When will you POAS?

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  1. Will you POAS before Beta - if so, when will you start?

  2. Today I am 2dp5dt.. I will probably start 4dp5dt. I have NO control and want to be prepared for my beta that is already going to be 6dp5dt.

    7th IVF
    2 Blasts Transferred.

  3. i voted 6-8 days post transfer...but since i did IUI, it will really be 7 or 8 days post IUI that i start poas.

  4. I tested this morning at 12pd3dt and got ++++

  5. I voted to wait until Beta but I do go back and forth. Im SO scared of a neg and Im afraid Ill gynx myself!

  6. I'll test at 11dpo (or 6dp5dt) with FMU only and I don't buy the HPT until the night before I test. I have NO self control if they are in the house :-)

    Good luck to everyone - its a rocky road to a heathly pg so its nice to have good company!

    Edited: I tested NEGATIVE at 11dpo with FMU and was of course devasted. Around noon I decided to try again and saw a hint of a line but not a real line. Later that afternoon I saw a very faint positive and since then I've been seeing positives! Hang in there!

  7. Hi Ladies,

    I am not going to POAS either - I decided to wait till my beta and get the news from the Nurse. Instead of driving myself nuts with worrying of BFN


  8. Just to add to Nicole's story... I too POAS'ed on 6dp5dt & it was negative with a very sensitive test FRER...I gave up hope, cried, was devastated. I also started spotting that day.

    Today, I was so out of hope that I was planning on going out for a glass of wine with a friend tonight. I did though know that I would be so mad at myself if I was pregnant and did that so I POAS'ed mid-morning just to make me feel comfortable. Well.....it was a BFP (I'm now 8dp5dt). I am cautiously optimistic b/c it was faint and because I've been down this road before with positive tests and negative outcomes. So, I'm going to stay neutral today.

    But, the lesson I learned once again is don't test too early. It's not worth it....when I tested I had the frame of mind that a negative might not be too bad and there would be hope but when you see one line, it's really hard to not be devastated.

    Good luck everyone!

  9. Quote:
    but when you see one line, it's really hard to not be devastated.

    this is why i am waiting till beta. i am 15dpo today, and i know i could get a possibly accurate resurt, but my beta is a set day, and i will have plenty of time to be miserable if need be then... i have spent way too many days in my life being miserable because of -hpt's, and in general, so putting it off is fine with me.

    but, its hard not to poas! because to get a +, well, what beats that, really? nothing! i am staying 'strong' only because my r.e. mentioned she would prefer if i didn't. i think i would have caved by now if she hadn't said anything.

    oh well. 2 more days! (my beta is delayed because of the weekend!)

  10. Last time, I got a BFN at 10dp5dt, but later that night, I saw a faint line. I will probably test 11dp5dt this time (if I can wait).

  11. i POAS'd 11dp3dt using a FRER, and saw a neg...i am now 13dp3dt, and STILL neg....i am hoping i am just one of those women who pee test don't really work for...my best friend tested at 6 WEEKS pg, and still tested neg on a hpt...this is really the only bit of hope i have for this cycle....beta is tomorrow, and i'll get my results tues... (fingers crossed)

  12. I'm in the I'm not POAS no matter how much I want to. I have 3 more sleeps till I get my blood test, and I am going nuts, but I'd rather wait for the news from the Dr.

    Thankfully I have none in the house or I'd probably cave.

  13. Nicole- Im with you. I POAS with every IUI and drove myself nuts! I have never seen a BFP . Im in the TWW now with first IVF. 1dp5dt. I only have to wait 8 more days! I agree if they were in the house I would be tempted!!!

  14. Hello everyone!

    Im not gonna POAS,Im just gonna wait patiently,this will not only benefit my mind but my my pocket too!

    Baby dust to us all!


  15. Hi everyone,

    My RE does the beta at 17dpo and there is a weekend to boot which puts me at 18dpo (Mon Feb 9th) before I will get my results.

    So they told me that if I want to, I can do a HPT on the Friday before as it will be 12dp3dt (15dpo) and I should get an accurate result. So I am going to try to wait until that day. I may give in and do it a day or two before but I am on the fence right now.

    I think it will depend on how I am feeling and whether I am having any PG symptoms or not. If I think I will get a positive result, then I probably will. But I am also terrified of seeing only one line so that is making me wait. I am only 4dp3dt now so have a ways to go yet.

    Hoping we all get BFP's ladies!!


  16. I did a HPT today. I had a 5d transfer on Jan 30. The test came out positive but I am scared to get my hopes up. Do you guys think it may be the HCG trigger shot still in my system? I had the trigger shot on Jan 25th.

  17. Mandy80---I think you just got a BFP!!!!!!!!!!!! THe trigger should be long gone by now.......Congrats!

  18. dtilbury- I hope you are right. I am so scared that I got false hopes. I go in tomorrow for second beta. my clinic doesnt tell you the first beta till you have done both. Annoying.

    thanks you made me feel a little better.

    good luck to everyone

  19. So yesturday my HPT was +++ and today it is ---. I am sooooo .

    I am 9 days after 4 day transfer. i am 15 days after HCG trigger shot. I wonder if that was the HCG in my system. I tested positive the last two days and ---- today.

    I go in tomorrow but till then i am going crazy and depressed. wish I never checked.

    What do you guys think

  20. mandy - it takes the hcg trigger 10 days to get out of your system

    i wish you the best of luck

  21. I will start 9-12 days post Transfer

  22. 6-8 days post 5dt (current cycle)

    9-12 days post 3dt

  23. 7 days after 5 day transfer...only 1 day before my beta

  24. I am 8dp3dt and just got a light ++hpt; hopefully the line will continue to get darker and beta numbers will be strong. I took one yesterday and at 7dp3dt it was negative.

  25. I am really impatient and have already tested today 4dp5dt. I had a VERY faint line...almost dots, but now I am wondering if it is just still the trigger shot (11 days ago)...so my hopes are not all that high, but I will test each day just for the fun of it. lol.

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