What tests did you do during DE pregnancy?

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  1. My surrogate is pregnancy using DE and we are 8 weeks! My question is what tests are you doing in first trimester? Should we be doing a NT scan or CVS even with donor egg? Thanks for the help!

  2. Hi Girl!!!
    Congratulations! Yeah, you saw the heartbeat. I bet you are having a boy like me! As far as tests, we did the bloodworks, nuchal scan, quad screen and so far everything good. I did not want to do CVS or amnio because of the risks. So excited for you. As for me, my surro is 18 weeks on friday and still unreal. Call me , we gotta catch up!

  3. I did nt scan and first set of blood work for quad screen but since I was carrying twins the results are not very helpful so I skipped the second se of results. I did not consider doing CVS or amnio since chance of a miscarriage with one of those is higher than the chnace of an abnormal fetus with a de cycle that has normal nt scan results. that's the beauty of DE - you should be able to relax now ir in the next couple of weeks anyway!!


  4. i had 2 DE pgs- the first, i did the quad screen and the 18 week u/s
    second, i did the NT measurement, the quad screen, and the 18 week u/s

    using DE does help with peace of mind

    congratulations to you


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