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  1. If you don't have the color options....

    How to get COLORS, fonts & S etc. to work:

    1) Select "User CP" from the purple bar towards the top of the cpapasi. (it will open a menu that will be on the left of the cpapasi)

    2) select "User options"

    Mine doesn't give "user options" ??? How can I get that?

  2. I just looked at it again and here is the current procedure to get the color pallet and smiley icons and font sizes etc...:

    1.) On the dark purple band across the top it says "user CP", click on that.

    2.) select "edit options" (it is the bottom choice in the first group of three on the left)

    3.) scroll all the way to the bottom where it says "Miscellaneous Options" and in the "Message Editor Interface" box where it gives you options choose " "Enhanced Interface - Full WYSIWYG Editing"

    Remember to press the save changes button!

  3. Thanks!
    (oops! must enter more than 10 characters for my post, so, here it is!)
    Thanks ALOT!


  4. Oh, HTML guru, red, help, I'm always trying to post data but don't even know how to take data in an excel spreadsheet and dump it into my post into a table format. How do I do that?


  5. Annie - sorry this is one I wasn't sure about so I've passed it on to the admin, hopefully they'll get back to you soon. - red

  6. Thank you, I've turned on WYSIWYG and that helps the data look a little better now.

    I hope Admin returns one day!! OMG, what have I said?!


  7. Hi there,
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