When did you stop meds?

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  1. Hi everyone,

    I know this question has probably been asked a hundred times on this board, but I can't get the search function to work.

    My gestational carrier is 10 weeks pregnant with twins. It's taken us 9 fresh cycles and a large number of FET's with 3 transfers to a surrogate and some early m/c's to get to this point so, needless to say, I'm very nervous and over analyzing everything.

    My RE said she should stop the medications (she was on PIO daily and 1 combined estrogen/progesterone suppository daily and estrogen injections twice a week). I am really concerned about her stopping them so early. She's at 10 weeks. I've heard of others staying on them until 12 weeks. I asked him if we could at least continue just one more week and his response was to \"follow the protocol\". I asked if we could test her levels before she goes off them and he said \"not necessary.\" ARGHH!

    My surrogate is willing to take the meds for a bit longer. The problem is she's now out of the suppositories and estrogen with no refills left. She only has PIO left. I'm struggling between having her take her dose of progesterone every other day for another week or taking half her usual dose every day for an additional week. Here is the problem. It's my impression that extra PIO can't hurt but I'm wondering if it's a problem if she's not also still getting the estrogen?

    Does anyone have any input/thoughts?


  2. Staci, I don't know about the balance between PIO and estrogen, but I think it might be a SIRM thing with stopping at 10w, as that's about when I stopped. I will say my b*tt was VERY happy I quit. The theory is at that point the placenta is making enough progesterone on its own. The P17 shots done later are for irritable uterus usually. Try not to worry!


  3. Hi Staci, I stopped all medications at 8 weeks. Never had a problem.

    Best wishes,

  4. i stopped at 8 weeks as well and so far have had no issues with my pregnancy. i'm 29 weeks along now....

  5. I am pregnant with twins and stopped at 8 weeks, however with my last pregnancy with a singleton I stayed on meds till 12 weeks but that was only because I had a hematoma in my uterus. I think 8-10 weeks is average, I am sure you are freaking out, but it will be for the best!

    Congrats on the twins, I know it is such an exciting time!


  6. I stopped estrogen at 8w and progesterone at 10w. I am now 32w2d w/ twins.

  7. Thanks so much everyone. Okay, I feel better now. If some of you stopped at 8 weeks and everything was fine, it's probably stupid for me to be worrying about 10 weeks!

    My poor GC. She's got the Dr. telling her to stop meds. and me telling her \"well maybe you should do every other day for another week\" then an hour later \"maybe a lower dose every day would be better\" then a few hours later \"maybe you should just stop.\" Fortunately, she is very patient and understanding. I'm sure I would have driven some people crazy by now.

  8. I don't want to worry you, but can't you insist that they check her levels? I was at Cornell and they monitored my estrogen and progesterone levels weekly, and decreased both starting at 8 1/2 weeks. I didn't stop the PIO until 11 1/2 weeks. And then they checked my progesterone levels again at 12 1/2 weeks.

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