Were you right about your feeling of BFN OR BFP???

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  1. With my triplets I was so hyperstimmed I couldn't tell a thing. But I thought I wasn't. Didn't "feel" prego. My betas were super low so I thought, I must be miscarrying...but it was all the fluid diluting tests. 3 Strong heartbeats, now sleeping in their beds...

    3dp3dt and I think no way am I prego. I feel too great. But then it could be the large contrast between being hyperstimmed and not.

    My husband thinks yes, I"m thinkiing know. I'll Hpt test next sunday.

  2. I was right about all 5 of my BFN's. I knew I wasn't and wasn't. But, this one, I was wrong. I was so used to having a BFN, and all my symptoms had subsided. So, I just knew I wasn't. Took an hpt and it turned pos right away. Took another one the next morning and it was darker. Then, had blood test the next day and it was confirmed. I knew once I got the positive hpt, that it worked. I'm 6 weeks, and will have my first u/s on Friday. We're too excited.


  3. Yep, right about the BFP with IVF#1 (and I only tested because I knew something "felt" different). Right about the chemical with IVF#2 because after the first week of the same symptoms as #1 they just all of a sudden disappeared. And now with IVF#3 (5dp3dt) I think it might be too soon to tell...but I do feel "symptoms". The real test is if they last past a week (which they didn't with my chemical). So we'll see how I feel Monday.

  4. I had this dizziness and irritated eyes and at this same moment I knew I was!

  5. So far, BFP and I thought for sure I was not. Lots of cramping and very light spotting.

  6. For ivf #1 I got a bfn at 8dp2dt and I was so upset because I knew it had to be wrong. Turns out I was right - 2 days later got a bfp on a different test. Moral of the story - don't ever use IC (they didn't register even a faint line until my beta was well over 100, suppose to work with a hcg of 20).

    ivf #2 - I have a feeling it is a bfp (even said to dh today that I feel pregnant and would be shocked if it doesn't work). I am only 6dp3dt so too early to test. However I don't feel as confident anymore because I posted a similar question on ff for people who got a bfn and more then 2/3 said yes they thought they were pregnant.

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