Were your embryos the same cell count?

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  1. Hey ladies who transferd 2 embies and ended up with twins, were your embies the same cell count? eg \" 2, 6 cell embies?\"

  2. Hello!

    I had 3 frozen blast put back - I am pregnant with twins. It was my 4th IVF transfer - Cornell in nyc!


    TAke care,


  3. I transferred 2 (8 cell) embies on day 3 and ended up w/ twins.

  4. Thank you so much for your replies ladies, i transfers 2embies both were 6 celled and am hpoing for twins esp since none of the other 5 made it to the freezer.


  5. I transfered 1- 8 cell and 1- 6 cell. Neither were fragmented.

    15w1d twins

  6. We transferred three embroys - Two 8 cell Grade A and One 5 cell Grade A. We are 25 weeks with boy/girl twins and couldn't be happier!!


  7. congrats ladies and thanks fo rvoting it is comforting to look at the results

  8. We transferred 3/4-celled embies and I'm currently 30w3d pg w/ twin boys!


  9. We transfered 3 embies. One was 8 cell grade A, one 7 cell grade A, and an 8 cell grade B. All three took and I now have beautiful 8 month old BBG triplets!!!! Good Luck to all!!

    proud Mama to Chase, Landon and Ava

  10. I transferred 4 total. 1 grade 1 (which is best in my lab), 1 grade 2, and 2 poorer quality (honestly don't know if they were grade 3 or 4).

    I guess you never know what happened, but my guess is the grade 1 & 2 stuck and the poorer quality ones didn't make it. I believe in my lab grade 1 means appropriate cell count and minimal fragmentation & grade 2 means appropriate cell count with some fragmentation.


  11. Transferred the only 2 I had at 3 days - one was 8-cell and one was 10-cell.

    Mommy to Lily & Grace, 31 weekers who are 4 months old

  12. We transferred a 9-cell and a 10-cell at 3 days. Only one of our remaining embryos made it to the freezer. We now have healthy twin boys.

    Wishing you the very best of luck.

  13. We transferred on day 2 with one 5 cell and one 4 cell and both took. I am 18w6d pg with boy/girl twins.

    Good luck!


  14. I had two 5 day blasts put back and am now 30wks w/ boy/girl twins.

  15. We transferred 2- 8 cell, grade 2-3 and 1-7cell same grade and ended up with fraternal twins.

  16. Hi,

    We transfered 2-eight cell and 1-seven cell and our now pregnant with twins.

    good luck
    Tina 16wk5d

  17. We transferred 2 - 8 cells embies and ended up with twins.

    I hope this helps.


    12w2d with twins

  18. Transfered 2 5 day blastocysts

    15weeks w/ Twins

  19. We transferred 1 10-cell and 1 11-cell embies and I am now 28w pg with b/g twins

  20. Hi
    We transferred 2 8 cell day 3 embies both were grade b (some fragmentation). I am currently 32weeks 3 days pregnant with b/g twins.
    Wishing you the best of luck

  21. two embies on day two - 4 cell each

  22. I transferred three embryos on day 3: one 12 cell, one 9 cell and one 8 cell. I am now pregnant with twins.


  23. Thanks sooo much ladies for answering my poll an di also found out yesterday i have twins.

  24. Congratulations, aravellazah. I transferred 2 really good quality both of 8 cells and the third day and they both took.

  25. We transferred 2 blasts. They were almost identical in quality and everything. Both implanted and I'm having 2 girls.

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