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    Calling all Donor Egg babies with Winter due dates! According to the due date calculator, my due date is January 9. Anyone else out there that wants to support each other through the next 9 months?

    Here\'s my story - I have a DS who is 3 - we conceived just after the tube flush when I was 35. Am now 39 and been trying with fertility docs for over a year and a half (I'm a poor responder & DOR) and after lots of heartache and figuring out what was right for us, we proceeded down the DE path. We were completely blessed to have a classic good DE cycle with lots retreived and fertilized. We put in 2 3d great quality embryos and after the tough wait, got great news!

    I am 4w6d (17dp3dt) and have had 3 solid betas:

    I\'m feeling good and go in for my first u/s next week. Looking for some buddies!

  2. Hi-I am 7 weeks pregnant after a fresh DE cycle and am due December 28! It was a bit of a rocky road after the 2WW with some low betas but nice doubling times. Saw a strong heartbeat yesterday on ultrasound so RE is very optimistic. Sounds like they will discharge me to my OB after one more u/s next week.
    I am 46 and have a DD conceived naturally at age 37 and under went a DE cycle as a result of my age. We did try one IVF cycle at age 43 but I did not stim well and we moved to DE. I felt very strongly about our DD having a sibling. My husband is an only child and did not feel as strongly but wanted me to have peace of mind.
    It will be an exciting 9 months-look forward to keeping in touch!
    Congragulations on your great looking betas!

  3. I am still shocked and excited to report that I am 6 weeks, 3 days PG w/ DE. Due date is Dec. 31st! I just broke the news today to my mother, grandparents, cousin and my best friend's mom. I thought this would be good Mother's day news. Everything looked great at the 6 week U/S on Thursday. The fetal pole was 4.37 mm CTR and the HB was 101 BPM! I would love to have some buddies on this journey, thanks Jul for starting this thread! This is my first pregancy.

  4. Hi ladies! SO glad you found the post. I don't have much to post but just wanted to check in. I have my first u/s tomorrow and hoping that all looks good. I'll let you know. Quick question - do you have any idea when people normally get transferred to their OB?

  5. Can I join in too??
    I am 9w4d today - EDD is December 10th. This will be our first child. We have been trying for over 3 years and finally saw the writing on the wall that DE was the way to go. Unfortunately - I thought making that decision was the hard part - joke was on me! We haven't told anyone yet as the last few weeks have been a bit of a rollercoaster and we don't yet feel confident about this. To keep my saga short - my first beta at 10dp5dt was a 7. 2. We have since seen the heartbeat but the bean is measuring behind and I have had three bleeding scares (one was massive). This never gets easy does it??

    As for when you "graduate" to the OB - I think that really depends on the RE and each individual's circumstances. Since we are considered high risk - we will likely be with our RE at least until I am almost 12 weeks.

  6. Hi Katerina_A! So sorry about the scares!! I hope you are doing well and released to your OB soon!

    Jul-- We had our six week scan on May 7th which is really the earliest they will check for heartbeat. We saw everything we are supposed to see, and it was really very exciting. I'm so thrilled for your US tomorrow. I'll check back to see how things are going. As for when to be released to the OB, I asked my RE that same question when I was there. She scheduled me to see her again in 2 weeks (May 21st--8 weeks). She will do another ultrasound and blood work to see if I can stop taking progesterone. The plan is for me to have my first prenatal visit w/ the OB 2 weeks after that at week 10. I've already made the appt. w/ the OB as per her advice. I have no clue what to expect at the first prenatal visit. Most of my friends who have gotten PG naturally said they don't even get their first ultrasound until week 12.

  7. Welcome Katerina_A! Glad you found us and hope that all scares are officially over!

    We had our u/s today and drumroll please...they saw two sacs! We are a little stunned but completely excited. No heartbeats yet though - we go in next Friday for our next u/s and hopefully all continues to look good. As our clinic reminds us, we are "cautiously optimistic".

    Question for you all - have you ever tried to give yourself the progesterone shot? DH travels quite a bit and my nurse neighbor has been filling in but I think she's getting tired of it so I was trying to come up with an easy solution...

  8. Hi Juli...thanks for setting up the thread. How exciting to see 2 sacs! Hopefully, you'll see two great heart-rates on the next scan.

    As I'm new to most of you, I'll do a recap of where I am. I'm now 9w0d with a singleton (we did an SET, as we already have one DS). My betas were on the low side, starting at 67, but the RE never seemed concerned. I had my second u/s today and the RE seemed fine with it. I see a local monitoring doc near my home, as I travelled to ORM for my DE procedure. I haven't yet heard from ORM regarding today's results, but the baby's HR was 147bpm (up from 144 at 6w3d), CRL 8w5d and sac 8w1d. I'll be curious to hear what ORM says about the measurements being smaller than the actual age.

    My due date based on the DE cycle is 12/15; I don't know if the smaller size will change the due date, but the due date estimated by size is 12/19.

  9. PS, Juli, I have now officially graduated to the OB (at 9w). My first appointment is Friday. I know some people graduate by 8w and some by 10w. It sounds like Santa will be later.

    And, welcome, Santa. So glad things are continuing to go well for you. I have my fingers crossed that the scariest part is over for you. If you aren't going to "graduate" until 12w, I'd still recommend that you talk to an OB about plans for any prenatal screening before then. I don't know what you intend to do, but I know I need to do the first part of the integrated screen test at 11w. Even though we used DE, that's no guarantee that there aren't problems (and DH is 45, so that is a factor). We did a CVS last time (I think they do those between 11 and 13 weeks), with my LGE DS, but I don't think that's warranted now, with a DE baby.

  10. Hi everyone! It is going to be an exciting 9 months!!!

    Juli-congragulations on your u/s! Two sacs!!! wow!!!
    I have one more u/s tomorrow at 7 weeks 3 days and my RE is going to start to taper my meds. He told me to make an appt. for my OB in 2 weeks.

  11. rikatso - how did your u/s last week go?

    mmanap - what is LGE?

    Santa/tmm - how are you both doing?

    I have been feeling a bit nauseous the past 5 days or so. I got some ginger candy yesterday which seems to be helping. Our next u/s is Friday and I'm hoping that we see heartbeats and all is good...

  12. LGE is last good egg :-). We were really lucky with the little guy, but had no idea the second child would be so difficult to conceive.

    Good luck on the u/s Friday!

  13. Well then I had a LGE too! We were lucky with our little guy - he just turned 3. How old is yours?

  14. jul-U/s went great. Heartbeat 135 and measured 7 weeks 3 days as should be. Will be getting blood work next week to assess med taper schedule. I cannot wait to stop these shots!!!!

  15. Sounds great! Is anyone else out there out of breath? When I go up stairs or something it seems like I need to catch my breath. I know this happens later on but at 6 weeks? What's up with that?

  16. Juli, DS is almost 2.5 (so his birthday is in Dec, like this babe's will be). Three years apart seems like it'll be ok (even though I would have been delighted with 2 years apart if we'd been lucky earlier).

    I definitely felt out of breath going up stairs as early as 6 weeks, too. It's crazy isn't it! I think it must have to do with the increased blood volume we already have, but I don't know for sure.

  17. Hi Juli -- have you had another ultrasound since seeing the 2 sacs? Hope all's well. As for the POI shot, I haven't tried it, but I "met" a lady on one of the boards who said that she had the clinic staff make a mark on her butt and then she would just look at her butt in the mirror while reaching around. I think you'll get the hang of it.

    NW Girl--I wouldn't worry so much about the BETA. Mine started at 45. My RE also gave me a range of like 6 days of measurement you could fall into.

    MomT-- howa re things doing w/ you? Have you been able to taper the meds?

    AFM -- Went in today for my 8 week scan at the RE's. Everything looked right on target. I think I was something like 17 mm and 167 heartbeat maybe? She told me I was measuring b/w 7w6d and 8w3d according to her chart, so the 8w0d should be right on target. I am due on Dec. 31st.

  18. Oh, and I get the results of my bloods back tomorrow to see if I can stop the progesterone! I've also graduated to my OB. I have an appt. w/ her in 2 weeks.

  19. I definitely noticed I get short of breath at work with long winded sentences! It must be hormonal because I was a runner before I got pregnant!

    I am going next tuesday for my taper blood work and have my first OB appt. 5/28! Thank you G-D!!!!!

  20. Hello all! I am jealous that you all are getting ready to stop the shots! Are you all telling people that you used a donor egg? I have been pretty open with everyone about everything and now that I'm pregnant, I get the feeling that it's in the back of people's minds. Anyone else feel that way?

    We had our u/s and we saw 2 heartbeats! One is measuring 6w6days and one is measuring 6w3days. We are so excited! A little nervous-mostly about everything going ok during the pregnancy-but excited. They said all looks good. I asked them about the out of breath stuff and they listened to my heart and said it sounds OK but I feel a lot better hearing that you guys are experiencing the same thing. My last visit with the RE is June 1 and then I "graduate"!

    We are headed to Charleston, SC for a long weekend with friends and I'm looking forward to an opportunity to relax and take a nap or two! Have a great weekend everyone.

  21. Hi Ladies,

    MomT--that\'s awesome about the tapering! Yae!

    Juli--sounds like you had a great appt.

    NO--I have absolutely NOT told ANYONE about DE!!! I do not feel it's anyone's business. No one knows, not even close friends or family. All I've told people is "we're pregnant." Most haven't even asked if we did IVF, but to the few who have asked I tell them we did IVF, but I do not mention DE. Even my mother who has seen me go through IF HE!! the past 5+ years thought we conceived the old fashioned way. When she said that, I almost laughed out loud, then admitted we tried another IVF. Reproduction is PRIVATE, suddenly when you become IF, it becomes everyone's business. Well to that I say baloney!

    As for your comment about people suspecting DE, I doubt it. People in real life don't even know what DE is. No one has EVER mentioned it to me, not even in theory or talking about someone else. The only questions I would get after failed cycles is if I had considered a "surrogate" or "adoption." I grew weary of educating people, so I just gave up. For some reason "surrogate" seems to be all over the media these days. Not to be trite, but sometimes I feel like telling all of the fertiles out there "just because you have children doesn't mean you have any idea where they came from." Like people just automatically assuming that you must need a surrogage b/c IVF failed.

    AFM--I'm so mad at the clinic today. When I had my blood drawn yesterday, I was told someone would call me today w/ the results and instructions for tapering the meds. No call. So I call around 3 pm, and they can't find my blood or any order in the computer. I was told to expect a call back. No call. I call again around 4 (because that seems to be when the nurses go home) and was told they are still working on it and will call me. No call. I call again at 4:58 pm and got the "we're closed" recording! WHAT?!?!?! How totally inept! So I called back again and the answering service got one of the MD's on the back line and she said she would have to look into it in the morning, she didn't know what happened. HOW FRUSTRATING! How do you just "lose" blood?

  22. tmm, sorry for the frustration about your bloodwork. I, too, had a problem getting my instructions for tapering, as the clinic didn't get my bloodwork from my local monitoring clinic until the day after I had the blood drawn. It was aggrevating, but I did get instructions to start tapering the next day, so I only had one extra injection at the higher dose. Oh well. I hope you got your instructions today.

    I understand your point about reproduction being a private matter. So far, we haven't told too many people about DE. One friend knows, but she's using DE, too. I think I mentioned I was using DE in a conversation with an acquaintance who used IVF in her 40s. I've also told some people in my local IF support group. My family and DH's know we used DE. Beyond that, I'm certainly open to sharing that we used IVF, since I'm 44, and it seems pretty obvious that that might be necessary. I'm not embarrased at all about that. Where I fear I'll run into difficulty is with friends who've had IF before. They know DE is an option, as they have done IVFs. I've had several probe me as to what was special about the clinic we chose (why we needed to go out of town), which has been awkward. I just say that the protocol was different (we had tried at several clinics, both in and out of town, with my own eggs, so we've certainly tried a number of different protocols before). It feels like lying, though, and a disservice to people to make them believe it was possible to get PG with my own eggs at 44.5.

    I'm going to see a friend soon who's in town visiting, after having moved away a year ago. She and I had several conversations about DE when I was trying with my own eggs and I know she tried DE (it didn't work for her and she ended up adopting). I know she'll ask a pointed question if I tell her I'm PG and, while I guess I"m ok with her knowing about DE, I really don't want others of our mutual friends to know, as it's just not their business and is not relevant to them.

    Maybe I should just let it go and not worry about trying to be honest with the IF-savvier of my friends, but it's hard.

    I'd originally thought that I'd share with family, close friends, and perhaps acquaintances who are unlikely to have an impact on the child in the future (if it seems relevant to them, like they are trying to get pg themselves), but that beyond that, it was up to the child to set the tone for telling. But, it sure is hard to have limits on who can know and who can't, and it's hard for DH to know whom I've told and who not.

    All I know right now is that you can't take it back once you've said it. So, I haven't even shared the DE story with my closest friends yet.

  23. Hi NW!

    Well, I finally got a call w/ my blood test results and tapering instructions. They sent my blood out to quest by mistake instead of doing it at the local lab. How frustrating!

    I think I would tell my friend who did DE about it. You might just tell her not to breathe a word about it to anyone else, if you feel you can trust her. If not, don't tell her. I totally know where you are coming from, I feel dishonest too, but then I just remind myself that this really isn't anyone's business. Right now DH and I feel that we will not share with the child(ren) conceived by these eggs either, so I just don't think it's relevent. Of course I have told everyone on the IVFC boards. I have one friend who did IVF and IVF w/ DE (did not work) then ended up conceiving naturally. I have lunch w/ her on Monday. I plan on telling her I'm PG. If she asks about DE, I probably will tell her, but I don't think I'm going to bring it up otherwise.

  24. Hi TMM, glad they got your blood work and I hope your tapering happens quickly. If you aren't going to tell the child(ren) you have with these eggs, then I agree you want to keep it a secret as much as possible from others. They say the really tough thing about not dislosing with the child is if the child finds out later in life and is upset with you for keeping such an important secret from them. So, whoever you tell, you have to be sure they won't act differently around the child or say anything about it to the child(ren). It's hard to predict that now, I'm sure (unless you know your friend isn't likely to interact with the child(ren)).

    The tough thing about that friend who previously did DE is that I'm likely to end up seeing her in a group situation with other women whom I don't want to tell. I'm worried she'll ask directly in front of them, which would be awkward. But, I guess I'll just have to bluff my way out of it and perhaps tell her later when I can be sure we're alone. We'll see!

  25. Hi, may I join? we've been trying for 13 years and had a m/c 6 years ago. We did a de cycle and I'm currently 5wks pg. My beta is 2735. My due date is Janrary 22nd We txed 2 embies and 2 are frozen. Looking foward to getting to know all of you My first u/s in June 4th

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