When does the cramping stop?

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  1. My cramping stopped when I was 9 weeks but now that I'm 11 weeks it seems to have started again. How about you all?

  2. I'm 22w4d, and I hate to say, but I still have the cramping occasionally. I think it happens when the babies are going through a growth spurt and everything is expanding double time. I will say that it is not as bad now as it was in the first and early second trimesters.

  3. I have to agree, I am 18 weeks and I still have some mild cramping off and on. I think I really notice it if I have had an active day or when the babies are growing. I hope it gets better soon

  4. Glad to see this thread. I am 8 weeks and my cramping subsided for about a week and now it is back. It seems to be a bit stronger now too. I go for an appt tomorrow. Just a check up but I am very curious as to what is going on. It does not help that I also started spotting again (brown). I had a small spot of blood that developed in the begining and started working its way out at 6 weeks but let up at about 7 weeks and now it is back. I am hoping what I am feeling is just 8 week growing pains. Seems like there is a lot going on right nowa and there are 2 of them there. Maybe my ovaries are acting up. I don't know. Just a bit worried!!!!

  5. 30w and still having cramps. After initial implantation cramps they turned into growth cramps. After 12w it was less often. Now I can tell because it usually happens along with ligament pain (which I initially mistook for enlarged ovaries).

    I (they:-))had a big growth spurt beween 18-20w and it seems another since 29weeks. Those were the two that affected me most physically.

    Congrats and good luck.

  6. Thanks! I see it lasts right up to the end! Congrats on your pregnancy!!

    Right now they just feel so much like AF that I get so worried!!!

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