When did you tell work?

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  1. I'm 14 weeks and haven't told work yet. I'm nervous because I just got of maturity leave with DS 6 months ago. I didn't tell until I was 18 weeks with DS but I wasn't even showing then.

    I'm guessing you need to tell earlier because you show earlier and might go earlier.

  2. I had planned to tell my boss at my semi-annual performance review, which was scheduled for the beginning of my 12th week. However, near the end of my 11th week, I was 'outed' by someone at work and had to tell my boss that day. I guess it was pretty obvious - I'm 5'2\" - not a lot of room to grow. Even a complete stranger congratulated me on my pregnancy that day.

    Best of luck!
    William and Maddie (11/20/2006)

  3. I told my work at 15 wks on the nose......my DH however has not told his work yet, we are now 19 wks, and it's starting to aggravate me a bit.......i used to work where he works now, and so we both know all of them equally. They all know we needed IVF and were all so supportive, but DH is too afraid to tell them because of our previous losses(chem, 7 wk loss, 4 bfn's). We lost one of our twins at 10 wks, and he's pretty gunshy to tell anyone, thinking the other shoe is going to drop as soon as he tells them. He says he'd be happy not to tell any of them until the baby is in his arms! The thing is: we live in a small community, and NO DOUBT i will run into a few of them somewhere, not to mention being in the same professional arena as them with training sessions, etc. It's a miracle the pregnancy hasn't been found out yet! I just think it would be so unkind to have them find out \"accidentally\"

    anyways, my ramble.....


  4. I told my boss privately and only my boss at around 13 weeks for two reasons, one I was already showing and two I felt honesty was the best policy in my situation. I like my job and would like to keep it over the long term but sudden bed rest is a real possibly with multiples. I was as honest as I could be and it worked out fine. I was lucky that Inever had to go on bedrest while I was working. I was taken off work 2 weeks ago at 28 weeks and it was fine with work.

    bestof luck.

  5. I will answer my own post. Told my boss last week at 16 weeks. He works at another office and doesnt' see me but ... I knew he would be coming for a visit and didn't want to surprise him too much.

    Will tell my co-workers next week (most are at training this week). Yes I am showing but I've got some shirts that hide it well.

  6. I had to tell around 8 weeks because I couldn't wear my uniform anymore. With my dd, I didn't tell until after 10 weeks, and then only because I hadn't qualified at the range that trimester. This time I'm having twins and started showing a lot sooner.

  7. I told work at 12 weeks: First of all because I was starting to move slower & didn't want to be doing any heavy lifting. Second reason was because I was starting to show.

  8. I told my boss after my NT scan at 12 weeks. He knew I'd been trying for a long time, because of scheduling craziness due to treatments. We were starting to make plans at work for projects for next spring and I didn't want to leave them in a lurch. Still, it's always a little nerve-wracking. But it was great and he and his wife even sent flowers.

  9. I told my boss right after NT scan I was 12w3d. I start already showing and decided to tell her private myself then she will findout from someone else.

  10. I told my boss right away, but I kind of had to--I fainted at work and that was the only way I could keep her from calling the ambulance. Told her I was pregnant and that I don't deal with pregnancy well. Then I had to go out on sick leave at 5 weeks d/t hyperemesis, and have been out for 7 weeks so far...definately no secret about that.

  11. With me, I was having a pre-observation conference with my boss when he asks me how I'm feeling, and I blurt out I'm doing well but a bit nauseous lately. I don't know why I said it. Another gal in my dep't was preggers with twins and he knew about it, so he jokes \"You're not pregnant are you?\" And I almost choked and told him I was after a slight hesitation. Then, I asked him to shut the door as I had a long story to disclose (I was 11 weeks along with triplets). He was shocked but reacted better than I would have expected. I'm glad I did, because 7 weeks later, I was told to take a leave of absence from my peri (not necessary but a recommendation), so we needed to find a substitute which was tough so late into the school year.

    I started showing at about 5 weeks (OHSS), and when that subsided after 2 weeks, I already had a baby bump. Thank God for baby doll tops, because I was able to keep it from my co-workers and students until about 14 weeks. (and I looked about 6 months along by then!)

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