When did you start seeing your Dr every 2 weeks?

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  1. Hi Everyone,

    I'm currently 25 weeks, 1 day pregnant with b/g twins. I was just wondering when you started going from 4 wk visits to 2 wk and then to 1 wk. My next appt is at 26 weeks and I know they will say 30 weeks for the next one. But I'm getting worried as I know these are the risky weeks for twin pg. I'm also seeing an OB and a specialist at my 4 week u/s.

    At what week were you when your visits went from 4 weeks to 2? And then to 1?

    Did you see an OB, Peri or both? And which doctor suggested it?

    Thanks so much!


  2. I see my ob every other week, and i go for a detailed uptrasound every other week as well. So once a week I am either seeing my ob or getting an ultrasound at Cornell. I have been doing this since 20 weeks. I requested it form my ob. Just ask to be seen every two weeks if you would like that. Express to him that you are concerned and nervous. I also recall him telling me that from week 22 you need to be seen every two weeks to check your cervix. Good luck!

  3. I'm 22 weeks pregnant with b/g twins. I'm seeing my peri every 4 week right now. After 26 weeks, I'm seeing them every 2 weeks. I think it will be every week till the end.

  4. I think my doctor switches to every 2 weeks starting in the 3rd trimester. I saw her at 25 weeks, and my next appointment is 3 weeks (not the usual 4 weeks) after at 28 weeks. According to what she told me in the beginning, I'm expecting it to go to every 2 weeks thereafter. I think she goes to every week after 32 weeks.

  5. I am pregnant with twins so I have to start seeing mine at 15 wks every two wks

  6. At 27.5 weeks I had my regular appt and they thought one twin had started growing more slowly, so only because of that they started seeing me every 2 weeks at that point. Turned out the smaller twin picked up her growth rate again at that point, but they still had me go every 2 weeks for the remainder of the pregnancy. I never went every week. I now have an induction date set for a week from Thursday when I will be 37w4d!


  7. It seems like my situation was not the norm, but I saw the OB every 2 weeks from the beginning (from 10weeks on, when I was released from my RE). Every 4 weeks I had an u/s and a visit with the Peri.

    I\'m glad I did, as I went into PTL at 24w2d. Luckily, we caught it early enough, and I am now sitting here typing with my 3 week old girls napping (they were born at term, 36w6d).

    If you would feel more comfortable with additional monitoring, and they don't offer it, you should explain your concerns to your OB and ask for an earlier appt.

    Good luck.

  8. Hi, I see my peri every three weeks, ultrasound (separate appointment in a different facility) every four weeks. So between the two - I sometimes do not see anyone for three weeks and sometimes see someone every week. I am 30w.

  9. Thanks girls!

    I'm gong to ask at my 26 week appt if I can get my appts every 2 weeks - which means my next one would be at 28 weeks. That's actually only 1 extra appt because it's every 2 weeks starting at 30 weeks anyway for a singleton pg and I have twins in there.

    Olga_Barclay - I'm amazed that you have time to type with 3 week old g/g twins. Or that they are napping at the same time. Glad to hear it as I'm so afraid of taking care of 2.

    Beth - Good luck next Week!

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