What week did you deliver your twins?

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  1. Hi ladies, I have not seen a poll like this recently, would be great to know what is the typical delivery time for twin moms. Thank you!

  2. There is a similar poll in the parenting multiples board if you are interested to look.


  3. Thank you, rosetta! i did not see that poll.
    I guess the parenting board is a better place to post this poll, but oh, well, will see if ppl answer.
    Here is the summary of the parenting board poll as of today:

    Before 34 Weeks 125 22.69%
    34 Weeks 41 7.44%
    35 Weeks 65 11.80%
    36 Weeks 96 17.42%
    37 Weeks 122 22.14%
    38 Weeks or greater 102 18.51%

    looks like a lot of ppl delivered before 34 weeks, i wonder what the breakdown was.. i am only in my 20th week now and am looking at the calendar and wondering - when? Looks like the average is ~35-36w.

  4. My water broke at exactly 36w and my twins did spend time in NICU but only for the day to monitor their breathing and temperature....they are doing great now at 7m. The boy twin was the one they were sort of worried about and he now weighs over 20lbs. His twin sister is around 14lbs. now and full of sass....I had a very uneventful pregnancy, up until my water breaking. In fact, the day before I thought I was in labor and went to the OB to be monitored and she told me there was no way I'd go into labor over the weekend....next morning, my water broke....go figure

    ds 4
    g/b 7m

  5. hollin, what a wonderful story !
    So happy for you and babies!
    36 weeks sounds like enough for the twins, which is great to know!

  6. mine were delivered by cold section \"a planned casarean\" at 38 weeks. i was gestational diabetic and on insulin (needles) they took them at 38 weeks b/c they could no longer control my sugars even with insulin. they wanted to take them at 37 weeks but did an amnio and one baby's lungs weren't quite ready. when they were born at 38 weeks they weighed 6,13 and 7,5!!! 2 humungous babies.. they breast fed for 8 and 9 months.. they are now 11 years old.
    i remember the sleepless nights and nursing 2 isn't easy but it was worth it.. why else would i be crazy enough to consider doing it again????? Sue

  7. Hi Sue ,
    Great weights! Needles sound like a big PITB though.
    I did not know that they do amnio to check if the lungs are ready! What are they looking for, some protein marker?

  8. part of why they were so big has to do with the diabetes. also at the end babies are gaining about a half pound per week, so imagine what mine would have been after another 2 weeks!! they showed no signs of leaving their happy spot on their own.
    i was gestational with my first, and she was 9,11 1/2. i was diet controlled then though. with the twins, 2 placentas put me over the top. they don't use my mouth pills for diabetes in pregnancy only insulin. i was mixing 2 types of insulin and up to 3 shots a day.
    not sure what they were checking for with the amnio.. i just know they were able to tell her lungs weren't quite ready to be on the outside world just yet. hence she is also the one that ended up with asthma and tubes in her ears and was the one to get the most sick. sue

  9. Oh, I did not know that babies can get big due to diabetes! 3 shots a day is a lot!
    Asthma is hereditary, I have it too Not sure if one can get it from environmental or gestational factors.. I guess your little girl had genetic predisposition for weaker lungs.

    I just realized that in this poll there is no place for ppl who delivered between 36 and 38 weeks! Oh, where was my brain!!! All the blood went to the belly
    They will have to go into 38 and more category , I guess. I can not edit it any more.

  10. I delivered at 37 weeks and neither of my babies spent any time in the NICU. I was admitted into the hospital at 36 weeks with preeclampsia, the doctor wanted to get me to 37 weeks if possible because there is less of a chance of the babies having problems. Mine were 6 lb 4 oz and 6 lbs 14 oz. Currently they are 15 weeks old.

  11. My twins were born 10 days ago at 37w3d. They were 7lb and 5lb 1ounce each. They spent no time in NICU. Twins are not double the work, they are 10x the work! But I feel so lucky and blessed to have these two bundles of love!

  12. I delivered my twin boys at 32 weeks 4 days due to preeclampsia. They were 3 lbs. 4 oz. and 3 lbs. 15 oz. Both will be in the NICU for several weeks but are doing great!

  13. My girls were born at 36 weeks by c-sect. due to pregnancy induced hypertension(high blood pressure). They weighed 6lbs 5oz and 6lbs 8oz. No time in the NICU. They were ready to be released a few days before me, but they stayed until Mommy could come home too. They are now 25 months old and truly a blessing. Enjoy your pregnancy and the time when they are infants. It goes by so quickly. It is tough, but so worth it!!!

  14. My twin daughters were born at 36w3d by c-section at 5lb5oz and 4lb12oz. I had an amnio at 35w6d to check lung maturity and they were both positive so my dr. scheduled the c-section for me. I probably could have gone longer but Baby A had an omphalocele (abdominal contents born on the outside of her body) so he wanted to do the section before I went into labor on my own. Baby A had her contents rolled back into her abdomen and had surgery and spent 32 days in the NICU(she is doing wonderful!) Baby B spent 11 days in the NICU basically just learning how to eat and she was jaundice. They have made me the happiest I have ever been in my life!!

  15. I delivered my twin boys at 32w6d. Baby A was 4lbs 9oz and Baby B was 3lbs 4oz. They both were in the NICU just shy of a month. They both were on room air (I had two rounds of steroid shots) but just had to learn to feed and control their temps. I was admitted to the hospital for bedrest at 27w6d and was able to hold off for 5 more weeks.

  16. My twins were born at 35w0d and weighed 6.1 and 5.4.

    They spent a little under 2 weeks in the NICU.

  17. Looks like the average is ~35-36w.

    Yes, the average twin pg goes till 36 weeks. So, half go past that and half less than that.

  18. My DDs were born at exactly 33 week and weighed 3.9 and 4.5. I received the full steroid shots and they stayed in the hospital for 17 days.

  19. My DDs were born at 35w3days A- 5lbs5oz B-4lbs6oz
    baby b was in the NICU for 10days because she was just under the weight cut-off...then she bought a few extra days for an apnea episode due to reflux.

  20. You are missing my week.

    37 1/2

    both babies came home on time. No NICU.

  21. 38 weeks and 5 days for me.

    AND it was a C-section after failed induction attempts. The babies enjoyed being inside me too much and didn't want to come out!

    6 lbs 13 oz, 6 lbs 4 oz. No NICU time.

  22. 34w3d...i have mono/di ids and at 22 weeks, twin b showed signs of growth restriction. he was able to hang on until 34w3d (after 12.5w of bedrest) and they were born at 4lb8oz and 3lb5oz. Twin A spent 11 days in the NICU and twin B spent 17 days in the NICU.

    At 7w old, they are doing great!

  23. what about us 37 weekers - there was no choice so I selected after 38. I was induced at 36w6days after an amnio to check for lung develoment.( I ended up having preeclampsia so it is a good thing I delivered when I did). My boys were 4lbs 9 oz and 5lbs 15oz and spent a week in the NICU following a c section.

  24. 38w5d for my b/g twins and they were both delivered vaginally. he was 6lb1oz and she was 5lb15.5oz. no nicu time for either and no problems so far at 9 weeks old!

  25. 32w6d fraternal g/g. 4.4lbs and 4.3lbs. They're in the NICU but doing fine.

    One needed c-pap to assist breathing just after birth but was taken off it w/in 24 hrs, so both are breathing on their own. Can't wait for them to fatten up so they can come home! :-)

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