When did you feel safe?

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  1. I am a little over 6 weeks pregnant after IVF with DE. We have been through he!! from the first beta. Well I guess the second one. My betas didn't rise well, they didn't come even close to doubling, I was told by my RE I was going to miscarry and I needed to stop all meds. I refused and got a second opinion and low and behold my numbers had gone from 191 to 1171 in 4 days then they doubled again in 48 hours we have had 2 u/s both showing a sac and one with a very distinct yolk. My RE was shocked to say the least when he did his u/s yesterday. My question is at what point can I start to relax and just enjoy being pregnant?

    My first child was our first miracle and was concieved naturally after several years of trying but I didn't know then what I know now. I had one Beta done, I had 2 u/s one at 6 weeks and one at 22 weeks so I just got to enjoy being pregnant and I want that again.

  2. Yikes, TBM- what a hair raising experience! for me, with DE, i felt safe once i saw that heartbeat- chances of miscarrying are less than 10% once you see the h/b- and they go way down again at 9 weeks. but then i haven't had a m/c ever and i, like you, had already carried a normal pg to term. i'm sure women who have had more high risk pgs would answer differently.



  3. anabela-my last pg I mc at 7 weeks and am now 18w pg with a singleton and have not had any problems. I still worry that something may happen. I suppose those of us who have lost children will always worry just a bit. Good luck with your pg!

  4. TB,

    Sounds like you're getting close to where you should hear the HB. That always gives me a bit of reassurance. Im 11 wks 5days and still worry every day; I just think that 's what happens to vets and those of us that have m/c'd. Good luck and keep us posted!

  5. I agree with abdelrazak; those of us who have been down such a long road to get to where we are seem to always carry some worry throughout our pregnancies. I am 22w1d with b/b twins, and even after multiple screenings and my anatomy scan, I still have a difficult time feeling truly at ease with my pregnancy. After 6 cyles (my first DE was a success), it's just hard to let your guard down. That being said, it is true that each week is a milestone, and hearing the heartbeats is a big hurdle to conquer. After that, each week will make you feel just a little bit better. Best of luck to you, and I wish you a healthy, happy pregnancy!

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