WHY, why, why did I POAS?

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  1. I had only one hpt. I read the list of the days when your body starts to secrete HCG. Yet I also read of exceptions and early HPTs. So then, please tell me WHY I chose, at 11am, with barely enough pee, to take that darn HPT. Yes, it's neg. UGH. I am 6 days post 5dt, but because I transferred 1 5day and 1 6day AND I did my transfer in europe (6 hours behind) I figured I would have hcg in system by now.

  2. Not necessarily. I had a negative (completely stark white) HPT the day before my beta and my daughter is asleep in her cot now from that cycle. Its still early days. Hang in there.

  3. Oh Kiwi thank you thank you thank you!!!!

    It\'s still negative 8dp5dt but your post gave me one glimmer of hope. I don't post often on these boards anymore but your post also made me feel not so alone. I can't share with DH because he is royally against taking HPTs before and feeling negative. Easy for him to say huh?

    It\'s our completely last cycle. I'm 44 and these were frozen embryos from a DE cycle when we lived in Valencia.

    Thanks again and congrats on your little girl!!!!

  4. Somxay-I'm asking myself the same question. I am 5dp5dt and got a BFN today. My last pregnancy gave me a BFP 4dp5dt (twins) so I was expecting the same result but no.

  5. Wow Alicia. I never heard of a BFP 4dp5dt but I guess it's possible huh? Well, I'm reserving a miniscule amount of hope, and will continue wasting money and POASing until Monday morning but I'm not optimistic. However, based on the timeline of implantation posted on this board, you definitely have more time to be hopeful!!! Will you keep POASing or are you going to wait several more days (which we both know would be the prudent thing to do )

  6. I should wait but emotionally I don't think I can. I took another later today and again BFN. I'm trying to remain positive but it's hard. I so wanted to be pregnant and I feel like it's slipping away from me.

  7. Well, I got my first very, very, very, very light line within 3 minutes on this morning's HPT, 10p5dt so I am more hopeful. Will find out within 5 hours or so hopefully.

    Spoke to a fertile friend at a party this weekend. She swears she POASed every single day for weeks and it didn't show up positive until she was about 8 weeks pregnant. I don't know - those stories never come out in the ivf world but she has 2 kids now.

    keeping my fingers crossed. Thanks and good luck to all. Somxay

  8. Somxay-Congrats on the BFP! I am so happy for you. Can't wait to hear your beta results.

    AFM-POAS 7dp5dt and BFN. I took it pretty hard. So hard that I couldn't even go to work this morning. I know that it's still early but it's very hard to think about. But Somxay you have given me hope, I am praying that I just tested too early.

  9. Alicia - I didn't do anything for 24 hours when I tested early on and got my negative. This morning (10dp5dt) was my first very, very light line. My beta was positive but at 59.1 I realize why today was the first day it showed up. I have to keep praying that it keeps going up. I guess I feel grateful that I'm still in the game, even though I know it may not be smooth sailing from here. Hold off as much as you can ....think about how many sticks I wasted. Absolutely have hope!!!!! Thinking of you . Somxay

  10. Hey Somxay!

    I have been keeping an eye on your posts and I was absolutely thrilled to read your news! Exellent news!!!! My first beta result for my first ever positive cycle was 60 so not too far off yours and she is three years old now!

    That\'s a good, healthy number. I am so pleased for you.

    I wish you a happy and healthy nine months!


  11. Somxay-Congratulations on the beta!! I am so happy for you and can't wait to hear your next results.

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