When did you first see a BFP with a 3dt?

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  1. Hi Ladies

    I have been reading with interest - I am going MAD I am currently 3dt 8pt - I haven't done any hpt yet!!! I don't think I could bear it to be negative....
    I haven't really had any symptons, as I have very score and swollen boobs, but this started with the pergesterone 2 days before ET. ALso, I have very strong period rumblings, not sure if this is was you are referring to as cramps - but I have had these for several weeks anyway. I feel very bloated, just like my period is about to start.

    I am afraid that if I do a test and it's completely negative (ie no line at all) does this mean that it won't become positive???

    Most people seem to have some kind of symptons - am I normal??

    Hope you don't mind me joining in.

  2. dont be discouraged, when i did my fresh i tested bfn until day 10 after transfer, and i felt no symptoms, so stay strong your almost there!!!! wishing you a BFP!!!!!

  3. Beta was 156 today...and it was taken less than 48 hours after the last. (Friday's was at 1230, today was at 0800.) So things are still looking good!

    Hope--My bbs have been sore too, although I neglected to mention it b/c I had always heard it was the progesterone that caused that! However, my RE this morning was very interested in that PARTICULAR symptom! He told me today that he was actually VERY surprised....and pleasantly so....that I am PG!!! My eggs were VERY poor quality and the embryos not very good either! So he says I am VERY VERY VERY lucky!!!!!!! I transferred 3 embryos almost 2 weeks ago!

    ......that is odd that beta is not out yet. Your right, I do think it is too soon for a BFP. My beta was out just one week after trigger....(as you can see....my first test was faintly pos, then neg for a week after that....then finally pos at 8dp3dt.) I told my RE and he said he in no way thought that I could get a valid pos at 8dp3dt, but I told him I had had a week of negs and he was pretty shocked at that too! (He also was hoping for a beta of 5-40 today and I came up 156!) I guess I am just full of surprises for him!

    Karen/Wendy--I know what you mean....when I started hpting, I had no way of knowing I would get a BFP......but I really wanted some control over my 2ww and I also wanted to be the first to know if I was pg or not! I figured: If I only get BFN's, at least I will be prepared come time to go in for beta......and won't be crushed all at once, and if I get a pos.....it helps keep my spirits up as I wait. I think that lack of info is more stressful! I would rather have as much info as possible, as early as possible!

    Also, don't worry about symptoms......many are caused by the meds themselves and lots of girls w/ BFP's don't have any at all! Good Luck to you!

    coffee--welcome back...and congrats on your own BFP!!! How many weeks are you now??

  4. thanks for the welcome, i should say i got bfp 2004 during first fresh then just did fet may 11 got bfn now waiting to do fresh again. glad everything went well for you wishing you a happy healthy pregnancy!!!!!

  5. 9dpt with a 3dt fresh cycle. Used Accu clear pg test.


  6. Hi Ladies, I caved, I'm 11dp3dt of an FET. No faint line, stark white & negative. My beta is Wednesday. Boobs are killing me and I'm really tired. Has anyone had a negative HPT prior to beta but get a positive beta? I'm reaching for straws here, I know! I probably shouldn't have bought the stupid evil stick.

  7. Veerrrrry faint line at 6dp3dt, but so faint I couldn't be sure it wasn't an evaporation line. I took the test apart and held it up into the sunshine. Faint but definite two lines at 7pd3dt. I used a no-name internet brand with FMU measuring 15-20 units of HCG and then a FRER at lunchtime. The FRER is lighter, in fact barely visible, but also likely diluted with my morning tea, lol.

    So sorry for those of us who received bad news. Take care.

  8. With my first fresh cycle last year, we transferred 3, Grade 1 8 celled embryos on Day 3. I started seeing definitely +++ HPT's by 6dp3dt -- we later found out that all three implanted -- one blighted ovum, two fetuses with heartbeats (which I later went on to miscarry). (different brands of HPT -- some Target/Walmart brand +/- tests, and some FRER\'s)

    For our second FET and current cycle, we transferred 3 embryos, 1 Grade 1 8 celled, 1 Grade 1 5 celled, and 1 Grade 2 8 celled. My first +++ HPT was at 8dp3dt. I just had my first beta at 12dp3dt today, and it was 33. Repeat beta on Wednesday, and scan will come later. (again different HPT brands, some internet cheapie midstream tests with two pink lines, internet cheapie "dip strip" with pink lines, and also Clear Blue +/- tests)

  9. First + was on my 3rd cycle. I got a + hpt 9dp3dt, they got darker at first, then got lighter. Beta was 6, obvious chemical pregnancy.

    5th cycle I got a faint + on 7dp3dt, they got darker very fast and beta was 134 11dp3dt. That was a twin pregnancy, unfortunately I lost a twin in the 2nd trimester, but that was unrelated.

  10. bump ing this poll

  11. I started testing on day 7, didn't really think I would get a +. On day 8, I really hoped I would, and that it would be a sign of twins. Yesterday, day 9, I thought I could see something, but today has a very faint, but clear +
    Will keep testing now to watch for a chemical. One thing after another, right.

  12. Iam day 11 post ovulation. we did medicated IUI's. I am still getting negatives and becoming very depressed.............

  13. i had a very faint but definite line friday, at 6dp3dt. i was testing to see if the trigger was out, so did not expect to see anything. i went to doc, that day as i was traveling for the few days after but needed to be on medication when i first saw a bfp --they said while there was a slim, slim chance it was still a trigger, they were couting the bloodwork they did that morning as a postive beta. (i requested no numbers be given). i tested again today, 2 days later, and the line is noticeably darker -- so i guess it was the real thing. best early christmas present i have ever gotten!

  14. I am 11dp3dt on IVF no. 8 (7 fresh, 1 frozen, no baby). I usually limit myself to one pee test the day before BETA to prepare myself for the result, but this time I started testing 6dp3dt. My first test I got a VERRRY faint line but thought it could still be the trigger, next day even fainter but it was during the day, day 8 a faint thin line and 9 a faint by thicker line. By this time I was super excited. Then this morning I tested again and for the first time it was SNOW WHITE, not even the hint of a line, I tested again from the same urine sample and again nothing so it wasn't the test.

    I am so upset and confused. I am going for my BETA tomorrow, albeit 2 days earlier than the doctor requested, but I can't stand it any more. I guess it must be a chemical, if there is still some chance I've probably lost it anyway as I have vigurously spring cleaned the house in my distress!

  15. Just wanted to let someone out there know to still hang onto hope for a bpf even if you're getting negs on hpts relatively late in the game...This is my 5th cycle and I didn't get a +++ until 11dp3dt or 14 days past ovulation.

    I had already cried my eyes out, told dh and family that I didn't think the cycle worked, etc. I also had a pos on a previous cycle afer only 8dp3dt so like people say, every woman and cycle is different.

    Hoping everyone gets their positives soon and this helps someone

  16. Got my first positive ever today on 7dp3dt! Finally.....

    Used dollar tree first which was really faint, then equate brand plus/minus, came up real good pos! Still scared till beta.. but happy for now!

  17. Took test on day 9, BFP!

  18. Took my first test 6dp3dt received a very faint positive. Today at 7dp3dt received a darker positive.

  19. Hi!

    I had ET last Monday, August 20th. My blood test isn't until Sept 4th....ugh!
    Because of the holiday they are making me wait 15 days....I can't stand the pressure already.

    When should I take my own prg test???? I know everyone is different but when is too early do you think?

    Help...... Thanks

  20. I am on the exact same time schedule as you are. We had our retrieval on August 20. We take the pregnancy test on September 4. We transferred 2 eight cell grade A embryos. I don't really feel too much yet. How about you? I think you really can't expect an accurate positive until 7 days post transfer.
    Good luck. Keep me posted.

  21. Hi!!

    It\'s nice to chat with others that are on the same cycle and know what I'm going through. I transferred two, an 8A and a 7A. This is my second cyle and I definitely feel a little different than my last cycle. I feel more tired and bloated and my boobs are extremely sore, more than last time.

    Besides that I feel fine. I am extremely anxious and can't wait to find out the results. September 4 is sooo far away...

    I will keep you in my prayers and I hope everything for you works out! Feel free to keep in touch. I need someone to talk to!

    Good Luck!


  22. Bernadette
    It\'s great to find someone to wait with. I am actually feeling pretty good this cycle which is what worries me. I have had some on/off cramping and some twinges in my right side. I also have a little insomnia, but I think that may be from the progesterone. Only one week from tomorrow--Yikes, that seems like forever. Are you going to POAS? I swore I wasn't going to, but I think I'm going to cave. I just haven't figured out when.....
    Talk soon.

  23. Hi Michele

    I actually have had insomnia as well. Last night was the first night I've had a good night sleep since my ER. I had some cramping yesterday and today on my left side. Right now I feel very bloated and my stomach almost feels gassy even thought I'm not...heheheh

    Is this your first IVF? Just curious. I just started on the boards last week and find them to be very helpful and informative.

    My first cycle my body was too sensitive to the meds and by the time they figured that out they tried to correct it and it was too late. I still transferred two embryos but that was not a success.

    They tweaked my cycle this time and put me on double sometimes triple the doses and I had to take one extra med this time around. I definitely felt different this time around but my ovaries were never this large nor were my follicles and the quantity was much higher. They said everything was in great working order and my body reacted great. I have my fingers crossed for both of us.

    I really want to take an early prg test this week because I'm so anxious...I was thinking Thursday....I don't know if I can wait it out until Tuesday. Actually I know I can\'t.

    I hope you are feeling well and I wish you so much luck. Try to stay positive like you are. I will be here for you if you need me.

    Thanks for everything!


  24. I didn't wait until my beta...tested every day starting at 9dp3dt and got a BFN every time....then went to my beta at 12dp3dt (cried through the whole thing, thinking it was useless) and got a bfp (though very low....a 30....it was still something). We'll see if it doubles in 2 days.....

  25. Bernadette
    This is my second cycle. The first one was a year ago. I ended up with a high fever and got really sick after retrieval, so they ended up freezing 3 blast for me. I had a FET with two of them in November which ended up as a chemical. The 3rd we transferred in March and that sadly ended up as an ectopic. This time we transferred 2 fresh perfect embryos and had 3 to freeze. I just want this to work soo badly... I am a little concerned especially with the past ectopics that I've got this twinge in my right side. Anyway, we shall see. I broke down and bought a 3pack of HPT's tonight. I know it is too soon, but I will try sometime this week. It just seems like that is one thing that I have control over. I obviously don't have control over the result, but I can control when I take it. I guess it's too late to keep me sane because it seems like I'm already insane. We can get through this though.
    Pollyanna, don't stress too much. Although, I've been there and been just as crazy as you must be. It really is the doubling that counts not the first number. I'll keep my fingers crossed and be thinking good thoughts for you.
    Talk soon

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