What are your thoughts on using donor sperm?

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  1. Hi everyone! Has anyone used donor sperm when it was not possible to use your hubby's sperm? My hubby has to go for an echography to check out what's in there, as his first semen analysis showed no sperm, and he has tried unsucsessfully to produce a second one (too much stress to do it!). They are quite sure it is only a blockage due to having many surgeries when he was born, but they mentioned if it's a production problem, donor sperm is an option if we are interested. We're hoping we can use his, but if not, I'm not sure how I feel about the idea. My hubby said he would consider it, because at least one of us would be the natural parent. But I am unsure of a baby not being "ours" together.

    Have any of you had experience with this, and how do you feel about it? How do the hubbies feel about it? Thanks so much!

  2. I don't have any personal experiences to share, but you could also try to post your question here:


    It is a board for those debating donor sperm.

  3. Thank you! I'm still getting used to sifting through forums. I actually found lots more to read in that section, may not have to post my question at all! Thanks!

  4. Chemical Preg Ment

    alifriqui-Not sure if you are still checking this but if so I thought I would give you our story...DH and I found out about 8 months ago through a scrotal biopsy that we wouldn't be able to have a biological child. Totally unexplained. At first DH had a really tough time with it, the whole speading your seed thing I think. He thought he was okay with DS because of the same reason your DH believes in it and he also didn't want to take the chance of giving birth and having a baby away from me. He started to talk to a therapist and after a few months with hesitation said we should go ahead with DS. We did our first DS IVF in Sept. Unfortunately it ended in a chemical pregnancy. However, the one thing that came out of the cycle is that the day of the ET he was a daddy. He was so on board and I really felt for the first time that it wouldn't matter to him whether it was his biological child or not. I have my transfer for an FET with our snowbabies next Friday and we are both really hopeful. I hope things work out for you. Did he have the testing done yet? Best wishes.


  5. Hi Heather!

    Thanks so much for sharing your story. I'm sorry to hear the first try didn't work out, but I hope you'll have a great result on this upcoming round!! I agree, it's a tough thing to decide if you want DS, and therapy sounds like it was a great way to get through it. We have done our tests, but DH needs to do an ultrasound at the end of November. Once we find out if there's a blockage, we'll know what we're dealing with. We are sort of hoping for a blockage, because we know we can deal with that with the surgical aspiration and ICSI. Hopefully it will work out! I'm excited for him to get this ultrasound done, and then excited to move on to whatever our next step is!!
    Good luck next Friday, and let us know how it goes!

  6. I will let you know what happens. We will be finding out the day after Thanksgiving. Hopefully we will have something to be really thankful for. Good luck with your test. I hope its just a blockage as well. Did he have the scotal bioopsy done? Please let me know if you ever need to talk more about it. Hopefully you won't need to though. Good luck.


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