When did you have to SLOW down???

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  1. I'm just wondering what my future may have in store for me. How far out should I be booking my calender???

    Thanks everyone!

    DD 20mo

  2. i just think you will find such a broad range of answers to your question -- i've heard of people going to premature labor at 24 weeks and being on bedrest and meds for months as well as of others working and doing their regular routines till easily 35-36 weeks. it all depends on your personal case. however, i think that if all is well and that you are in a good shape and feel pretty well the whole time, i think you will still have to slow down after about 32d week -- you get really big, clothes don't fit, stomach problems worsen(heartburn etc), insomnia (due to constantly going to the bathroom and heartburn) and as a result feeling pretty tired during the day, and also psychological feeling that you really have to prepare for the babies b/c technically it now can happen very, very soon -- preparing their room, buying things, etc. so, this would be my estimation. i personally first reduced my work hours to about 15-20 max hours per week and stopped working altogether after my 33d week. good luck.

  3. Depends on what you mean by \"slow down.\" At 20 wks, I cut my hours at work to 25/wk. I quit working at 22 wks, but only b/c I moved out of state.

    I am definitely not able to do the same things I used to be able to do--I am living in NYC now, and before, the constant walking wouldn't have bothered me at all. Now, I get very sore from too much walking, and try to lie down for at least two hours a day.

    I don't think there's really any way to predict how you are going to feel so far in advance. All you can really do, besides listening to your doctor, is listen to your body.

    Best of luck w/your pregnancy & congratulations!

    23w4d g/g twins

  4. I went full speed ahead until 28 weeks when I went into preterm labor. Prior to that I was still working 40 hours a week, going to staff meetings after work, etc. But, after the PTL, it was strict bedrest and a whole lot of Netflix! Delivered the babies at 32w4d. -Kim

  5. Hi. I left work and went on modified bed rest at 24 weeks, which meant I would go out and do a few errands per day. Somewhere around 30 weeks, I really slowed down and now I rarely leave the house and don't drive at all.

    Good luck.


  6. hi,
    Im 29 wks and I am still working, getting tougher to move fast like I used too but otherwise, things are fine...Just cant get comfortable sleeping...
    take care...

  7. I slowed down immediately and just took it as easy as I could. But now I just had a cerclage placed due to IC and I'm on bedrest - at 17 weeks. So now I'm very slowed down.

    Luckily I can still do my work from bed.


  8. Thanks everyone!

    I know that each persons experience is VERY different - but it's good to get a reality check of what could be to come. I am a stay at home mom with a 20mo DD. So I don't worry about work - but I would have to be getting some very serious help from my mother if I needed bedrest. Thankfully she lives 15min away... I already can tell during the day if I have done too much. I get very sore. So I am trying to avoid over doing it. It's hard...

    16w tomorrow!

  9. I actually started a term as a visiting law student when I was 24 weeks. I went full time until I was 36 weeks, and had my babies at 37 weeks. We went to the county fair and walked around at 36 weeks... Although, much more slowly than normal. LOL! I also did get a handicap parking permit for school so that I didn't have to walk a half mile from the regular parking lot.

    So, as one of the pps said... depends on what you mean by slowing down. I was able to keep active until I gave birth, but just needed to make some adjustments.

  10. I am 30 weeks and I still work 40 hours per week and have a 3 year old at home. I'm very very busy!! But...just in the past week I have no ankles I've swelled so much but my blood pressure is great and my babies are great. My biggest complaint is my back hurting at night (hard to sleep). Plus my feet hurt really bad if I am on them very long. I have gained 42 pounds which is a lot of extra weight to be carrying around, however, I feel I'm doing great to be carrying twins. I also am exhausted in the evenings but keep on trudging along!

    Good luck....we are all different!!!!!!!

    P.S. My stomach is huge!!!!!!!! It takes me forever to get dressed because I cannot bend - HA!

    b/b twins

  11. I continued running and weight lifting through my 3rd month, then switched to walking and weights...which I was able to continue through my 5th month. At about 22 weeks my doctor told me I had to significantly slow down as I started to show changes in my cervix. Now I have been on \"very limited activity\" for about 10 weeks! This means, no housework/exercise...basically, laying on the couch. But I haven't had to take any meds and the babies are doing great and we are now past the \"danger zone\"!

    g/b twins

  12. It does depend on what you mean by \"slowing down\"...During my first trimester, I was out of commission for half the time. (ie) my 90 minute workout a day fizzled fast...In the second, I was back into it, without any high impact, though. Now, I am still lifting, but my cardio has definately fizzled again. I can barely breath sometimes. As with work, I am teacher, so I have had the luxury of staying home.

    28 weeks
    b/g twins

  13. gibas-

    I agree that you will find a wide range of responses, I would suggest reading some of the threads for July/August-October to see how those women are doing later on. I stopped working early on (15 weeks) due to m/s. But I am also a therapist (seeing clients hourly), had very little time to eat/drink and commuted. It was THE BEST decision I could have made! I am doing a lot better than many of my IVFbuddy co-horts at the same place. Many of them are now on bedrest, one already gave birth. I have been lucky to not have any complications. However I will say this. Sleeping is very difficult, I get tired easily and can't be on my feet too long. Like another posts said even dressing is difficult because you are so awkward and things start to hurt.

    Personally, my suggestion for anyone pregnant with twins is have your showers early (between 26-28 weeks), get your shopping and work on home/nursery done early and have your bags packed by 30 weeks. You never know what mayh happen, but if these things are done....you can spend the rest of the time staying hydrated, resting and getting good nutrition.

    30 weeks

  14. Hi gibas,

    I am 37w2d and still working full time (for another week and 1/2) and pretty active. I don't work out regularly like I used to, but other than that I still do my errands, see friends, take walks with dh and I've had no complications. And we moved this past weekend... kinda crazy! Last week, they told me that they weight more than 6 lbs each... that's a lot of baby!

    Anyway, I do think every pregnancy is different. I has terrible OHSS and m/s that lasted well into my 4th month, but after that (for me) it was clear sailing and I just walk a bit slower and take a few more naps than I used to.

    Good luck!

    b/g twins

  15. Everybody's body is so different. I'm 26w5d with triplets and so far have no bedrest and my cervix is still measuring 4.7! As far as how I feel is a different story though! I am a stay at home mom to a 21 month old ds and 4.5 yr old ds so I am still way more busy than I want to be! I'm just not ok with having a nanny or babysitter with my kids right now just bc I am tired. I can't sleep well at all. I pee about every 1/2 hour and just walking to the car gets me out of breath! I did get a handicap placard which helps a lot and I don't leave the house very often. So, even though I'm not on \"bedrest\" I don't do much at all.

  16. For me, I had to take it easy around 27 weeks (I'm 30 wks now w/twins). My cervix is looking real good and when I'm resting I feel like I could run for miles. But when I get moving and start doing more than just minor household work, I sware I can feel my body telling me to take it easy. And so I do....why push it?

    Last night we went to Target for a \"big run\" and after about an hour or so, I finally said to dh, \"we have just got to walk really slow...I can't keep up.\" Again, I wasn't out of breath, but I just started to feel aware of my body....warm and real heavy in the belly. I think the two little ones were jumping around a lot in there too....probably telling me too to slow down!

    It's like they always say....you've got to just listen to your body. We all went through a lot to get here and pregnancy goes by so fast, why do more than your body can handle?

  17. Hi, I'm 12 weeks and my dr advised that she'll be looking for me to be off around the 24 week mark - depending on how I and the babies are doing. That was a bit of a shock to me, as I thought I definitely could go longer, but her experience is that women will push themselves too hard, particularly if they're type a and working (like me) and so she said its better to get you to term with healthy babies, rather then complications later. So, I'm getting my head around that. And last week when I did a ton of stuff, I really felt it, ie headaches and fatigue, so realized that I may 'intend' to slow down, but unless I'm forced, I likely won't if I'm feeling good.

    good luck!

  18. I wish I'd have slown down alot earlier in my pregnancy-at 7 months I was still working 12-16 hours per day-many early ams/pms do to the needs of my job. I ended up on hospital bedrest at 33 weeks due to risk of preeclampsia.

    My advice-follow your bodies cues and plan to limit work by 18-20 weeks. I went p/t around 30 weeks, then at 32 weeks I stopped working-but was still prepping the nursery, shopping, and pretty active. At 33 weeks my ob insisted that I go on hospital bedrest. Had I taken things a bit easier, I probably would've been able to either carry longer or at the very least, avoided 3 weeks in a hospital environment. I did not listen to my body...at around 30 weeks, I was experiencing periodic shortness of breath (kiddos pressing against my organs), but I ignored it until it was too late.

    Good Luck and Congrats!! Multiples are quite a ride....and so much fun to add to your life!!!

    M&J 22 months

  19. I went off work at 16 weeks, and was on bedrest from the time I was 24 weeks (in preterm labour). However, I was 37 at the time, and had a unicornuate uterus.

    Your body will tell you when to slow down. Don't ignore any symptoms and get regular check ups.

    All the best to ya.

  20. I took unplanned time off work in the first trimester and then later changed jobs due to hyperemesis....At the end of the first trimester, I changed jobs from a Monday-Friday 8-6 private practice (plus call, and inpatient care) to shift work as an ER doc in order to have more time off--then I took 3 weeks planned time off in the summer during the second trimester to spend some quality time with my step-son and travel home to see extended family before twins arrived.

    Taking extra time off when I needed to and changing jobs to something more predictable and manageable (and less stressfull) has been a great decision and allowed me to work full time so far! However, I get tired at work and have decided not to do anymore 24 or 36 hour shifts, and have asked only to be scheduled for 12-18 hour shifts for the next month.

    -Scout 31 weeks with b/b twins and hoping to work 2-3 12 hour shifts a week until 36 weeks!

  21. Carried trips to 34w5d. My body started slowing around 29 weeks. I started working from home around week 27. I worked up until the day we delivered and was out shopping the day labor began.

  22. was forced to slow down at 28 w bc of contractions and being placed on bedrest. Still working from home...

    and for those that are thinking it won't happen to them b/c they carried their first full term...it can! I carried DS until 40.5 weeks with no issues.

  23. I worked a f/t job, p/t job and took care of a toddler when pregnant with my twins. Stopped working at 35 weeks only because I could barely drive my car. Had twins via sceduled c/s at 38 weeks!

    Lusiya and gang

  24. I am to the point now that I am just exhausted and want to stay home. I am 35 weeks 2 days. I have worked full time up until now with no problems, thankgoodness but I have just had enough and need to get a little down time before babies come. I also still have stuff at home I want to get done, nesting has set in. I am hoping to get doc to write a note tomorrow to release me from working 2 weeks before scheduled c-section.

  25. My employer has a great pre-mat leave plan. I can take 12 weeks of short-term disability with 95% of my pay. Problem is I have a Dr. who thinks woman were meant to have babies and their is no reason to go off. I can go off at 26 weeks with a Dr. note but I don't think he will give it.

    We tried to conceive for 10yrs and these twins are from IVF #5 I am now 23w4d.

    Do you think I should be pushy to be off? The only trouble I have so far is that I am pretty swollen by the end of the day. Hands and feet.


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