Which name for 4th boy?

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  1. I'm having my 4th boy. My others are Joshua Daniel (Josh), Matthew James (Matt), and Nathan Zachary (Nate). Dh and I are struggling with this one.

    Which do you like better?

    Jacob Evan (Jake)
    Jared Evan

  2. what beautiful names your boys have. Congrats to you and DH on your 4th!! I voted for Jacob but Jacob not jake.. until i saw your other boys names now i change my mind and i think jared would be nice as jake and nate sound too much alike for me. Good luck Sue

  3. Another vote for Jared

  4. I like Jake but I agree that Jake and Nate are too similar. So Jared for me too.

    Let us know what you decide!

  5. Dear JEC-
    Congrats on your 4th boy! We too have 4 boys. We had 4 losses and I always wonder if any were girls.
    I vote for Jared!!
    Our 4 names are Noah Michael, Logan Cole, Morgan Drew, and Austyn Miles. Coming up with a first name was hard! It was hours after he was born until we came up with the last name and it wasn't even one we had been thinking about!

  6. i am the minority - but i like Jake since all your others use "shortened" names.......

  7. I like Jake the best!

  8. Thanks for all the replies!!!! I think we are going to go with Jacob Evan (Jake). It just seems to fit.

    Thanks again!


  9. Lovely! I know I said Jake and Nate were too similar but having just said all the names of your boys out loud, it worked and they flow so well.

    Congrats! Not long to go now!


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