When did you have to SLOW down???

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  1. I stopped work (primary teacher) at 32 weeks as it fitted in with the school holiday so helped with continuity. I wasn't needing to stop but I was told the babies should be expected from 32 weeks. I spent 8 BORING weeks waiting for them (They came at 40 weeks exactly & spontaneously)..in hindsight I wish I had kept on going but hindsight is a great thing!!

    g/g twins turning 5 Dec 07
    22w0d pg with a singleton

  2. tina, yes, you should be pushy! your doc didn't go through everything you did for the past 10 years. there's no way he can understand. especially if you're feeling fatigued--you should go for it! so many ins companies give so little and you should take full advantage of everything you have.

    wishing you the best of luck!

    8w3d w/twinkies

  3. I didn't answer the poll, but I'm curious to read along... I'm currently almost 23 weeks and my dr is saying I need to SLOW down, despite no signs of preterm labor. I mean, I want to take him seriously, but he says I shouldn't be lifting my 18 month old toddler (I'm a SAHM so it's a bit impossible) and I shouldn't be taking him for walks around the block after about 26 weeks. Does that seem strange to you? He says after 26 weeks he wants me to stay home as much as possible and be sedentary. And my poor son is gonna go stir crazy!

    The only thing I've noticed at all is occasional braxton hicks if I majorly overdue it- which has happened maybe 3 times.

  4. Amyb, it doesn't seem strange to me since my peri is even more conservative. I am similiar to you - SAHM with a 26 month old and 22w pg with twins. With twins my peri automatically has you go on bedrest at home starting at 24 weeks even if you have no issues. Also can not stand for more than 15 minutes or lift more than 15 lbs since becoming pg.

    So far I haven't had any issues, except one night of contractions a week ago.

    It seems like alot of other OBs and peris are a bit more liberal if you don't have any issues.


  5. The whole idea is to slow down BEFORE you end up with PTL. For one thing, sometimes PTL cannot be stopped. For another thing, cervical changes are important to avoid if possible. I had a toddler and was on some vague, partial rest, only lifting her in and out of crib for naps, that was about it. Still, I had a short cervix at 24w, dilated at 27w (when I was put on complete bedrest) and delivered at 33w. It's hard to care for a toddler, but it's even harder if you get put on complete bedrest, when you have to find someone else to care for him and you're not allowed to do ANY of it yourself. Plus, I advise avoiding the NICU at all costs. Some people don't need to slow down, but so many pg with twins do need to that it makes sense to pay attention to what your doc is telling you. And those episodes when you overdid it and had a lot of contractions? The chances of that will increase as you get further along. My advice would be to try to find a sitter, high school age or something similar, who can take your child to the playground a few times per week, etc. You'll probably want that anyway after the babies come.

    just my two cents. good luck!!

  6. Your post makes a lot of great points.

    It is fear of strict bedrest or hospital BR that has prompted me to start my toddler in preschool 4 half days a week instead of 2 half days when I turn 24w (I got lucky with an extra 2 day opening), and even now I try to lay down several hours during the day.

    Thanks for sharing your experience.

  7. Yeah, that's pretty much what we've decided to do- get a nanny to come into the house a couple days a week to entertain him for a few hours, have the grandparents come for more frequent visits during the week, etc. I try to avoid lifting him aside from getting him in/out of crib for his am wake up and nap and his high chair. Daddy does all the lifting on weekends and after he gets home from work.

    shelbie~ Woa, I guess my OB is pretty easy going compared to your guy huh? I guess what shocked me was that my SIL's dr when she had twins basically put no restrictions on her and let her work up until delivery- and she had to be induced at 39 weeks. I guess everyone's Dr is different!

    miguel_m~ Thanks for your input... Makes you realize how quickly things can change huh? I guess that's the whole point he's trying to get across to me!

  8. Amyb, it sounds like you have made some good plans. As for lifting, my DD now eats breakfast, lunch, and some dinners in a booster I have on the floor (I sit next to her on the floor or in a chair), and then DH does the high chair for the dinners that he is home.

    As for naps, I have her sleep in my bed which she can get up into/down on her own. But not sure I would recommend that since now she always wants to sleep there.

    Yeah, my cousin had twins, no BR and had to be induced also. But I am 38, pg with IDs, and did get borderline pre-eclampsia with DD at 39.5 weeks - so I figure it is likely I will not fly through this without some issues...

    Are you worried about how things will be when the twins arrive? I am pretty worried about it, esp. since I don't have any local family, and only my mom is able to be counted on anyways.

    Good luck!


  9. Shelbie~ I've thought of doing the booster seat on the floor, but we have a yellow lab who I think would be a pain. I'm thinking of maybe getting some steps that he can climb up to the booster. Its easy to just ease him out of it, but you definitely have to lift him in. As for naps, he couldn't climb up on our bed if he tried I don't think, but maybe our guest bed- its not to terribly high. It's so hard. I hate to start a bad habit that I can't break once the twins arrive, but really, what can you do? I'm a bit worried about what will happen after they come. My mom is gonna come stay with us for a month- so that will definitely help. After that, I'll probably be terrified to be on our own!

  10. I worked full time until 28 wks, then cut back, and fully stopped @ 34 wks. Just in time. I was good for nothing and quite uncomfortable on my feet for >2 hrs at that point.

  11. Hi, hope you don't mind my intrusion. I remember at my 27 week appt, my ob said that we at least needed to get me to 30 weeks before delivering and hopefully that I would hold out until 34 wks or more. At that point I was still working full-time and had a recent peri visit that showed my cervix was still long and closed. I went back to work the day after my appt thinking my ob was crazy b/c I hadn't had any issues, and barely any bh contractions. Less than a week later, I was in the hospital for ptl. I was having loads of bh, was dialated to 2.5 and 60-70% effaced w/ a significantly shortened cervix! The weekend before we had a birthday party for ds. I was also watching my friend's 2.5 year old, and picked him up a few times. I think I really overdid it that day, but I didn't realize how much at the time. Luckily, labor was delayed and i'm now almost 32 wks.

    Anyway, I would have been really annoyed if my peri had put me on br at 24 weeks. I would have really stressed about how that would have effected my job, family, etc. Now, I realize that things can happen so quickly w/ multiple pregnancies! Hopefully you guys can avoid strict bedrest since you'll slow down before having any problems! Good luck!

  12. Just to take some seriousness out of this thread<smile>....I am 27w with twins and still doing what I normally do. That means heaving 50# bags of feed for the cows daily, have a 3 yo, etc. But I did have to start slowing down yesterday. I was reading mail while walking back up the walkway, stepped off the bricks, twisted my ankle, fell over the birdbath, knocking that down, and banged both knees. So I am slowed down not due to being pg but because of being a klutz and having a knee the size of a grapefruit. Better this than PTL tho!!! Hope everybody stays pg as long as possible!

    danai.........how klutzy can one be????

  13. I am 27 weeks and was just told that my cervix shortened significantly and so my dr. put me on \"modified\" bedrest - can go to the bathroom, take showers, eat meals, but otherwise lie down. Am sort of freaking about pre term labor, but some of these posts have given me hope that with bedrest I can make it several more weeks. My dr. says if cervix has shortened again at next visit he'll give me steroid shots (to make their lungs develop quicker in utero). Has anyone had those?

  14. I'm only at 15 weeks but we really can't have me go on strict bedrest. We live in an area where you can't get childcare I've been on one wait list for a year and a half, five others for 8 months. DS is one year (not walking). I work full time and we have been doing a sort of Ad hoc daycare system since I went back to work 6 months ago.

    I'd like to make sure I take it easy so I don't get strict bedrest but I'm wondering if I'd get more rest at work (desk job) or at home. Part of me thinks more rest at work because I don't have to lift anything, chase a little one... part of me thinks at home because I can actually lay down, and don't have a set schedule, don't have the commute (lot's of walking and standing).

    Any Opinions?

  15. I've had my twins so here's my advice :-) I stopped picking up my 15 month old when I discovered I was having twins. I made him come to me when I was sitting and he climbed onto my lap. I only lifted him into and our of his car seat.

    I ate LOTS. I read a great book on multiples that said you need to get those extra calories in, so I ate lots of good stuff, and regularly

    All went very well till 30 weeks when my gynae said lots of multiple moms start taking strain. I went into pre term labour at 30 weeks and was given meds and put on bed rest at home. I rested but did not lie in bed all day every day as I should have. This is easier said than done with a child to look after at home! I should have taken up more offers of help, child care, meals, etc to take some of the load off.

    At 31 weeks the contractions continued and I was hospitalised on a drip to try stop contractions. I lasted 10 days and at 33 weeks my twins arrived both weighing 2.1kg. They were in NICU for 4 and 5 weeks and today are happy bouncy babies well on par with full term babies their age.

    In hind sight, I wish I had rested more. You only realised how important it is when it is too late and you are looking at prem babies in NICU. Rest, rest and rest some more. It is SO worth it to keep your babies in for as long as you possibly can
    wishing you all lots of love and luck

  16. At 18.5 weeks I had some very minor contractions (pg with twins) and they were called \"irritable uterus\" and so at 19.5 weeks I got a home monitor to measure contraction activity twice a day and I take albuteral if there are more contractions or irritability. I was supposed to take it easier...

    At 23.5 weeks my cervix had shortened from 4.5cm to 3.3cm (but I had been really busy dealing with hurricane Ike here in Houston and 6 days without power and a 3 night road trip to Dallas) and had started opening a bit on top and so my peri put me on \"sofa arrest\" - still allowed up but try to stay off of my feet as much as possible, basically no trips out of the house, once up and down the stairs each day.

    At my 25.5w appt things were stable and the doc was happy - she said the next 3 weeks are still very critical for risks of PROM, but once some part of a baby sinks down on top of the cervix (to form a bit of a plug so to speak) the risks should go down. She threatened hospital bedrest if things didn't stabilize and I really, really don't want to do that unless I really have to.

    I now have a lot of pelvic joint pain (SPD) and even if I was allowed to do more, I probably wouldn't since it hurts to move around & stand much.

    Better safe than sorry - and we know it is for a limited time with a great reward at the end!

    25w6d B/G
    4.5 DD

  17. Can I vote that I have been slow ever since week 5?? I am currently 10.5 weeks with twins and I do only 1/5 of what I used to do in a day. I am lucky that I get to go down for a daily 1-2 hour nap and am only working 15-20 hrs a week right now and still am completely fatigued.

    Am hoping that my energy is going to bounce back at the second trimester, b/c my RE said \"take it easy, modified bed rest\" from weeks 20-28. So my plan is to get most everything done in the house and for babies by b/w week 12 and 20.

  18. i'm 30 1/2 weeks and still going full speed. i did cut my workouts down significantly when i got pregnant and there are days i'm just too tired to get up and work out but otherwise i'm still working full time (10 hour days at the office with a commute each way) but i do go to bed a lot earlier than i used. That being said, i've been doing that since week 9 or 10 when the tiredness hit me and just never let up.

    My doctor said that so far everything looks fine and there's no reason why i cant continue the way i am until i deliver.

  19. 27 weeks is actually when I went out of work and worked from home after stopping preterm labor. But it was about 34 weeks that I was on full term rest. I finally gave birth at 37 1/2 weeks to b/g twins who are now 7 weeks old and doing great! Good luck.

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