When did you first see a BFP with a 3dt?

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  1. am so confused after everthing I have read so thought I would just ask the question ...

    I have tested on day 7 and negative....

  2. I got a faint line 9dp3dt then it was darker 11dp and BFP today 13dp3dt

  3. I tested at 9dp3dt and it was a BFN went in for my beta 3 days later and got a BFP but it ended up a chemical. So you never know!!!

    Good Luck

  4. Congrats! Feyza, my beta is 2/9, last 2 days been going crazy so hpt at lunch BFN, hoping I just tested too soon.

    Blessings everyone

  5. I just tested this afternoon (9dp3dt) and got pg result (no lines, just the word on CB Easy Digital). I have not tested any other days, so I'm not sure when this would have first shown +, but I think 7dp3dt is too early.


  6. Hello there,,I tested early and got a faint ++/I was about 6dp3dt when I got my first faint ++I went for a beta at 7dp3dt and got a beta of 9,,then another one two days later and it went to 62,,,next one is Tueday,,at 14dp2dt,,If I have my dates correct?? ,so I am praying it goes up to at least 300 something,,,I have been through that low beta non-doubling hell,,and its just that,,hell..good luck eveyone!!

  7. Received a - on 7dp3dt and a very faint + on 9dp3dt (FRED). I am now 29 weeks pregnant with a singleton. Best of luck to all.

  8. I just recieved a + 9dp3dt with FRER it was VERY FAAAINT but I hear a lines a line. I also tested 7dp3dt and got the BFN. I will have Beta on 2/11.

  9. I just got a BFP last night, 8dp3dt, with FRER. It was very faint, but clearly there. That was the first time I've tested, but I would venture to say there had I tested yesterday I probably wouldn't have seen anything.

  10. Two years ago I got a VERY faint line at 8dp3dt - DH wasn't even sure it was there. By 9dp3dt it was still faint but clearly there, so I'd say that was our first definite positive. Beta at 11dp3dt was 80, we had a successful singelton pgcy.

  11. Hey girls,
    Just tested an hour ago which would be exactly 7 1/2 day past 3dt. I got quite an obvious positive. I was really shocked. I will wait a few more days and test again. I am sure it has worked though. Thank you GOD! I now believe in this stuff. After a bfn it is easy to not believe it'll ever work. Good luck to everyone else out there waiting!

  12. Hi Ladies,

    I\'m a veteran who has been thru 3 IVFs (BFN) and 3 FETs (chem pg) and never used hpt w/ the attempts. I just had another FET on 2/17 and now I think I want to hpt to "soften the blow" of any bad news.

    What brand of hpt would you recommend and when should I test?

  13. Just an aunt...I recognize your name form other posts...congratulations? which test did you use?
    Mary (5dpt)

  14. this is a great thread, because lots of us cheat and do hpt's way too early! I just tested this am and got a VERY faint line. I am only 7days post transfer. So hopefully it will darken before the next 4 days for beta.

  15. Hi Ladies,I\'m a veteran who has been thru 3 IVFs (BFN) and 3 FETs (chem pg) and never used hpt w/ the attempts. I just had another FET on 2/17 and now I think I want to hpt to "soften the blow" of any bad news. What brand of hpt would you recommend and when should I test?


    I used the cheap HPT's from Dollar Tree and got my first BFP at 9dp3dt. On the day of my + beta at 11dp3dt, I got a BFN on a FRED. The lines were always faint but stayed consistent on the cheapies. My beta was 89 and we have a beautiful 3 month old DD. Good luck to you.


  16. - at 7dp3dt and +at 8dp3dt. have a healthy 7mth old baby boy

  17. Hi Ladies,

    For those of you that got a + HPT at 8 or 9 days past a 3 day transfer...

    Were those positives from your first POAS, or was it negative on say day 8 but positive on day 9, etc.??

    Just grasping for straws here!

    I tested this AM and got a - (at 8dp3dt). Will try again tomorrow, but wanted to see what you all had to say.

    Thanks. Rebecca

  18. Hi Rebecca,

    For my first cycle last Fall, I got my first + HPT at 6dp3dt. I had taken HPT's on 4dp3dt and 4dp3dt, and both were negative. I think I was just lucky to get such an early +++ HPT last time though, as we later found out all three embryos had implanted! So, I think that impacted me seeing early + HPT's.

    Today I am 6dp3dt, an FET this time, as my last pregnancy (twins) ended in miscarriage back in December. This time however, I know 6dp will be too early for a + HPT, as I know that all three embryos definitely won't be implanting this time.

    So, now I am just biding my time!! I am hoping for a + tomorrow or 8dp3dt.

    I think your - HPT is still early! Their are a lot of women on my FET thread who didn't get + HPT's until 9, 10, 11 or more days past. So, hang in there!!

    Take care and good luck!

    ~ Nickie

  19. Thank you for replying Nickie. I appreciate it.

    Good luck on your next HPT. Mine (at 9dp3dt) was negative again. Boo.


  20. Hey Rebecca,

    It could still be too early! I know it sucks, getting negative HPT's, even early on -- but I just heard from my friend on another thread, and she didn't get a positive HPT until 11dp3dt!!! In fact she said she tested MULTIPLE times, all negs, right up until her beta which I think was 12dp3dt. She is now about 33 weeks along.

    So, there is still hope! I just wish we could ALL get early + Hpt's though, so we could rest our minds and souls!!! I am going to test tomorrow probably....I will be 8dp3dt.

    All the best,


  21. How do you know the minimum amoutn of hcg there has to be in the body for an hpt to detect pregnancy, does it usually say it on box? I have a first response early detection test and it does not specify a level...

  22. Daisy,

    Check out www.peeonastick.com. There is some good info there.

    Good luck.

  23. I am 9dpt3dt and i go in may 10th for beta. I woke up very ealy and peed on stick. i had a very faint line, but hey a line is a line. i hope all is going well for everyone here. will post resulsts. Take care.

  24. I had a FET and tested 6dp2dt (tx 2) and it was positive with Clear Blue (not digital), nothing with FRER. Then, I tested 7dp2dt with a FRER, got a very (and I mean VERY faint positive and nothing on the clear blue...The I tested 8dpt and got nothing on the FRER and + on the Clear Blue. I have ABSOLUTELY NO CLUE what the heck to think.
    Did both implant and one did not make it?
    Did both not make it?
    Did one make it in which case I will see a stronger positive???
    I am wayyyyy confused with these hpts this time around. Last time, when I was pregnant with my twins, I tested + 6dp3dt and it was consistant with both tests, while the lines got stronger as the days passed. I went on to carry my twins to 40 weeks and now they are almost 3 years old.
    Any advice would be GREAT!!!

  25. pachis,

    I just used the cheap dollar general hpt. I started testing on my 9dp3dt. I to go a ver very faint line, but a line is a line. I tested the 10dp3dt and the line was darker, ON the 11dp3dt it was there within 3 minutes. On the other ones I waited 10 minutes. I know it is very hard. This was my 2nd round. My first one did not take. I am sure all is well. I hope everything goes well for u. I had my beta may10 and i am pregnant. I know from reading in here that if preg with more than one, the line will appear sooner. I dont know how much of that is true. Well take care of urself. I hope u get what u want. I will be thinking of baby dust for u .

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