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  1. Hello-

    My order for my domperidone is still not here and I ran out of it last night. I am so upset and have been struggling to barely manage to exclusively breastfeed my 5 week old. Is there ANY way I can get an order shipped overnight from anywhere? Can I start taking fenugreek or will that take a while to kick in? I am desperate as my supply is marginal at best.


  2. First can I ask why you think you have a low supply?

  3. Hi Telly-

    I nursed my almost 3 year old for 13 months with horrible supply. I had a lactation consultant for several months who weighed the baby after feeds, to learn she wasn't getting much. We did everything- putting her to the breast every 2 hours, using dom, using fenugreek, etc. For the longest time, I thought she had gas or was colicky. Eventually, we determined she was hungry. At about 2 months- I did have to supplement her a bit- and all signs of colic disappeared.

    Fast forward to now- I thought my supply was a little better with my newborn. But slowly she is starting to get frustrated with what seems like not enough supply. Since I knew I would have issues, I had ordered the domperidone, just not soon enough. She seems to cry/scream after feeds when I can tell my breasts are empty. I can tell when they are fuller that she won't be as frustrated and she typically falls asleep at the breast. But all of that is with 70-80 mg of domperidone daily. And even with that, she has had the horrible screams after eating where it seems she is still just plain hungry.

    Thanks for your note- I am desperate not to supplement if I don't have to.


  4. Karen - Where did you order from? You can sometimes get some dom from a compounding pharmacy in the US with a prescription, but it can be expensive. There is one that does it in Naperville IL called Martin Avenue Pharmacy. That is where I ordered from when my insurance covered it. Then I switched to inhousepharmacy.com when they stopped.

    I would try the fenugreek temporarily 30 mg 3 times a day and eat oatmeal when you can and see if that helps some until the dom comes in.


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