When were your twins born? I\'ll put an expiry since it\'s probably been done before

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  1. Hey twin moms,

    Just wondering when the average delivery occurs. I know this has probably been done so I'll let this expire in a few weeks.

    Thanks in advance,

  2. 34w3d- delivered early due to IUGR in one of my mono/di twins. they are 6w old and doing amazing!

  3. Congrats Morg~ sounds like they are doing well.

    I just posted this identical poll to the parenting multiples thread,,,,,,,figured since most of you reading this are still pg it would make more sense. DUH!!!!


  4. Susan...went 36wk1....completely surprised me that I went to my scheduled c-sect. I think if you can try to get to 36wk. and up w/ twins, things generally work out very well. Of course, with multiples, getting to 9 mo. isn't always a given, and babies often still do quite well.

  5. Nadia-That is incredible! (Susan, Nadia has triplets!!!)

    I went to 36w6d (started to develop pre-eclmapsia), but I had a hard pg... I was in to L&D multiple times with uterine irritability (first visit before 24 wks, when the do NOTHING). I was so scared the entire time! I was on bedrest and drinking one+ gallons of water per day. Then I heard of people who had easy twin pgs and delivered at 40 weeks (like my aunt)-go figure.
    My girls had some issues with temparture control/very sleepy/trouble feeding, and one had issues breathing when she came out (which I didn't expect at that gestational age) but thankfully, we all managed to go home together four days after my c-section.

    good luck!

  6. Nadia-That is incredible! (Susan, Nadia has triplets!!!) good luck!

    No kidding! I cannot imagine how uncomfortable you must have been by then Nadia! Good job.

    Thanks Lotus,,,,,,,,I can't wait to meet them but I love having them inside. I just want to know they'll be born nice and healthy.


  7. I delivered our twins at 38 weeks 5 days, and that's after the doc tried to induce me! Even the induction didn't work, the babies just didn't want to come out! I ended up a C section.

    I think if the doc let me, I could go the full 40 weeks. I was miserable at the end, but it's all worth it!

  8. LF--36wk6 with twins is nothing to sneeze at!!! I imagine you were pretty uncomfortable yourself by then! (esp. with the L&D scares...I really think the mental aspect of it all drains us the most).

    Wow---40wks. with twins. I think by 38wks, I'd be trying to run around and wouldn't stop till I went into labor

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