What were your beta #s with twins?

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  1. 11dp3dt - 335
    17dp3dt - 5359

    Currently 11 weeks and 6 days with twins.

  2. Here's a shocker.
    13dp3dt beta 190
    15dp3dt beta 354
    17dp3dt beta 694

    Now 6weeks 4days and saw 2 heartbeats today. Amazing, but I guess anything can happen the 1st trimester.

  3. My stats are:

    14dpo - 135
    16dpo - 297
    18dpo - 693

    we were shocked when we saw two sacs at 6 weeks!!

  4. 11dp6dt - 389
    13dp6dt - 866
    15dp6dt - 1,500 something.
    They made me schedule an u/s after that beta, but I still had a 2ww for that, so I snuck in another beta on the in between week.
    22dp6dt - over 18,000

    At the first u/s at 6w3d - 3 sacs, 3 heartbeats.
    Lost a triplet at 8 weeks.

    My twins (girl/boy) are almost 13 months old now.

    Good luck!

  5. 1. beta 1. 7dp 5dt= 114
    2. 11dp 5dt = 832 it more than doubled! Yay\"

  6. Tracy: it's a definite possibility. Assuming that you double in 2 days, you'd be pretty much exactly where I was at 14dpo (239) and I'm pregnant with twins. However, my numbers were on the low-moderate side of twin HCG levels. When I was obsessively looking at people's beta levels at that stage, I saw some singletons and some twins with numbers like mine. So, it could go either way. Good luck!!

  7. My first beta 14dpo was 460
    2nd 17 dpo 1,031 62 hour doubling
    3rd 21 dpo 4,381 sped up, 46 hour doubling
    4th beta 25 dpo 10, 723 55 hour doubling

    U/S saw 2 perfect heartbeats measuring right on target 6 weeks 5 days.

  8. My beta 9dp5dt was 51. 12dp5dt, 178. I was floored when we saw twins on the first ultrasound!

  9. Hi girls. I coulden't wait until Monday for my 3rd beta and u/s, so I went today.
    1. beta 7dp 5dt 114
    2. beta 11dp 5dt 832
    3. beta 15dp 5dt 6366

    We saw two sac's but to early for hb. She said I was 5wk's 3days!!!!!!!!YAY\"

  10. just thought I'd bump this thread
    9dp5dt- 180
    15dp5dt- 2469
    u/s showed 2 heartbeats.

  11. Mine were:

    6dp5dt 36
    8dp5dt 139

    I wasn't too shocked to find twins because my RE mentioned it may be after my second beta.


  12. 14 days past retrieval my beta was 561, started off with triplets (lost one baby at 9+ weeks).

  13. 18dp3dt = 659
    20dp3dt = 2382

    Found out we were having twins at u/s at 6 weeks.

    Still shocked!

  14. 7dp5dt = 101
    9dp5dt = 239
    14dp5dt = 1,870
    17dp5dt = 6,473

    two u/s show 2 h/b, at least so far (8w1d today)

  15. 172 14 DPO
    2663 21 DPO

    G/G twins born in Dec'08.

  16. 10dp3dt = 121
    13dp3dt = 361
    16dp5dt = 1619

    Confirmed at 5 1/2 week u/s

  17. 10 dp, 6 dt - 410
    12 dp, 6 dt - 1278

    2 beans confirmed at 6.5 week ultrasound.

    What clued me in more than the betas was how much more I was needing to eat, and waking in the early hours of the night to eat more..

  18. We transferred 2 on a 5 day transfer, my numbers have been

    8dp5dt 190
    10dp5dt 557
    12dp5dt 1854
    16dp5dt 8629
    19dp5dt 24985
    22dp5dt 42342

    I\'ll write back on Friday with results. We are hoping for twins, was our last attempt and DH has fathered twins in his \"practice marriage\" - so I know he can do it.

  19. 13dp3dt 419
    16dt3dt ~2100

    We transferred 2 8 cell and 1 4 cell embryo. Ultrasound not until 6/19. I'm terrified that there are three in there - any hints from the numbers?

  20. 9dp5dt= 117
    11dp5dt= 446
    after that they shot up to the 8000, and then even higher but I dont remember the days. I want to say the 8000 was 15 or 16 dp 5dt.

    My numbers looked just like a singleton at first, so you never know. Although I did show positive really early on a HPT

    B/G twins 18 weeks 2 days

    ohh... we transferred 2 perfect looking blasts on day 5, but the crazy thing is on the day of retrieval I got admitted to the hospital for internal bleeding from my ER. I had to get 2 units of blood and was in the hospital until the evening before transfer. I did not think it would work at all with the stress my body had been under!!!

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