When is this going to end????

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  1. Three weeks ago I came down with the flu. I did a round of Tamaflu and seemed to be getting better. Two days later I literally felt like I was on my death bed. I had developed pneumonia. Another round of drugs and nearly two weeks later I am finally feeling much better - still really tired but much improved. So dd and I had planned to go out for lunch today and then run a couple errands. That all changed when she woke up at 2am with a stomach virus. So here we are, 3 weeks later and still stuck at home. Dd has been in the bathroom half the day and now has a temp of 101. I'm just hoping no one else catches this bug. Please tell me this is going to end soon. Cabin fever is setting in!


  2. Oh no! So sorry you guys have been sick - we all recently had the stomach flu - blech. So far we've been able to avoid any of the respiratory stuff. Hope you're all feeling better soon!


  3. Yikes Olfa that is rough.
    I'm afraid the stomach virus did go through everyone in our house.
    So my assvice is to get out with some friends this evening and leave dh mind the shop.

  4. These things tend to happen in clusters, so hopefully you will have a much-improved summer. I feel for you though. Sounds like our January/February every year. Awful! Take care of yourself and try to give yourself breaks and rewards, ANNA

  5. The good news is dd is feeling better today. The bad news is now dh has it. I'm washing my hands constantly hoping that I don't get it and ds doesn't get it. Maybe we should go to a hotel for a couple days


  6. Oh, you poor thing!!!

    Sometimes it does feel like these times will never pass but they do. You'll be out at the beach or park before you know it enjoying the warm Spring sunshine.

  7. I had the flu 5 years ago and not only was I ridiculously sick for those 3 days, I was sick for the next 2 months.

    Flu does a number on you - it runs its course quickly but then it makes your immune system so weak that you are open to every opportunistic infection that comes along.

    I haven't missed a flu shot since that year. No way am I going thru that again. I got the flu again last year but I wasn't that sick and after the 3 days I was fine but for a minor lingering cough.

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