What was the result of your 1st u/s after normally doubling betas?

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  1. I am currently waiting for my 1st u/s after recieving good doubling betas. I am driving myself crazy of thinking about the possiblities and thought it might be an anxiety reducer to see what others have experienced. Let me know if I have missed any options.

  2. I voted normal h/b + live birth, although that's not entirely true.

    My first pg was a normal twin gestation with normal doubling betas (114 then 554 with 4 days between tests). My first u/s was at 5w4d where we saw two gestational sacs with yolk sacs. One week later, at 6w4d, there were heartbeats for both.

    I delivered twin girls at 38w3d.

    My current pg (surprise natural conception) was not so uneventful in terms of u/s findings, however my uterus is now tilted, which is known for skewing u/s results. Betas doubled appropriately (26 and 83 with 2 days between tests, done at approx. 12 and 14 dpo respectively). First u/s at almost 7 weeks showed an empty sac. Second u/s a week later showed embryo with heartbeat of 171. Third u/s a week after this showed embryo still going strong, measuring a couple of days ahead.

    I am currently 11w2d with no signs of problems thus far except that one initial u/s that made us think it was all over.

  3. congratulations! so glad your u/s results turned around! how scary!
    thanks for answering!

  4. This is sort of on the same topic, so hope you dont mind me asking here

    I am going in for my first u/s on Monday ... I will be 6w1d, was curious when everyone first saw the h/b ... and how many at 6w just saw a sac compared to being able to see the h/b???

    Thanks for any responses!

  5. With my first pregnancy, my betas doubled normally, 1st u/s showed a strong h/b, and my daughter was delivered at 35 wks. With my current pregnancy, my betas increased VERY slowly at the beginning, but we saw a strong h/b at 7w1d; I'm currently 36+ wks along.

    dd-24 months
    36w3d - girl

  6. pitoufina--my clinic schedules the 1st u/s for 7.5 weeks--to ensure they will see a h/b by then...so I don't know the answer to your question--I've never gotten to this point until now--my u/s is June 12th... I have read posts that say you can see the h/b as early as 6w2d.... but that if you don't see it to not worry @ that early date. I think there is a thread out there on your same question--try searching this forum and type in h/b... you shoud find it! good luck

    Laura--thank you for posting--great news on your baby girls!!

    take care

  7. I too thought it strange that in the poll you had to vote for h/b even though I had an u/s to make sure there was a sac and it was growing, etc before we got a h/b. I did see a h/b at 6wks 3days however, my RE had already done 3 other u/s prior. Thanks!

  8. Laura,
    Your betas give me such hope, though I am preparing for the worst. My numbers are tracking very similar to yours. I have the 3rd beta in 2 days.

    14 dpo 102
    18 dpo 189

    I am very sad and scared right now but clinging to every hope that I will have a happy ending like you! Fingers crossed! God bless.

  9. Here is my history regarding this topic..

    IVF#1 - BFN
    FET#1 - BFP. Beta's doubled fine. Had multiple u/s showing no heartbeat, m/c a couple of weeks later.
    FET#2 - BFP. Beta's doubled fine. 1st u/s showed strong heartbeat, m/c unexplained a few days later.
    FET#3 - BFP. Just found out today....looking for a good double on Wednesday and then hoping for a miracle.

    Good luck,

  10. I have another week to wait for my ultrasound and i feel like I am in another dreadful 2ww. I am so worried! Its on my mind 24/7.

    My question - does a higher beta(and appropriate doubling) decrease risk of blighted ovum and early m/c? I read it in a paper on pubmed but am curious about people's real life experience.

    My numbers:
    14dp3dt - 750
    21dp3dt - 9510
    u/s scheduled for 10/2 (will be 35dp3dt)

    Good luck to all and thanks!

  11. I had a hard time answering because I fit into a few different categories.

    After normally doubling betas, I have had both normal h/b and live birth(s)- twins, AND normal h/b(s) - also twins, but m/c'd both due to maternal issues (Hetero MTHFR and elevated Homocysteine; Bloodclotting).

    I have also had a blighted ovum- but those betas were NEVER normal; as a matter of fact the second and third betas dropped and then eventually started going up again.

    Wishing everyone the best!!!

    Celia- Best of luck with your u/s tomorrow!! Please post an update.

  12. I also had several ways to answer this poll.
    1st - blight ovum
    2nd - nornal h/b & 25 wks pg!

  13. First pg - normal betas, 1st u/s at 7w1d, h/b, healthy baby girl delivered

    Second pg - normal betas, 1st u/s at 5w5d saw yolk and gestational sacs only, 2nd u/s at 6w6d saw both h/bs, currently 18 weeks pg with b/g twins

  14. These poll results are interesting. It shows that after normal doubling betas, 37.5% of people went on to miscarry, which is a lot higher than the normal population I think.

    Also, 13% of people went on to miscarry after seeing a normal HB which is pretty close to the norm (90% ongoing pg rate after normal visualized HB is what I've heard, so this is just 3% off that).

    Finally, 25% of people had abnormal scans (and eventual miscarriage) after normal doubling betas.

  15. maher if you come back to this what were your beta numbers for this pregnancy?

  16. My first u/s there was no heartbeat, just a sac. That was on a Monday. On Wensday,sac, fetal pole and hearbeat found. She is going to be 5 months on Dec.6. A couple of days matter so much with this. Shawn

  17. Mine wasn't on there. I had normal doubling betas, and finally an hcg of 6000 at 6 weeks, but ectopic.

  18. There have been studies showing that Beta on 16 dpo correlates well with pregnancy outcome. Above a certain level it correlated with high likelihood of live birth.

    Doubling betas do not always mean normal - for example if it starts out low - say 25 and doubles to 50 16 dpo it is still a risky situation.

    Also, blighted ovum will produce normal beta doubling due to normal ouiter cell mass. The ICM is abnormal in this care. The risk of this is minimized in blast transfers.

    Another thing about this poll is it does not take into account maternal age. Aneuploidy is a random event and related to maternal age. Studies show that normal appearing blastocysts in a women above 37 still have a 35% aneuploidy rate. This is less than day 3 embryos, but still high. These embryos can implant and grow normally but rarely make it to live birth (1%).

  19. very interesting information

  20. We had high perfect doubling betas and blighted ovum at 6 weeks 4days.

  21. two years ago we had normal betas and great hb's and then m/c at 9 weeks. Unexplained, but tested tissue after d and c and no problems. Am now on protocol for repeat m/c and have u/s in 3 days. remaining cautiously optimistic, but reminding myself that like all pg's, even natural, the first 12 weeks there is always possibility of m/c.

  22. My story is similar to Kush's. In April I got pregnant from my first cycle, had great betas. Rose 5 times in 3 days. Good first u/s at 6w5d with normal hb, 2 weeks later at our 2nd u/s it was found that the baby had died. Chromosome testing came back normal female so we aren't sure if it was really the baby's tissue that was tested and what caused the baby to die.

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