What do you think about Mariella and Ella Marie?

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  1. I keep coming back to these two names: Mariella or Ella Marie (two named first name). They are basically the inverse of each other. What do you think? I love the name Ella but it is just too common.

  2. i love both! however, if you use ella marie - she will just get ella.

    (i have a lilliana and even we call her lilli now!)

  3. That is so funny because my third choice name is Liliana!!! We have similar tastes!!!

  4. I love the name Ella and don't think it is too common. I haven't actually met any little Ellas (despite a 4 yr old in daycare). Go with whatever really is your first choice. When we were naming our 4 yr old we went with a less common name than our original first choice and there is another little girl with the same name in her class -- the only double in the class!

  5. I vote for Mariella which is GORGEOUS! (I'm in agreement with you about Ella being too common.)

  6. Mariella is my favourite of the two.

  7. Mariella definitely

  8. Mariella is lovely. Ella Marie sounds like a top 10 name with a boring filler middle name. Besides, using Mariella lets you pick another favorite name.

    Mariella Beatrice
    Mariella Irene
    Mariella Juliet
    Mariella Petra
    Mariella Claire
    Mariella Simone
    Mariella Rebecca
    Mariella Catherine

  9. I'm not a fan of Marie, Ann, or Lynn as middle names as it's so incredibly common. I like Ella, but Mariella is really something different and beautiful.

  10. I love Mariella- very pretty name.

  11. I like them both, but I like Mariella best!

  12. Mariella for sure. Very pretty! I worked with a Mariella, and she was very nice, smart and pretty. Good associations for me.

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