when can i POAS?

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  1. i had my transfer today and already im freaking out!
    today was a 5dt for me. when can i POAS to start seeing for any changes?

  2. Hi tv girl, I would not even consider poasing until 5dp5dt. Check this out though...

    Actually, I can't find it! I've been looking for like 15 min! But what it is is a chart saying what happens on each day post transfer. It says that the emby doesn't even start secreting the hcg into the blood so testing b4 this time would be a big downer in my opinion. I've been on another thread where the girls are poas'ing and getting bfn's and are just so down. I think you should hold off till the beta. That way, if you're gonna be dissapointed then at least it'll only be once! Thats what I'm doing. Take it or leave it!

    Good luck to you!

  3. I tested - on day 5 and 6 of a three day transfer. On day 7 (10 days past ovulation) that would be 5days past for you I got my only +pg test ever. I may have only got a postive that early thought since my beta was really high and I was pg with two for a very short time. The second was disappearing by the time of the 6wk u/s. I agree with the pp definately not before the 5 day mark. Hold off as long as you can for your sanity. I think we have all seen enough negatives. Best of luck to you and may you be celebrating soon!

  4. I say hold off to... I'm not a poas'er but did this time 2 days ago, and beta was today and it is a double sad stab! both BFN.

    Good luck just try and stay positive.

  5. This is my third time at IVF. Save yourself the stress of hoping there is a really a line or you think you might see a line. I have banned all HPT in a my house during this 2ww.

  6. I think I will poas the night before my beta. Of course, I feel that night will never come!

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