what sex are your twins?

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  1. I am curios to know what sex your fraternal twins are. I am 7 weeks with twins. I read in doctor lulkes book that usually 50% are g/b. That 1/4 r b/b and 1/4 r g/g.


  2. Dr. Luke is correct. If you draw a simple Punnet Square (Did you do those in Biology in high school? Remember Gregor Mendel and his peas?) to figure out all the possible combinations you get these (not a PS, just the results):

    BabyA BabyB
    B ......... B
    B ......... G
    G ......... G
    G ......... B

    You see that one of the four possibilities (25%) is B/B, and another one is G/G. Then you have B/G and G/B which are effectively the same, making two out of four, hence 50%.

    ETA: Of course it only holds true for fraternals!

    There's another question of whether IVF influences the gender ratio of boys to girls generally (regardless of singleton/multiple birth). Some studies have shown that the number of males is increased (to 54% from 51% if I recall correctly) in fresh transfers with blasts. If you could factor that into your question here and get a large enough sample, you might see a few more boys, but otherwise Dr. Luke's numbers should hold.

  3. Biology was along time ago but yes I do vaguely remember doing that.It is interesting statistically. I know 7 people with fraternal twins from ivf. 3 have b/g 2 g/g and 2 b/b.

    I had a little boy with our first ivf/icsi cycle who is now 2 1/2. This time they added AH and I think that is why 2 took. Hoping they both stay. Jen

  4. We are having B/B twins in July. We did IVF with AH.
    We have a 2.5 yr old DS through an injectible IUI round.
    Lots of boys in this family! I am outnumbered


  5. We did an FET and are expecting 2 girls. Our fresh cycle gave us on DS. Of course when asked what we wanted before we found out, we gave the correct answer of \"it doesent' really matter so long as they are healthy\" but really wanted at least another boy. So, it was a bit of a shock but it has been almost 4 weeks and we are over the moon that that we are having two girls. I think it was just my DH and I have no sisters, our first was a boy, and we are not high drama people which I have a preconceptions about little girls being high drama. Have a niece that can be high drama but she is also amazing and very precocious. She told her mother that needed to stay with me all summer because I would need all the help I could get with two new babies. And, last night at a family dinner, everyone was discussing what to names the girls and someone asked her. Her answer-\"Well, it doesn't matter really what anyone thinks because they are Aunt KK's babies\".

    Jen, enjoy being pregnant with twins. I am 24 weeks and just starting to feel the girls quite a bit.

  6. identical twin boys.

  7. our DS is a result of first IVF.
    this time we are expecting b/g twins ( will confirm for sure on Monday)

  8. I have b/g twins Preston and Jordana who were born 11-1-08 at 36 weeks. Preston was 6lbs 3 oz 18 and 1/2 inches and Jordana was 7lbs 10oz and 19and half inches

  9. We did IVF with AH for both pregnancies. First was a singleton girl and now we are having g/g twins.

  10. These poll numbers are statistically within the norm ....you have a 50% chance of b/g, and 25% gg, and 25% bb. I read somewhere....then someone else said it was 33/33/33.......

  11. We are just going to be supprised

  12. I am currently pregnant with b/g twins. I have two little boys already!!

  13. We are having g/b twins due Nov 7, 09.

  14. b/b ids due on january 15, 2010!

  15. This was our 5th IVF cycle (1 full, 1 FET, then 3 more full) and we are FINALLY pregnant with boy/girl twins! Their due date is Dec 11th.


  16. g/g twins due April 3, 2010!


  17. I am going to UC baby this afternoon. I'll be 21 weeks and can't wait to come back and update. Gut instinct tells me two boys but I'd love to be half wrong. Two more boys would make four. YIKES,,,,,,,,I'll live in hockey rinks for the next 16 years or so.


  18. Just back from u/s and it's one of each! So very excited.

  19. hurrah for you Susan! One of each is great.

  20. two girls!!!!

  21. boy/girl here. exactly what we were hoping for.

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