When did you first see a BFP with a 3dt?

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  1. sarah mine did the exact same thing, i am sure u have been sprinkled with baby dust. let me know how it all comes out ok. take care urself

  2. Thanks all for good wishes! Just went for my beta and am awaiting the results. Did POAS again this morning and the line was a teeny little bit darker. Will know in three hours' time.
    Makrionitis - Did a 3dt with one 8 cell, one 5 cell and one 4 cell. Pregnancy test used was U-Test Midstream (Double Pack!!) - however, I live in South Africa and don't know if you have the same products there.

  3. Just got my beta results - BFP BFP BFP BFP BFP BFP!!!!!!! Beta count - 37. However, I'm feeling period cramps and a slightly brownish discharge when I wipe. Anyone else had this before? Someone mentioned that it could be the unsuccessful embryos coming down (had 3 transferred). Is this true?

  4. good morning to you and a big congrats!!!! cramping is very normal, i felt it until almost 2 months prego first round. Spotting can also be normal as long as its brownish and not bright red you have nothing to worry about!!!! way to go little embies. Myself im feeling very discouraged today. bfn on hpt again. first round got bfp on 10dpt which is day 10 today for me. Not sure if fet is slower growing or attaching but my hopes are fading day by day.

  5. Thanks for the good wishes and the reassurance! The spotting has stopped but the cramping continues - driving me crazy!! My next beta is on 5/25. I'm worried because my first beta was so low - 37 at 10dp3dt. Regarding BFN - Don't lose hope. I have visited so many threads on this website where women had BFN's at 10dp3dt stage and still tested positive on their betas. Babydust to you!!!!!

  6. thanks so much for your encouragment, got a bfn again this morning. not sure whats going on. my boobs feel like im nursing all over again, my lower back is aching, and i gagged on a hotdog lastnight. probably just the drugs i guess. trying to remain pos but as each neg hits me hope is fading im thinking if implantation would have happened then something should be showing up by now. oh well no point stressing tomorrow is a new day. how are you doing, dont worry about your levels, my friends were low first time then when she went back they were really high. everything will be fine, take care of that preciuos emby, you deserve it you have had a long haul, and came a long way.

  7. Hi all!!
    Why so quiet?? Glad to report that my spotting and cramps have stopped and I am actually starting to notice huge changes to my boobs! 2nd Beta tomorrow!!

    Makrionitis - How are you doing??

  8. i say grow boobies grow ha ha always a great sign!!!! bfn for me better luck next time i have one more chance. you keep it going on girl!!! so happy for you

  9. Hi all,
    Got the results for my second beta today - up from 37 (1st beta) to 215!!!! U/s on 5/15. So now we wait some more!!!!!

  10. way to grow baby or babies lol im so happy for you sarah!!!!

  11. I'm 3dp3dt and I tested today w/ ERER: verrrry faint line--and at this point its really meaningless. I will test every morning at the same time just to see what happens.


  12. 4dp3dt this morning and its completely negative.........

  13. Kungfu- way to early girl....Hoping for the best

  14. Maybe so.....but I will test every morning.....that way I only have to take one day at a time.....I also started early so I could see that the trigger was out of my system.

    5dp3dt--completely negative (this morning)


  15. jo, I agree with chrissy, it's very early for a hpt to be positive. Even with a normal healthy pregnancy some hpt are not even positive till the morning of beta. Maybe test at 2 day intervals? (I know-easier said than done!) Good luck.

  16. Wasn't asking permission ladies. Thank you anyway.

  17. nobody is telling you that you need permission, we are all here to support one another and nobody wants to see you get upset or dicouraged. we all try to help ease the 2 week wait, thats all were doing for you and anyone else thats going through this. hope it turns out bfp!!!! will be waiting for the good news!!!!

  18. 5 days until beta!

  19. Maybe neg, maybe not.....got a VEEEERRRRRY light thin line from fmu w/ ERER-----been using only ERER every morning. FP doc down the street repeated the uriine test in the office w/ regular (not fmu) urine at about 12 noon and got the same result.....very faint line....but says that it is still considered negatime for them. Hoping for a darker line tomorrow!!!!


    ps--beta results from fp doc drawn today was 18

  20. Verrrrry light line appeared before 3 minute mark! This line was a little darker than yesterday "A line is a line is a line........Still, I would like to see a nice, healthy dark line before I make it "thumbs up".


  21. Well, I got my pos in only 15 seconds this morning! the line (ERER) was a nice solid pink line....not dark pink like the control line but DEFINITELY there and in only 15 seconds. Also did Fact Plus just for fun and got a nice, dark + in 20 seconds.


    PS--unofficial beta drawn today...81!!!!

  22. 8dp3dt=14dpo If I was on a natural cycle, my period would be due today. I get a nice dark line anytime of day!!!!!!

  23. kungfugirl, CONGRATS!! SO nice to see someone as obsessed as I am with the HPT! I have been testing since the transfer, 4dp3dt, and 9 days post 4K of HCG shot, and it is still in my system, tomorrow it sould be gone, then I will really be in a frenzy to have your kind of luck! Do you mind sharing your symptoms?

  24. Hope...thank you very much! I go in to RE's office tomorrow for my first official beta! I've had some indigestion/hearburn and mild nausea in the mornings for about a week......and lots of sharp but very focused pains down in what I believe is my uterus....had a couple last week, but this week are more frequent and more intense......nothing like menstrual cramps though....those are not focused and are more dull in quality. I have also been super hungry in the afternoons and evenings for over a week now. I also get really tired, especially in the late afternoon and have been taking a 1 hour nap each day from 3-4pm....and I have NEVER taken naps before!

    good luck! I hope you can get an early pos so you don't have to stress the whole 2ww! (Then I will see you again on the Feb thread!)


  25. thanks kungfugirl for those symptoms. Bummer is, my boobs were REALLY sore before the transfer, and are still sore, but not as much. Feeling somewhat tired, but not that much, and more of a burning sensation/heaviness in my uterus. Freaky thing is...now 10 days after hcg, and I still have a faint line, both on FRED, and internet cheapie. Really not lighter than yesterday, but at 5dp3dt, there is no way this could be a real result, but I only took 4K of hcg, and I usually take 10k and that is ALWAYS totally gone by 9-10 days at most. I am holding onto a thread! Let me know what your beta is...how many did you transfer?

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