When did your doc take you off bedrest?

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  1. I've seen 2 doctors and they both told me opposite things. One didn't want me to go back to work until at least 34 weeks, with cervical lengths done until then, the other who I saw yesterday said that I could go back to work now (32weeks) and there was nothing they could really do if I went into labor, he also took me off bedrest and said no more cervical length ultrasounds. It just seems weird to me, to be on strict bedrest one day then the next go back to normal, without even checking to see what being off bedrest will do to my cervix.

    Any thoughts?

  2. I think I would stick with the conservative doctor and stay on bedrest. It may be boring, but it can't hurt.

  3. I don't know if you're pg with a single or multiples. I have a friend currently on bedrest with a single. Her cvx was shortening and funneling (although longer now) around 20w and she was put on strict bedrest. Her OB (she also sees a peri) will allow her to come off bedrest (not return to work) after 34w. In my case, I was pg with multiples and funneling at 23w, when I was placed on hospital bedrest. Very touch and go for a bit as it took them a while to get my ctx under control. At 30w they sent me home to do more bedrest. My water broke at 32w5d and they decided to deliver me. I would go with the more conservative dr.'s opinion simply because more time in can't hurt at this point (assuming you don't have other health issues requiring a delivery). I would guess your less conservative doc is not worried tremendously about the survival of the baby at this point, which is why (particularly if your job doesn't involve standing) s/he is willing to send you back to work. Good luck!

  4. Yeah, no other health problems, I did have a preemie before but she was born at 30 weeks, so I'm glad to make it passed that point. I'm going for a second opinion on Monday which I'm sure they'll keep me on bedrest and continue cervical length checks. Thanks so much for replying. Oh yeah, its a singleton.

  5. I was on bedrest from 28 weeks after a short hospital stay until delivery due to potential preeclampsia. My peri said that if I made it to 34 weeks, everything would be fine. I was delivered (twins) at 34w5d due to blood flow issue with baby A, two vessel cord with baby B, growth issue with both, and high b/p with me.

    My bedrest wasn't as strict as those with cervical shortening, at least I don't think so. I wasn't supposed to cook (yea, right...I would've starved if I waited for dh to fix me something!), do childcare (again, dd would never have made it to preschool if dh had to get her ready), or drive. I mostly reclined and watched a lot of t.v.

    Good luck to you, and I'd also go with the more conservative opinion if it was me. And this is coming from someone termed 'AMA' by my RE....'against medical advice.' Hey, just because I left a message at the OB that I was going back to work if they didn't call me back!

  6. Just an update for those that may read this later...After all my preterm labor stuff that went on, and a cervix that has measured about 1cm or less for the past 5 or 6, maybe even 7 weeks...I'm 37 weeks today and counting!!!! I've been off bedrest for 3 weeks now and nothing is changing. I have GD also and my LO is measuring pretty big right now, the doc said it would be "pretty ironic if we had to induce you after all this". Funny how things might work out for me, I'll update later.

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    Okay, the verdict is in: I'm being induced next Wednesday the 2nd!!! The Doc did an outside weight estimate and he though "8ish pounds already" I've had seizures with a couple of my surgeries and we don't want to risk having to have a cs. I'll be over 38 weeks then, so things should be fine. I can't believe it!!!

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