when did you start to feel symptoms?

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  1. How many days after transfer?

  2. I have been having symptoms since about 4-5 dpt, but I am not sure if they are becasue of the medication I am taking or pregnancy symptoms. That is the most frustrating part and my dh and I have decided to wait until the bloodtest on Friday to find out for sure. Good luck to you!! Hang in there!

  3. I'm glad there is a thread on this because I feel like I am imagining some things...
    I am 3dp3dt (this is IVF#2 with ICSI and AH for us) and I have been feeling very mild cramping since day of transfer which is earlier than I remember feeling it with my last, unsuccessful, transfer. Also, sorry if this is TMI, today I noticed yellow CM and I have been on google forever trying to find out if this is normal. Is anyone else experiencing this or experienced this and still had BFP?

  4. My cramps started 3 to 4 days after transfer. Not bad but low grade.
    Sore boobs 1 week after transfer also low grade. Is this a progesterone symptom? 1 week after I have low grade cramps they come and go.
    Yes we have to wait. I guess looking for some early sign of positive or not.
    Good luck and thanks for replies.

  5. I started feeling symptoms the day before transfer

  6. I am now 6dp3dt and I have convinced myself I am having symptoms

    I have:
    big itchy boobs

    Trying to ignore the POAS devil on my shoulder....

  7. I had a 5 day transfer. I had the transfer on a Monday afternoon & had cramping Wednesday once at midnight and another time at 4:00 am. It was painful enough to wake me up but lasted only a couple of seconds. I just knew it was implantation and I was right.

    Good Luck

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