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  1. I had a D&C on April 15th, more than two months ago. The baby was 10 weeks old. I am anxiously awaiting the pathology report, which they said would take a minimum of 8 weeks. The OB office never called me when the results came in. I had to call them. When I did, the receptionist looked up my records and very gravely told me the doctor will have to speak to me. Why, I asked? I can't say, she tells me. The gravity of her voice frightened me so much. I thought maybe there's more to tell me than just the reason for my miscarriage (as though a miscarriage isn't traumatic enough for me). Maybe I have cancer. My mind was spinning. A loved one has just been diagnosed with ovarian cancer so I'm doubly frightened now. Is it standard protocol for a doctor to call a patient regarding pathology results?

    I went to a new fertility clinic yesterday and they did a hysteroscopy on me. They found a white spot on the ultrasound and wanted to look into that further. The RE said it was nothing I could do anything about, it looked like old tissue or scar tissue or something like that, perhaps from the D&C or the pregnancy itself, he wasn't quite sure.

    When a woman has a D&C, is it most clinics standard protocol to have the doctor meet or call her to explain the pathology results?

  2. MT,

    First of all, I am sorry for your loss.

    I had a D & C 2 1/2 weeks ago after no HB was found during my NT Scan. I had already been released by my RE, everything was measuring on time, we had seen the HB twice, heard it at my first OB appointment (one week after I was released by the RE) and was told MC risk was something like 5% at that point. One week later, when I went in for my NT Scan, there was no HB (baby had died only about 2 days earlier). I was two days short of the 12 week mark.

    I insisted on having testing done to determine a cause because after 5 IVF cycles and being told everything was on track, we were devastated. I was told it could take up to a month to get the results back.

    I happened to call my OBs office today regarding some other bloodwork and asked about the genetic testing (still not back yet). I also told the nurse that when they came back, I wanted to speak with the doctor about them. Her response was that she wouldn't even attempt to explain the genetic results and the doctor would be the one to speak with about that because that was the doc's area of expertise.

    So my guess is that the reason they want to have the doctor speak with you is to make certain that you are speaking with someone who can properly explain everything to you. I wouldn't read anything into the fact that the receptionist said the doctor would have to call you, or take it to mean something is wrong. In fact, I would be surprised if she had said otherwise--I wouldn't expect the receptionist to be the one to discuss any test result with me.

    PS. Pathology should be back almost immediately, but very often that won't tell you a whole lot. It's the genetic testing and karyotyping that takes time because the cells have to be cultured in the lab first.

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