When did you first see a BFP with a 3dt?

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  1. Thank you for the input. What I think happened is that they (my little embies) did implant and then, (which is why I got the positive hpts) either parished, or one will continue, in which case I should get a + hpt within the next few days. Otherwise it is off to round 2 FET.
    It just hurts so darn much knowing that you almost had it...

  2. BFP!!!! 9dp2dt.

    I guess I was testing wayyyyyyy to early. Hope to see a nice strong beta too.
    Best Wishes to ALL

  3. Hello Everyone!
    Just wanted to post my POAS results.

    4dp3dt - AccuClear (BFN) evap. line after 20 min.

    5dp3dt - Did not POAS

    6dp3dt - AccuClear (BFN) evap. line after 10 min. (I was thinking this was a faint line, but you are not suppose to read the results afer 10 min. - $tree brand was also a BFN.

    7dp3dt - AccuClear (BFN) no evap. line?????? $tree (BFN)

    8dp3dt - AccuClear - I don't want to call it a BFP, but there was a faint line within 7 minutes so I also took an EPT that shows a - or +. The + sign showed up within 10 minutes too. I will have to compare tomorrow morning's tests. What a nice Mother's Day gift it would be to get quicker and darker results tomorrow. My beta is Monday, so I'm not stressing, just having fun. Boy, that $tree test does not even give you an evap. line, it is just stark white. Does anyone know whether the $tree ones are sensitive? Thanks. Hope everyone is doing well.

    8dp3dt - will this wait ever end??

  4. Hi all,

    This is my first IVF and I couldn't resist a HPT so I DID IT! BFN - although my transfer was only on 11 May - thus 4dp3dt??? Does this mean the trigger is out of my system? Is it too early to stress about a BFN??

  5. Yes i would say that the hcg shot is out of ur system. I did the same and got the same result. I tested on 9dp3dt and it was a very very faint line. I kept testing and it came out +. I had my beta on the 11 pd and i am pregnant. I hope all goes well for u as well. This was my 2nd round. I go thur the 18th to find out how many.

  6. i test yesterday which was 10dp3dt and it was a BFN - Is there still hope for me to get my BFP at beta time... I don't get Beta until Friday (15dp3dt) - anyone else have similar results with HPT just showing up late or not at all and still get BFP.



  7. My first IVF, I got a bfp 9dp3dt and it was very faint....the faintness/darkness doesn't really matter--so I have been told...lol..it still freaked me out! LOL! Had a beta of 50 but it turned into a rambunctious 19m old....lol...this time around, I don't know if I want to POAS but after reading all these posts, it makes me want to! Good luck, ladies!

    2dp3dt IVF#2

  8. molybiatis - Thanks for the reassurance! I think I'll POAS again at 8dp3dt.
    rmdavid - CONGRATS!!!

  9. thought you could use a good laugh during this awful wait period. Talking about hpt, on my first round i did a fresh transfer icsi 1 embryo. Day 7 i started the pee stick negative day 8 negative day 9 , so on day 10 i had 1 more test. I awoke at 5am had to pee like crazy, pulled the stick out peed with my eyes closed(still asleep i think) knowing it was going to be negative i wasnt eager to open my eyes and check. omg positive!!! i jumped off the toilet, (remember 5 am) ran into my bedroom where hubby was sound asleep, and started yelling were pregnant, not realizing i still had the pee stick in my hand now waving it in his face OOPS!! ha ha needless to say i continued to do the pee stick everyday for 2 weeks (the company made a mint off me lol). This round guess what i started doing yesterday? the dreadful pee stick ha ha but this time i stocked up ,still negative but my transfer was on may 11. Do you think im a glutten for punishment or simply addicted to peeing on those stupid little strips ha ha best of luck

  10. It seems we are both gluttons for punishment!! - since our transfers were on the same day. I didn't test again today after my BFN yesterday. Will test again tommorrow.

  11. unfortunaely you have more will power. I tested today and of course negative, but i knew it would be lol. i tested day 10 positive first round but that was a fresh and a 8 cell. Doctor says with this round being 4 cell it might be delyed by 1 day. to test or not to test this is the question ha ha

  12. Hey Moms2B
    What\'s the difference between dp and dt - I think dt is day of transfer and dp day of procedure?
    So you ladies did the hpts how early? My husband says I am NOT to do the hpt - HA yeah, right -Something gotta keep me sane these two weeks - well at least next week. I had my transfer in Calgary On May 11 - fresh embryos, 8 cell - that's a good start right? Only 3 eggs to freeze though.
    I found the transfer really painful and I cried. At first I cried b/c just the thought I might be a mommy after 6 long years, but then the poke hurt so much I cried harder then...well, not a true hard cry but I definately had tears.....anyone else find the tranfer painful?
    I feel like I am going to get AF - crampy, bloated, sore boobs...I am trying not to worry yet..It helps to read other people's stories. Thanks girlies..


  13. zuzanathe dp stant for day post transfer and dt for day transfer

  14. So what would 9dp3dt be ( as in Hollin's case?) 9 days post transfer and 3 days transfer?
    Am I dumb that I am not getting it?
    How about Bitz's 8dp3dt?
    I thought a transfer was a transfer ( one day) as in my case: what would my numbers be? May 11th was transfer - May 8th was retrieval....Man I think these hormones are playing with my brain cells

    Wait though......by gosh.....I think I got it - the first # is the days SINCE tranfer and the second # is the amount of days from retireval to transfer?? (Mostly 3 or 5\'s)

    Soooo, is my # 5dp3dt
    Okay that's enough thinking for me today

  15. zuzana - By gosh, you got it. Your retrieval was on the 8th. Your transfer was on the llth, so that is a 3dt / 3 day transfer (3 days from your retrieval to your transfer). Today is the 16th, so you are 5 days past your transfer (5dp). Put them together and you are 5dp3dt (5 days past a 3 day transfer). Tomorrow you will be 6dp3dt. (The 3dt will always remain the same) I hope this helps!! Good luck!

    As for me, I go in for my 2nd beta tomorrow. I don't know what to expect since my progesterone was only 8. I'm prepared to find out that the baby might not make it. My first beta was 48 (at 10dp3dt), so we need that number to double and my prog. needs to drastically shoot up. I can't wait to find out. Not knowing is terrible. I would rather know either way. Anyone else with low progesterone? I spotted a tad bit last night and again tonight.
    Good Luck to everyone and I will post as soon as I get my results.


  16. Hey Ellie Thanks for the information.
    When you talk about beta, do you mean the hcg serial bloodtesting? Strange, I do not have any of that arranged by my clinic. They just told me to have a regular preg test on day 15 through the lab - no hcg ordered.....I am thinking that maybe I can get my family GP to give me a requisition for an hcg to get done earlier......I REALLY do not want to wait 15 days. Any idea what the 'normal' progesterone should be at this time? Are you doing the IM injections or the lovely vaginal inserts? I'm the latter.
    Keep your spirits up now...ALOT can happen in a short notice...Good luck to you, write back to let us know. Positive thoughts...positive thoughts...positive thoughts....Guess what? I'm beaming positive thoughts right at you

  17. 9dp3dt= 9 days past 3 day transfer.....I am currently 4dp3dt after IVF #2...to make it even more confusing, ER day is technically ovulation day, so I am 7 days past ovulation. Wrap your head around that one...LOL! Anyway, good luck!

    Nitsa--my first beta with ds was 50 and it tripled 3 days later...don't get tooooooo discouraged at that #, crossing my fingers for you!!


  18. Hello everyone!

    Hope everyone is doing well. As you may know my HCG on Monday (10dp3dt) was 48, which is within range, but my progesterone was only 8 (they like it to be above 40). We got right on the problem and started prog. shots again and 2 supp. every night. I'm happy to report that my progesterone increased to 32 today and the HCG doubled to 95 (I am 12dp3dt). They said everything is on track and that I should go back on Monday for b/w again. I guess they want to keep an eye on me. After Monday's results, we will schedule the ultrasound.

    Thank You for all your prayers. They really helped.

  19. Did POAS again 6dp3dt - BFN. I assume the trigger shot is now truly out of my system. Am, however, despondent about BFN. Want to POAS again tomorrow.

  20. The first time around, I did test super early--6dp3dt--to make sure trigger was out of my system, so sarah, it is safe to say the trigger is gone BUT don't take that BFN as the real deal..it is still VERY VERY VERY early!! I wouldn't test again until 8-9 dp3dt and even then, it's really early! However, I am 5dp3dt from IVF #2 and itching to test but I already know what the answer will be, so I'm saving my hpts for Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday.....LOL!!!! Good luck! You are one day ahead of me!! Yea! Here's to GREAT news next week for us both!

    Ellie--my first beta after my first IVF was 50 and it trippled 3 days later to 180 and I have a healthy son as a result of that pregnancy....I think it sounds great, so try not to worry toooooooo much (yeah right BUT try)!!!

    5dp3dt IVF #2

  21. hollin 32 - thanks for the reassurance!!! How are you holding out?

  22. sarah--I am freaking out about every twinge, cramp, and symptom....ugh....on one hand, I think it's fine and on the other, I think it is going to be -.....we'll see....ugh...the wait is the WORST part of an IVF cycle!!! UUUGGGHHH!!! Hope you're hanging in there!!!


  23. Hi all,
    Just did a POAS and got the faintest of faint + line. Is this the real thing? I'm 9dp3dt and my beta is tomorrow. Any advice? Anyone had the same thing before and tested + on beta???? HELLLLPPP????

  24. sarah--CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!! With my ds, I got my first bfp at 9dp3dt and my beta at 11dp3dt was 50...now, since your beta is 10dp3d, it might be low but don't freak out because 10p3dt is technically 13dpo...good luck tomorrow! I am so excited for you!!!!! I'm teetering on whether to test tomorrow or wait until Monday morning--I'm 7dp3dt today and will have my beta on Wednesday....


  25. good for you!!!! im soooo excited. I tested pos on day 10 first round, i did blood test yesterday day 8 but it was neg they will repeat on tuesday. they said its too early, hope there right. What day of cell division did you transfer and what hpt did you use. Im soo happy for you go embies go!!!!!!

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