimes am rather fatigued during the day. I do find that if I take a nap, I'm more likely to have sleep trouble at night, so I'm trying to avoid naps.

    I had the glucose screening test and did fine...and was tested for anemia, but don't have that, either. So, all's well.

    DH is almost finished with the stenciling in the baby's room! He still has to paint the closet (the people who lived here before us had painted the room a pepto-bismal pink...even the closet!), but then he'll be finished and I can get the room more settled. Of course, the baby will be sleeping with us for the first few months (we have a cosleeper bassinet), but I do plan on keeping all his clothes in his room. DS is still using the crib, so we won't move that for a few more months.

    DH and I have narrowed down our list of names to 2 first names and 2 middle names (unless some better idea occurs to us in the next couple of months). It's nice to have a short list now!

    I hope everyone else is doing well! This board has been pretty quiet!


  18. Nw- I love the coloure pink but petobismal??? yuck eveyone seems to think we should paint the baby's room pink but we're not going to. We're having a girl I believe the bpp test starts or can be ordered at 26wks. I was suprised the radiology place where I go can do it. I thought I'd have to have it done at Maternal Fetal Medicine. Are you having another boy? when is your due date? I go for u/s every 2 weeks starting at 22wks but it should have started at 24. There was a mix up either at ob's office or radiology place, not sure. Then after 30 wks, I go every week. They're tracking me for preterm labor and the growth of the baby. We have a name picked out. Layce Susan baby's middle name is after out donar I have an ob's appointment next Tuesday and I had the gt test on Monday Keep me posted on your pg! I wish this boars was more active


  19. Yes, we're having another boy, so the peptol-bismal pink just didn't work for us! We're painting it light blue and did a nautical stencil around the border. It'll be cute! I never decorated DS1's room when he was a baby as he really didn't have his own space until we moved to this house last year. I feel a little bad that I've done more for DS2's room than his, but I'll have to get to work on his, too (he has a space theme, but I haven't done anything with the walls).

    I'm due 12/15. If I opt for a scheduled c-section, it'll probably be the 8th or the 10th. However, I'm still toying with the idea of attempting a VBAC. I'm just so unsure which option is better for me. I did notice a little swelling in my ankles today, so now I'm worried about preeclampsia again. It's probably just normal third tri swelling, but if it's preeclampsia, I'm pretty sure it'll be another c-section for me and perhaps even earlier than the 8th.

    I like your chosen name. It's nice that you can honor your donor (I think you know her?) I hope you feel little Layce wiggle more to put your mind at ease!


  20. Nw- my due date is Jan 23rd I have a feeling I'll go early too becasue of all the monitoring. The middle name is after donar and yes we do know our donar she's awesome. I've also asked her that if the baby was born early and sent to Calgary by STARS, could she meet baby on the other end until I or dh can get there. it's a 3hr drive from the city where we'll deliver to Calgary I know it's premature thinking but... I wanted to have that settled just in case. I'm being watched very closely, as my ob said, under close survailance

  21. Sorry...I'm not familiar with STARS. Is this a program in which premature babies get treated in Calgary? Is your donor located in Calgary? It's nice to have a plan in place in case you need it, but hopefully you won't!

  22. STARS stands shock trama air rescue society or something like that. The hospital where I'd deliver has a NICU but it's a Level 2 and I'm guessin the more sever cases go on to Calgary. Sorry I had a brain freeze as to what it stood for The province pays for the service should your dr. feel you need to be transported. Anyone can be taken, it's not just for babies. What I do know is that STARS comes to the city I live in a lot because of the oil feild and the farming around here as well as the meat packing plant west of town. it's a great service and dh and I have known people who's lives were saved because they were able to get to a bigger hospital in time and their lives were saved becasue of STARS


  23. Hi Ladies! I hope everyone is doing well! I am currently 30w3d, 67 more days to go! It's going fast! We had our shower last Saturday and got a lot of really cute stuff. We need to start setting up the nursery. We have been so busy lately, it is rediculous! I am starting to find that I am more tired though, so I am slowing down. I find that if I don't get an afternoon nap on Sundays I get a bit cranky and am miserable on Monday! Haven't had any complications, but I did get a vaginal infection a few weeks back which was a little bit of a scare as it was accompanied w/ spotting, but all was well.

    Shannon, how's the BP??

    Anyone feeling weird about DE? We haven't told anyone, so there's a part of me that wonders if it will be obvious that the child doesn't look like me. I don't care, but just wondering if we'll get any weird, stupid comments. People can be so insensitive sometimes. Most of the time though, I don't think about it.

  24. Tm- I don't feel bad about de or weird In fact I'm so grateful to our donar. We've decided to use hre first name as her middle name My mom asked the other day why we chose her name and I had to lie and say it was because we like the name and that we're friends. We are friends but unfortunatly I've had to protect myself and our unborn baby from her and her judgements. Too bad though because I'd love to tall her the whole story

    afm- ahh my bp is good because I'm on meds to keep it down. I'm still going back and forth every week for u/s or drs. appointments. I did see ob last week and he's happy with how things are progressing so far. He's sent me to have a b/t done to see if I'm @ risk for blood clots and if I am, I'll be put on blood thinners. I'm 26wks holy cow, still can't believe that. I have a doula picked out bue she's concerned about me and my situation because of the roads may be unpredicatible in January. So we might be switching doulas again because of the logistics. She'd prefer that the doula who lives locally would be better helpful to go along iwth us on route to the hospital. So we'll see. We'll meet with her and go from there. I've boughten some things for the baby but no sign of baby showers here;( oh well and I'm thinking of lining up a back from a friend in case I go into labor and dh is unable to go with me at the start or can meet us there. We have an hour's drive to the hospital where we'll deliver. I also passed my gd test so that's good, Steriods are on the table as a possiblity to be added but not at this point. At last u/s baby weighed 1lb8oz and that was at 24wks. I'm curious to how big she'll be tomorrow when I have my next u/s

    Tm- do you have Facebook? if so pm me and I'll add you

    Hello to e/e, how are you all doing? update when you can!!!


  25. Hi Ladies!

    Shannon, I'm glad your BP is good. Mine keeps getting lower for some reason, but it was already on the low side to begin w/ so sometimes I worry actually.

    Sounds like you have a lot to think about w/ the L & D and the hospital not being as close as you'd like.

    How is everyone feeling? I've got a super bad case of the tireds and the blahs. I would love nothing more than to curl up in bed all day long! LOL!
    I've also been really really super nauseated. UGH. Went to my OB today and I still have a vaginal infection. Been off and on antibiotics for a month now, need to pick up new prescription tomorrow!

    Today my husband's coworkers through a shower for us at his office! It was really nice and we got a lot of cute stuff! I think I ate too much cake, I have a tummy ache now, but it was really good!

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