What age were you when BFP with OWN EGGS

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  1. BFP with OWN EGGS

    Im interested in learning (as you can probably tell from my post) how many woman became PG with there own eggs and How old you were with BFP, where did you cycle?

  2. I voted 40, but that baby was m/c at 16 wks. The next two were also. My doctor tested the placentas (taken during the D&C) and both had MAJOR chromosomal problems. At that point, I moved on to DE in 2004 and had my DD in 2005.

  3. I had a bfp that ended in miscarriage when I was 43. I personally know and know of women in their mid to late 40s who got pregnant and delivered healthy babies with their own eggs. Two key characteristics of these women that should be kept in mind:

    1. They did not have to use IVF. These were natural pregnancies.
    2. They usually had other children, ie, this was not their first child or pregnancy.

    I\'ve found that it is rare to have a woman over 43 have a successful, first time pregnancy using IVF. I know, there are women who will write and say it worked for me, but having trolled these boards for years, it is extremely rare. The successful women tend to already have children (yes, they might be IVF babies, but they are conceived before 43). And, the really, really successful women don't have use IVF at all.

  4. I had a successful IVF at 41 (which I included in the poll) and a BFP at 44 which ended in early miscarriage. (Didn't count the one at 44). I think stelious2 (below) makes really good points...

  5. I also had success at 41.7 yrs after 10 IUI's and 2 IVF's. I've since tried one more FET and 3 IUI's. Finally a positive but ended at 10weeks due to tri 20.

    It's a hard road...but I do know it can work...just very rare.

    Take care

  6. Someone on another board was pregnant through BD, no drugs at 46, own eggs.

  7. BFP with own eggs a month shy of 42 - but lost at 9wks. As usual. Now in 2ww again 42.

  8. I had a BFP at 42 but miscarried and then a BFP at 43.4 with a baby girl born in May. I've been trying for number 2 and have had one BFP at 45 but miscarried at 9wks (baby had genetic issues). All were IVF and done at Cornell. I've done 7 IVFs. Just turned 46 and might do one more IVF as my cycles are still regular and I still produce a lot of eggs (just a lot of duds) My husband has severe MF (0 morphology, 20% motility,low sperm count). But I definitely think IVF works up through 44 not sure how effective after.

    Good luck, Anne

  9. Annie,
    What are your FSH LH etc,etc level like at 45? Good luck with your next IVF hope all goes well.
    How many eggs do you usally get?

  10. My FSH is 4.5 and I'm 45 is it worth concidering using my own eggs

  11. Well, I'm 45.5 and FSH is 16.3 and I'm using my own eggs so I say yes! What was your Estradiol and which day was your FSH measured? If your E was low and this is CD3 that's a great statistic!

  12. misc. ment.

    My FSH is 4.5 and I'm 45 is it worth concidering using my own eggs

    In my opinion it's definitely worth considering. Here's the factors I would consider in making my decision:

    - What was you E2? If it was high, then your 4.5 isn't really that great. (sorry to be harsh)

    - Is your FSH always this low? When I was cycling with my own eggs my FSH would swing from 5 to 8.5 from the ages of 41-43. I believe the rule is, your FSH is as good as your highest number.

    - How much time and money do you have? Regardless of this fantastic FSH, the odds are not really with you. As I said, I know women have gotten pregnant at 45, but they didn't need IVF. (Also, they all already had children. more about this below) The fact that you're doing IVF, puts into a different category. If have the resources to try a couple of cycles with your own eggs, why not? If it's a situation where it's DE or your own cycle, I would weigh these options carefully. You're much more likely to have success with DE (caveat, see below), than you will with your own eggs.

    - Do you already have children. The women I've seen succeed in later years with or without IVF almost ALL have children. I believe this is so, because there are factors other than egg quality that come into play. I cycled 5 times with my own eggs and was told AMA was the reason for my failures. (I had one miscarriage and no other pregnancies.) Further, I had never been pregnant before my one miscarriage. So, I finally gave in and did DE. I had a PERFECT donor cycle -- my donor was proven several times over. Guess what -- BFN. I did a DE FET with the same batch of embies. BFN. Now, my REs is finally admitting that there is something going on with my uterus. So, I emphasize having children, it's not because of egg quality, it's evidence of a functioning uterus. I now believe, in my numerous transfers there were probably some good eggs, but my **** uterus couldn't grow them. Unfortunately, this problem is not solved by DE.

    So, I guess my a.ss-vice is to weigh these various factors and decide what's best for you. Good luck to you.

  13. Ruby,

    The last time I checked (which was about 6 months ago) it was FSH, 7.5 and estrogen was about 50. These numbers are slightly higher than when I conceived my first baby almost 3 years (they were FSH, 6.2 and estrogen was 36 ). My doctor will let me do it again without being tested as I'm a good responder I've had a range of 8 to 22 eggs (8 was my last try). However, it is a bit discouraging as I've produced so many eggs but only one live baby.

    Good luck, Anne

  14. I was 40 11 months with my second IVF attempt which resulted in a ds. Then I went back and on my third attempt (for at total of 5 IVF cycles) at 42 and 7 months got pg with 2nd ds. It is possible but I felt like I was on a lot of meds-injectibles-microdose lupron 2x day, and follistem (300 ? 2x day), and 2 oral meds (sorry can't remember which ones) plus baby aspirin then PIO. They retrieved 8-10 eggs each time, we used \"icksee\" and assisted hatching each time. Our issues were advanced maternal age and male factor (quantity and quality). I would suggest finding a RE with good results for \"mature\" women. Shady Grove in Va has a 20% success rate for women over 40 using own eggs. It is possible but I knew the odds were against us and the third attemp was going to be our last cycle. Good luck.

  15. Thanks for your replies. My FSH was taken on day 4 as my day 3 was on a Sunday, my day 21 progesterone was 57 , LH 3.3, my FSH has always been under 6, don't know what my E2 was as they did not take this, had the tests done at my local GP in January 2008. My tx history is Male Factor and is littered with so many medical blunders it beggers belief. When I started my IVF journey I was 40, nothing else wrong with me at that time. 5 Years down the line I have had many transfer failures with both my eggs and De until it was discovered we had a sperm problem, just when thing were picking up I went for DE&DS at 43 & 44 as I thought that my FSH must be high but apparantly this recent test says its not. Prior to my DE&DS cycles I had to have a hysteroscopy to remove hyperplasia which left me with ashermnans syndrome, no suprise that the transfers that followed did not work. I have had sugery for the ashermans and am going to Germany next month to see if the surgery was successful in getting rid of the scar tissue. However after all the IVF drugs I now have fibroids although they are not impacting on the uterine lining and are quite small. I don't know if I have the will to try again but just feel I have never had a proper chance because of all this misdiagnosis and medical blunders.

    I suppose it all depends on my check up next month and a review of the fibroids. Would I be better going for IUI with donor sperm or IVf if I decided to try again , that is if my E number is ok or whether just to give up.

    thanks x

  16. DD#1 was born after cycling at age 39. DD#2 after cycling at age 40, and I was 41 when she was born. For the cycle at age 40 my FSH was 12.1, so fairly elevated. When tested at ages 42 and 43, my FSH was 7.3 and 7.1. So far no luck with IVF at age 42 and 43, did 3 FETs all of which were BFN/chemical pregnancy. I guess fertility really dropped off for me after age 41. The way my RE explained it there is often a quite sudden drop-off in fertility. It happens sometime between about 38 and 43, but is different for each woman. However, even after the \"drop-off\", there still could be a good egg or two, it's just a numbers game at that point, trying to find that one good egg.

    Good luck to everyone.


  17. I had a bfp at 42. Natural, miscarried at 8wks. Been trying since, no go. I'm 45 now and have pretty much given up.

  18. I had a bfp at 42. Natural, miscarried at 8wks. Been trying since, no go. I'm 45 now and have pretty much given up.

    If you don't mind me asking what is your FSH at 45

  19. I had a BFP at 40y8m - DS now 4. I then had a natural ectopic at 43. No luck after that despite a couple of stim cycles. I went to DE and am now 17w at age 45.

  20. I'm 45; last fsh measured that wasn't reduced by high EST was 16.3.

  21. BFP with own eggs on fresh transfer at age 44.8. Gave birth at age 45 to a healthy singleton. DS now 3 months old. I started TTC at age 42, and did several IUIs, followed by a total of 13 IVFs.

  22. If you don't mind me asking what is your FSH at 45

    Last test I had at age 43, my fsh was 6.3, then it went up to 10.

  23. BFP at both 41 and 42, but both ended in m/c. FSH was around 8 for both cycles. Also m/c'd two natural pregnancies at 40 and 41, so I'm pretty much out as far as IVF with my own eggs goes. Pattern looking pretty obvious for me.

  24. Several years ago, I got a BFP after transferring 4 embryos. I was 43 and 4 months and delivered my beautiful baby girl 2 weeks shy of my 44th birthday.
    She is now 3 years old and I realize what a miracle I have everytime I look at her!

  25. i see 3 woman had BFP at 45 years would you like to share where you cycled
    or was in natural?

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