When did you go on bedrest with twins?

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  1. If at all, when did you go on bedrest with twins? Did the doctor order it or did you electively decide to stay home? If the bedrest was modified or partial, how much did you allow yourself to do?

    I am 18 weeks with ID twins and planning to stop working at 24 weeks since the pregnancy is very high risk (due to risk of TTTS). I am curious what people typically do re bedrest (if anything) with twins.

  2. The plan was that we would start thinking about bedrest around 30 weeks since my job required me to be on my feet all day (elementary school teacher). However, I went into PTL at 24w2d and was in the hospital for a month, then released to bedrest at home. I remained on strict bedrest for another month until I hit 33 weeks, then it was lifted to modified bedrest at home. Luckily, I made it until 36w6d. BTW, mine were fraternal, so originally I wasn't deemed as high risk.

    g/g (5 weeks old!)

  3. I also have a job that requires a lot of standing ( NICU nurse) so my Peri said to stop working if I could at 20 weeks. I was so sick my entire preg that I stopped working at 18. I took it easy my entire pregnancy and I still started to have pre-term contractions at 32 weeks ..had my c/s at 35 weeks 3 day. So I guess even if you rest..they will come when they want!! Good luck!

  4. I was put on bedrest 2 days ago at 29w after a bleed and a night spent in the hospital monitoring my contractions. I also have placenta previa which can be dangerous if you start to bleed. I think I was just doing too much (on top of the previa) which led to contractions and bleeding. I am under strict orders to get up only to go to the bathroom or make a sandwich and then back to bed or the sofa. After 3 weeks we go in for a check up to see if the previa has moved. If so, I' ll be off bed rest (I hope!) I would take it easy so you can avoid bedrest -- it's absolutely no fun at all (and it's only been 2 days!)

    Congrats on your twins!

    29 w b/b fraternals

  5. I left work at 24 weeks and was on self-imposed modified bedrest until the end of my pregnancy (delivered at 38w3d). I chose to do this because I had a history of PIH/preeclampsia and had elevated BP in my first trimester of this pregnancy as well. It was the best thing for me - I was able to maintain a normal BP through my whole pregnancy and got plenty of rest. I can't imagine how I could have worked much longer than I did; I was so tired. The third trimester especially was really hard. Take as much time as you can!

  6. After a relatively uneventful pregnancy, my blood pressure shot up at 34w. After a 24hr urine test and daily doctor visits, I was placed on bed rest at 34w6d because the only time my bp was stable was when I layed on my left side. Bedrest lasted two whole days - my water broke at 35w1d!

    I didn't do self-imposed bedrest, but I did leave my job early @ 15w so I could rest up as much as possible. By 30w, all I could really do was lay around all day anyway, I was pretty uncomfortable.

    Good luck to you!

  7. I too had a very uneventful pregnancy. I elected to stop working at 24 weeks and put myself on \"modified\" rest. I went up and down the stairs once a day only, no laundry or any other housework etc. I just slept, ate and relaxed with my feet up. My twins are fraternal, so I had no TTS concerns, however with everything we go thru to have our babies, I wanted to do everything in my power to stack the odds in my favor. So I stayed home from 24 weeks on and concentrated on resting and eating. I also say a stress management therapist twice a month who helped me with relaxation techniques.

    I'm pretty small as well, bout 5'3\" and 125 before my pg. I did gain about 45 pounds and had to be induced to deliver my boys just a few days shy of 40 weeks. They were each about 6.5 pounds at birth and came home from me from the hospital......at which point I was sooooo glad i had stacked my \"sleep bank\" up prior to their birth !!

    Good luck to you!

  8. I had a totally uneventful pg until I went into PTL at 28 weeks and was put on hospital bedrest on nifedipine (WAY better than terbutaline if you have PTL, worth asking about)...anyway - I was on hospital bedrest for two weeks, delivered at 30w1d.

  9. I was put on modified bed rest early on due to bleeding and it turned out I had partial placenta previa. I was on the couch a lot and watched movies, read books. I didn't do household chores as my dr. specifically told DH I can't . At about 18w, I was taken off bed rest although I still had the placenta previa. I still didn't do household chores b/c I was so big I couldn't move much and everything hurt.

  10. We hadn't planned on me going on bedrest until 32 weeks (I have a desk job) but my body decided otherwise. I went on hospital bedrest at 27 weeks for PTL and delivered my twin boys at 32 weeks. The best advice I can give you is be prepared for anything!

  11. Congratulations with your twins! Hope that you never have to deal with TTTS.
    My twins are fraternal and I stopped working at 32w but I was mostly working from home since about 24w.
    Originally I was thinking of working till the last day like I did with my singleton, but twin PG proved to be very different, so I had to listen to my body and see what it could take.
    About 19w I got back pains that were very severe wheter I was sitting or standing, so I had to go on modified self-emposed bedrest around 24w. I was taking my laptop to bed with me and working this way.
    Now that I am off work, I also listen to my body - if I feel weak and tired I stay in bed all day. If I feel that I have energy I move around the house. We have some very steep stairs that I have to use - I lie gown after I climb them.
    So far it works, all my stats are good, but I know that thing can change any day.
    Good luck with your pregnancy and with making healthy choices!

  12. I never went on bedrest and worked up until the day before I delivered at 36 weeks. I delivered two weeks prior to my scheduled C because one twin was not growing sufficiently anymore. I was supposed to work four more days!!

    Good luck to you, and I would probably stop sooner, too, if I had a higher risk pregnancy.

  13. I'm now 25 weeks pregnant with twins. My peri said stop working at 26 weeks. He didn't prescribe bed rest per say, but said I should spend additional 4-6 hours a day laying down. I measured 32 weeks at 24 weeks gastation. I'm tired all the time, so I'm glad my peri got me out of there!

  14. I stopped working at 26 weeks but my commute was 1 1/2 hours each way everyday. My doctor told me that his multiples patients go out between 20 and 24 weeks usually. I wasn't put on strict bedrest per se but did slow down my pace and went on disability from work. I basically was on limited activity. I made it to 38w3d with a scheduled c-section (A was breech). Otherwise, I probably would have gone longer. I have 2 beautiful, healthy 8 month olds now. If you can, I say rest as much as possible. Twins is a much different pregnancy than singleton ones. Good luck to all!

  15. i had a very uneventful pregnancy despite baby A having a velamentous cord insertion which necessitated growth scans every two weeks to make sure he was growing properly (which he was and actually ended up being the bigger ywin by a full pound!)

    i was scheduled for a c0section at 38 1/2 weeks but ended having one at exactly 37 weeks bec i developed cholastasis. my last day of work was the friday before my monday delivery. however, the last couple weeks of working i did work from home 2 days a week rather than deal with the one hour each way commute from NJ into Manhattan. But i was putting in 10-12 hour days both at home and in the office.

  16. Although I wasn't having any problems, my doctor put me on modified bedrest (after 5 hours up, including sitting, I should spend 2 hours lying down) at 26 weeks. My OB does this with all twin pregnancies to give the cervix a break during the day. I was laid off when I was 6 weeks pregnant, so I haven't been working. I listen to my body and lie down when I feel I need to, which is usually most of the evening. I'm now 30 weeks - and recently, there have been a couple of days when I spent a good part of the day lying down, just because I felt I needed to.

  17. I went on temporary, modified bedrest (\"couch potato\") for 1-2 weeks at around 26 weeks, due to a shortening cervix (it was getting into the 2's). It lengthened back out and I was taken off bedrest and encouraged to stay active (not overdoing it but not being couch potato either).

    I went on hospital bedrest (bathroom privileges) at 32w5d when my water broke prematurely. I was induced two weeks later (when risk of infection apparently outweighed the risk of prematurity). We still don't know why my water broke. I still sometimes wonder if I had stayed on bedrest, if I would have stayed pg longer. I was out running errands (grocery shopping, Target, etc.), pushing heavy grocery carts medium to long distances to get back to my car, lap-swimming 3x a week. I felt fine, even great, and think maybe I should have taken it easier than I did. Not that I wasn't taking it easy (for me) but I could have taken it easier.

  18. i had fraternal twins. i never had to go on bedrest and was induced a few days before 40 weeks. I worked from home and rested often and kept my feet up as much as possible.

    Good luck to you.

  19. No bedrest. I stopped working at 32 weeks (on my feet all day) and took it easy. I was induced at 38w2d and delivered the following day.


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