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  1. Can you Moms share your cravings?

    Im looking for something appealing yet nothing really seems appealing????

    14 weeks 1 d

  2. Gosh, for the 1st/2nd trimester I craved soup and bagels, ALOT. Then for my 3rd trimester it was spring/summer and I ate a TON of icecream, I should have bought stock in ColdStone, LOL.

    Molly and Zach 8 months

  3. I can honestly say that I have developed the strongest desire for something I never thought would become such a \"fantasy\" to me. I cannot get enough of the Salt & Pepper Calamari at PF Changs. I get it at a minumum of 3-4 times a week. Combine that with the milk and jello that I cannot stop drinking / eating, and you have one odd combination!

    This is a great idea for a thread!!

    B/G Twins!

  4. chocolate cake, chocolate pudding, chocolate chips, chocolate milk, chocolate chip cookies, chocolate mousse, chocolate, chocolate, chocolate!!!

  5. Nothing sounds appealing to me....and I certainly don't crave anything still. Ever since week 7 when I started getting m/s I have not been hungry. I have to remind myself to eat some days...

    The only thing that remotely sounds good - and I never drink these - but Slurpees from 7-11 sound good to me lately. Have no idea why?! Must be the sugar!

    ?/? Twins

  6. I have no cravings. In fact, I have to force myself to eat. Believe me, that never happened before, I usually love to eat!! but since becoming pregnant, nothing has any taste at all. I also have no room for food and can only eat small portions. Thank goodness I had excess weight before this pregnancy, and probably won't hurt from not gaining too much weight. I certainly don't mind if this continues after delivery so that I can finally lose some weight.

    24 w/1 day
    g/g twins

  7. i wanted to choose 2- both the veggies and the citrus. however, last night at a chinese hotpot restaurant i had the MOST DELICIOUS drink ever. it was fresh watermelon and ice blended together- that's it. despite it being less than 20 F here in boston, i am thinking about it now and don't know how long i can hold out before needing to drive there and get more. YUM!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. shrimp sushi,cooked with the wasabi and soy sauce

    pinapple sometimes


    a potato!

    yeah, I want to laugh at that stupid list of food! everthing else is gross!
    14 w 2 d

  9. On the unhealthy side: fried and fatty stuff ... bacon (esp in a BLT - yum!), french fries or pretty much potatoes in any form, Maui onion rings from Wahoo's Tacos, all the condiments I usually avoid like butter, mayo, sour cream, etc.

    On the healthy side: red grapefruit, watermelon, strawberries, mangoes, salad with lots of crunch, yogurt with granola, roasted almonds


  10. I voted nothing, because I wasn't sure where my craving fit! When I was pg with my boys, I CRAVED ice cold beer. I have disliked beer my entire life, but boy did I crave it when I was pg!!

    As soon as I got home from the hospital - that very day - I made DH go out and get me a Sam Adams!! It tasted soooooo good! To this day, every once an awhile I still do drink an ice cold beer.


  11. NOTHING!!!! I can hardly eat!! I haven't gained a pound!


  12. Nothing ... I am still in survivial mode

    The latest that tastes good and doesn't make me gag is TGIF's Frozen Loaded Potatoe Skins, they taste like a fresh carry-out after 10 min. in oven. However, I will be tired of that in a week and have to find another. Also, turkey club, plain plain plain foods

    10w5d, twins

  13. I'm craving the sugars in fruit...watermelon, strawberries, pears, whatever I have the energy to cut up.


  14. I am craving nothing. I have had bad morning sickness since week 6 and I am now 11w3d. Unfortunatley I vomit most mornings so the only things that I can really tolerate are starches. Lots of english muffins and potatos. I am drinking a ton of gatorade to make sure I don't get dehyrdated (on reccomendation of my OB) and the babies will also get the nutrients from that. I am hoping the MS will subside in the next week or so

    ?/? Twins

  15. I could barely eat for the first 16 weeks. Now I crave fruits and salads, which I am happy about since with DS I just wanted junk all of the time and gained way too much weight.

    The one thing I want all of the time is cole slaw (gross, I know).

    I hope all of you who are still struggling with MS get some relief soon. Mine seemed to pass around 16w.

    17 1/2 mos. DS
    24w b/b

  16. ICE CREAM without anything weird like pickles...DQ ohhhh so yummy!!

  17. I voted nothing because I don't actually crave anything and most of the time food in general is just not appealing to me (I don't have m/s, I just don't want to eat). The only food that even remotey sounds ok almost all of the time is pastas, especially things like macaroni and cheese and pasta with cream sauces, both of which I used to allow myself to eat only once every few months. Unfortunately, almost all vegetables, which used to be my favorite, are now very unappealing.

  18. at 29 weeks, mine is STILL watermelon! can't get enough of it.

  19. I haven't had any cravings lately, but for awhile my favorite food was frozen strawberries. And for awhile it was grapefruit. Oh, in the beginning anything sweet sounded awful, but lately I do like chocolate.... And my most common thing to throw up was leftovers of laborious dishes I had cooked -- carrot soup, ratatouille, ricotta-spinach pie.... Luckily I haven't been throwing up lately either....

    19w5d with ?/? twins

  20. tonight i would really like some pineapple upside down cake. can't get enough peaches or cherries. pizza -at least once a week.

    b/b twins

  21. I didn't vote because my cravings aren't listed.

    up til about 4 wks it was all cucumbers and good seasons cruet dressing (the one you make your self.

    then it was on to balogna and saltines which I still adore.

    Now more than ever its Taco Bell chicken taco supremes. (my poor DH) and fruit enough to start a produce stand. and Corn on the cob (poor DH)

    Food is the only thing that soothes the m/s. So eat eat eat is all I do. I was a big sweets junky prior but now I hate anything that resembles cake or donuts etc.

  22. Beef, definetely beef. It seems too early for cravings (I am 6w5d) but it's pretty clear. I must need the protein.

  23. Pasta, mac and cheese, pasta...and seafood.

  24. thanks for this thread!

    i'm dying for anything w/spinach and cheese in it. i finally found out that feta's ok if it's cooked--so, spinach pie here i come!

    i'm also craving tuna salad, which i haven't eaten in years. most pregnancy books say it's fine to eat, but my fave one, by doc joel evans, advises against it. so, i've taken a few bites a couple times. i'll see if i can hold out!

    other than that, i find that i often love something once, but then i want it out of the house the next day (or i won't take it home w/me if i eat it out).

    i'm forcing myself to eat ground flax seeds each day (to ward off constipation, sorry tmi!), and i'm shocked that i'm still not sick of the yogart/granola, or the cottage cheese/almond butter that i always eat it w/. i hope i can keep that up!

    pf changs sounds yummy!

    btw, i find it weird that NOTHING sweet sounds bad to me. i'm trying to limit my sugar intake to just a few times/week, but it's weird that i've never gotten sick of ice cream or chocolate!

    anyone else having a hard time eating enough dairy? barbara luke's books reco's 8 servings/day. i can't cope!

    10w0d w/twinkies

  25. lady in waiting, everything i read says to avoid spicey or fried foods because they make m/s worse. so, possibly the taco bell is making things worse? just a thought. i know it's really hard to find stuff we like, though!

    btw, i have to agree--our poor dh's!

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