When will m/c happen after I stop meds?

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  1. Hello,

    I have an US on Thursday to re-confirm this pregnancy is not viable. Last week I measured 4w3d and I should have been 6w1d.

    I will stop my meds Thursday after my U/S confirmation.

    How many days until the m/c starts? When should I expect it?

    Thank you!

  2. mariofreitas - so sorry for your loss!

    it took a week for my m/c to start after i stopped the meds.

  3. Thank you veradi,

    I just wasn't sure when to "expect" it...and they discovered my m/c early (at 6w1d US, sac only measured 4w3d) so hopefully that means it will pass quickly and without too much drama!

    Did you get any warning signs, like cramping or spotting, or did it just all come at once?

    Thank you for responding!

  4. mariofreitas, I started bleeding one week after...I think that's pretty average. I am so sorry....

    Also, since this is your first m/c, you should know they can be more painful than you expect due to the passing tissue. I asked my doc for some pain meds and when mine started I took the pain meds with some advil (they were OK to mix). No pain at all. I was happy I had them and think it is a good idea "just in case". If you don't need them, you are no worse for the wear! But if cramping hits at 3AM, you've got 'em.

  5. mariofreitas- I am so sorry! I went through this, this past December. Same as you I was always measuring behind. I had no bleeding or cramps at all. When they finally confirmed that the pregnancy was not viable and I stopped all my meds, nothing happened. I waited a couple of weeks and then had a D&C. I had a FET in March and am currently 10 weeks pregnant with twins, so keep your head up and look forward to your next cycle. I always tell myself that things happen for a reason. Take care and good luck! Jen

  6. mariofreitas - i did get cramps and spotting. it wasn't too painful. i saw some tissue pass out too. i was at 6 weeks when it happened. then a week later my HCG did not go down and i had to get d&C and laparascopy. i ended up with ectopic pregnancy.

    mfarmaki - congrats your pregnancy and for giving us hope!

  7. JENN1265 - just a gentle reminder to add your headers - especially when on the PG Loss board.

  8. Morrison-Thank you and I appreciate all of your info. in your PM as well-sorry I have so many questions!
    What kind of pain medicine did you get? I think I should ask my OB for a presciption tomorrow while I am in there for the U/S.

    Jen-Your story is so inspiring, boy, I certainly do hope that happens for me on my FET as well! Did your RE test the tissue from the D & C and find a chromosonal abnormality? Or was the tissue normal and your RE found another cause? Did you do any testing before your FET? How many frozens did you thaw and transfer with your FET?

    Hopeful-I am so sorry to hear you had an ectopic. Did they not see that in an US earlier? I mean, that the sac wasn't in your uterus? I was very worried about an ectopic too bc of my betas, but the last US showes us a sac in my uterus-no fetal pole or HB though.

  9. No problem - and I'll get to PMing back! I'd say getting some meds is a good idea. That way, you have them if you need them. I asked for oxycodone (which is basically percocet) as I have taken it before after surgery and know it works. And, I know it can be taken with ibuprofen safely.

    Again...so sorry for this loss.

  10. I am sorry for your loss

    Each of us is different so its difficult to tell you exactly what to expect, each of my losses and bleeds were different.

    I agree with the advice to get some pain meds upfront just in case you need them and if it takes weeks before your bleed starts get yourself checked out.

  11. Morrison and suhaj-Thank you very much!

  12. I'm thinking about you mariofreitas. Please take care of yourself - today especially.

  13. Morrison-I just saw this post, thank you so much! I am glad I could stop my meds and just want to get this thing overwith! If it doesn't start by Monday, I will call my OB or RE for Cytotec pills...I can't wait around, it's too hard.

    How are you doing? Did you do your immune testing yet?

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