When did you first see a BFP with a 3dt?

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  1. Hi Michele!

    I know this must be so hard for you! I will definitely be thinking of you over the next week until your Beta. It sounds like you have been through a lot.

    I took a test yesterday and it was negative. I took two today and they were positive. I'm trying not to get too excited. I convinced my nurse to switch my beta to this Friday.

    I also want to let you know I have like a twinge, cramp type of thing on my left side too. I've heard it's a good thing. I hope so!!

    I'm here if you need me!!

    I'm praying for you!


  2. I just can't stand this any longer! I'm 9dp3dt and testing ---, have pretty much resigned myself to it. I was feeling so positive and pregnant yesterday, then had bad cramps all night and woke up this morning feeling completely normal, NO symptoms at all. This is my first egg donor cycle after 7 neg fresh cycles and one - FET. I just want to KNOW, one way or the other so I can get on and deal with it. From reading these posts I could still have reason to hope, but hope hurts!

  3. I am so excited! This morning I got a VERRRRY light 2nd line within the 10 minute cut off time, just! Now it looks like an evaporation line so I can hardly believe it, but I've already been out shopping in the summer sales for baggy tops to cover a possible post pregnancy bulge for next summer!! I thought I would celebrate. My husband thinks I'm mad, reckons he can't see the line, but I can tell he's pleased too.

  4. I have also been having this....Vince mentioned this....anyone had this then ended up with a pos?

    I'm probably being totally neurotic

  5. got a BFN at 9dp3dt this morning. Any hope still? Seems like there are so many early positives...

  6. Okay, I hope I don't jinx myself by posting in this thread, but I am so excited! This is my 4th IVF and my first BFP ever. I'm nervous because the lines are faint, but they are definitely there.

    5dp3dt = BFN (Target Brand HPT)
    6dp3dt = BFN (Target Brand HPT)
    7dp3dt = BFN (Target Brand HPT)
    8dp3dt = BF? am (Target Brand HPT- couldn't tell if it was a faint line or
    = BFP 7pm (Target Brand HPT)
    9dp3dt = BFP 4am (Target Brand HPT)
    = BFP 8am (FRER)
    * Also took a CBE digital at 8am, but it came out negative Hoping
    that it was because the test is not as sensitive as the regular dye

    Tomorrow (10dp3dt) is my beta, so hopefully I'll have positive confirmation of a BFP.

  7. bumping this old one up so we can get it going again. As you can see, I'm considering HPTing. I bought 2 3 packs tonight at target (BAD ME!).

  8. to all the ladies who had cramps, twinges on one side during your 2ww, what was the result? i am 3dp5dt & having a cramping/twinges that are stronger on the left side. so of couse now i'm scared it's ectopic? is that CRAZY for me to think or is one side cramping at 3dpt a sign of something?

  9. I got my first BFP 6dp3dt...a faint line with first response...I am now 6w preg. with twins!

  10. I am dying to POAS...I'm 7dp3dt...I'm going to try and hold out until Thursday which will make me 10dp3dt and hopefully give me an accurate result.

  11. Blue flyer wishing you lots of good luck for a very BFP... 4 cycles and this BFP that is awesome.

  12. likeapoet CONGRATULATIONS and how awesome all the best

  13. I am bumping this one! I am 8dp3dt and got a negative this morning so I would love to hear from some of you on when you got your bfp and how it resulted.
    thank you

  14. 9dp3dt I got my second line we transferred 2, 7cell and 9 cell, both grade 2 - but beta isn't for several more days!

  15. Kris, don't feel bad. I did too. I tested 7dp3dt, and 8dp3dt and got BFN. I tested on 9dp3dt, and got a BFP. I have taken about 7 HPT and they have all been BFP. My beta is tomorrow. Don't give up, days 7 and 8 are very early, so is 9. So don't give up tomorrow either. However, test in the morning and maybe you will see a BFP!!! Best of luck and lots of baby dust. Hang in there

  16. I'm 9dp3dt, just got faint BFP. Having cramping and spotting, so really worried. My first cycle ended in Chem, don't want another one.

  17. I am 6p3dt and got a positive this AM. Had a negative yesterday so have high hopes it's the real deal

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