What time of day do you take stims?

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  1. Hi everyone,

    I know it is in the evening, but around what time do you take your stims?

    Does it really have to be the same time each night?


  2. You should really check with your dr./clinic on this.

    It is usually important to be take the stims at around the same time each day so that monitoring is consistent throughout the cycle (so they can see the changes from day to day in follicle size, blood hormone levels resulting from the meds you are taking).
    My clinic actually has people do them in the middle of the day, they like everyone to take it around that time so that morning blood work is fairly standard. They do of course make exceptions in the time for those who can't follow that schedule, but they need to be aware so the monitoring is done with that in mind.

  3. My clinic says anytime after 6. I like to do it shots right before bed around 9. It's the best time for me and one of the shots kinda hurts after

  4. I do mine before bed, sometime between 10-11pm usually.

  5. My RE says to stim between 6-8pm for Gonal F.

  6. I did my Gonal F between 9:30 and 10 every night.


  7. in previous cycles i always did around 6:30, clinic's orders were between 6-8pm.

    this upcoming cycle is with a different clinic and i will be doing 2 sets of stims. one in the morning with my lupron and one in the evening. clinic recommends between 6-9 for both (am/pm). evening shot will be around 6:30 like before, am shot is generally around 7:30 or 8.

  8. stims between 7-10pm for me but my clinic said that although they want us to take our meds around the same time as long as we weren't more than two hours either way it would be okay. they were really big on nothing and nobody is perfect so just do your best and let us worry about it all. i thought that was good advice...after all thats why i'm paying them the Big Bucks!!

  9. I do my shots at 7am and 7 pm each day.

  10. I have am and pm injections. I work at night sometimes, so my 1st cycle I tried to just give them at home - turned out to be 5:30pm and 8am. Turned out I am a poor responder and that cycle was cancelled. To make sure the injections weren't the issue, now I take them around 6pm and 6am every day even if I have to wake up or drop everything at work.

  11. I do my shots at 6:30 pm daily. B/W at 8 am.

  12. 10 pm right before bed.

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