When is your Beta for a 3 day transfer

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  1. Hi ladies,

    I had 2 frozen embryos transferred on day 3 and had my Beta today which is only 9dpt. They called to tell me that it was less than 5 and to stop the meds. Do you think that maybe it was too early for them to test and maybe I had a late implanter? I know I am grasping at straws but was hoping you all could give me an idea of when your tests are. Thanks!

  2. I am not doing an FET and I don't know much about the dating for them...my beta is planned for 13dp3dt. 9dpt seems a little early to me, but serum beta is much more sensitive than UPT and it should detect even a little. Did they offer to do another?

  3. 9dp3dt seems early to me as well. My beta isn't until 10dp5dt. And I've heard FETs can be slower starters.

  4. Seems early to me as well. I am 6dp3dt and my beta isnt until 14dp3dt. With my last IVF I didn't get a BFP on a HPT until 13dpo - and I was PG with twins. My beta that time was 14dp3dt as well.
    Have hope.

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