What would you do with $25,000?

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  1. Pay off my ttc bills and other remaining debt.

  2. I'd see if I could talk dh into doing another DE/DS cycle. Don't know if he'd go for it, but that's what I'd want to do with it. Of course, $25,000 doesn't even cover the entire cost, and I fear the donor (would HAVE to use the same one again) might up the stipend yet again. Who knows? It won't happen, as we don't have any wealthy long-lost relatives...but it's nice to think about anyway.

  3. Save it......all of it.

  4. Buy a new car (an economical one) to replace our 1996 junker car that doesn't currently run. The rest would go towards college savings

  5. Lets see.

    1. Pay off credit cards
    2. Buy both dh and myself a newer car(he just called me a work and said the radiator on our 2001 S10 truck is gone) I hate my van(2001 olds).
    3. Take the twins to DisneyWorld.
    4. Landscape my yard

    I know there would be nothing left after that so I will be back in the hole in debit like I am now shortly after.


  6. Buy the cabinetry for our lower level. I've been wanting to buy them for the past three years, but due to the economy and job worries I've held off.

    Splurge on a new camera lens.

    Save the rest.

  7. I think I would:

    Put $5000 each in College funds for DD's.
    $5000 for a vacation for DH and me to Cabo.
    $5000 towards some home repairs that need to be done.
    $5000 into saving to have a cushion for the future.

  8. I started this thread and never posted what I would do. I still don't know.

    I'd hate to dump it all into a newer used car but that is what we need. I can't even replace DS' car seat with a booster because our SUV doesn't have enough room.

    I'd like all new flooring and to replace the baseboards and interior doors with more modern ones. 1960's flat panel ones and clam shell trim are in need of replacing. I think that would take all the money.

  9. Give my parents some b/c they struggle, prob 5k
    Get AC installed in my house (5k)
    Pay off my van (only owe 2k on it, bought it 30k brand new 4 yrs ago)
    Deposit 1k per kid (we have 3) into their savings
    Build a deck and awing for our back porch (prob 2k)
    We dont have much debt, so the rest would just go into savings. There were be about 8k deposited, and then the 25k would be gone.

  10. Pay off remaining ttc debt ($10K)

    Redo our old disaster of a bathroom ($3K)

    Invest the rest.

  11. Okay, it is hard to say what I would do if it was a reality but if $25K fell in my lap I would love to get a tummy tuck! Selfish, yes but there would still be more than half leftover to put in the college fund after a fun family weekend away!

  12. Although we should pay off our debt, we'd buy a minivan, for sure. Although I may miss all the laughs we get when we get out of our current car.

  13. Re-landscape my front and back yards - new hardscape in both, fountains, and a fireplace in the back.

  14. Gut our kitchen & bathrooms & put in new flooring.

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