Were you right about your feeling of BFN OR BFP???

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  1. Were you right about BFN or BFP?????

  2. I was right 2 outa 3 times????
    HAve had 3 cycles and felt
    Had a natural pg and didn't know

    Then did 1st IVF
    thought I was and wasnt n 1st cycle, RE said foir sure it would work so I thought for sure I must be

    2nd cycle
    Thought I wasnt and wasnt, by 2nd cycle I knew better

    3rd cycle
    thought I was and was

    I think with a bit of experience we kinda know!!!!
    What about you ladies????????????????????????????

  3. I did! This is #6 for us and I always knew the results of the HPT I was about to take before I took it. I guess it's just instinct or experience for us IVFer\'s!


  4. I am the external pessimist, and both times thought I wasn't, but I was.


  5. Out of 8 IVF cycles (including 1 FET) I felt all 6 that were negative, were going to be negative. The two cycles that were postive, I felt they were positive. For me, being pregnant is such a distinct feeling. All negative cycles I had moderate to severe cramping. Both positive cycles I had no cramping whatsoever, but uterus had a full feeling.


  6. I chose other. My experience was weird.
    I was so upset early on because I was SURE it didn't work. Then, towards the end, I just felt different...dizzy-ish, just odd. I had a feeling I'd have a low beta. Turns out it was 32. I KNEW the second one went down. I told the nurse when I went in, it was a chemical.

  7. The day after transfer, I spent about an hour in bed, crying because I knew it didn't work.

    I started feeling more optimistic after I found out that all of the embies we didn't transfer made it to blast and were frozen. I became convinced that it worked at around 8dp2dt, and sure enough, it did!

  8. Hello Ladies Well Its official, I thought I was and I was. Good luck to everyone else....
    Cheers Kat

  9. Congratulations Kat! I'll find out today...

  10. Last time I knew I was and I was...This time BFN and I knew it. Oh well, back to the drawing board.

  11. Um, I voted wrong accidentally. I just meant to check off "Thought I wasn't and WAS," but I also clicked "Thought I wasn't and wasn't." So scratch that. I had very negative intuition about the whole thing, and I started cramping like crazy the day of beta. But lo and behold...

  12. This was my very first IVF cycle. I have no children and therefore no idea what being pregnant would feel like. But I knew I felt too normal to be pregnant and today's BFN beta confirmed it. One of the few times in life I wish I hadn't been right.

  13. For those who thought you were and got a BFP....how were you feeling? What made you think you were pg?

  14. For those who thought you were and got a BFP....how were you feeling? What made you think you were pg?
    Crampy with a full feeling abdomen pretty much sums it up for me.

  15. Just thought I would post since I finally got my BFP! I was wrong. I thought I wasn't and I was !!!

  16. My first IVF I thought I wasn't and I wasn't.
    The second IVF I thougth I was and I was.

    With IVF #2 I had symptoms I didn't have with #1. My breasts got progessively sorer in a different place than usual (underneath instead of on the sides), I had awful heartburn, and I stayed bloated.

  17. thought I wasn't and then I was!
    in 2ww, I had only light cramping 2 days before beta, that's when I started getting +hpt\'s.
    I am now almost 8weeks with twins. still no symptoms or nauseous, just tired.


  18. Wonderful news, my nurse rang to tell me that I was BFP! I am still in a state of shock, I'm shaking as I type this!! My husband is beside himself. He is the best father ever and I am so overjoyed to be able to give him another child!
    My beta number was 346, which seems nice and healthy. I need to have the numbers checked again on Thursday. I do not think I will be able to contain my excitement, I am sure everyone will wonder what is up with me. The relief that our struggle has been a success is beyond belief!
    I would celebarte with a glass of champagne if I could!!

    Thank you again for all the positive vibes, I am sure it helps with all the stress!


  19. I voted thought I was and was, but I did go back and forth a good bit. I just kept tell myself I am pregnant until told otherwise. Since the embryo's were put there, I figured that is as close as I had ever gotten anyway!

  20. Postive Beta Ment

    I took an HPT and it said +++ but I just didn't believe it! My beta was 2 days away and I had one more HPT-Took it and it said +++ still was in denial!!

    The day of beta I took a dollar store test and it said negative! I started to get upset at yet another failed cycle and BAM- the phone rang it was the clinic with my beta results-I am pregnant!!
    Lesson learned- do not use the cheap hpt's!! They are not accurate-at least they wheren't for me

  21. With my DD in 2005, I had a hunch it worked and it did... I was pg!

    I just had a FET on 3/15... feeling like I am... so I've POAS... and there are 2 distinct lines. Beta on Thursday.

    I think there is definitely something to be said about a woman's intuition.

    Samantha, 23 months
    FET 3/15, beta on Thursday for #2

  22. I thought I was throughout my 1ww until the last day, when I became sure it hadn't worked. But it had! I think I psyched myself out in the last 24 hours of the wait.

  23. IVF #1~ thought I wasn't and wasn't!

    IVF #2~ thought I was and was!

    I think for #2 I thought I was pg hoping a postive attitude could help! Probably didn't make a difference but cycle worked none the less.

    Thinking about doing # 3 soon! Here we go again. I'll let you know if I hit three for three!


  24. IVF #1-- I thought I wasn't and I was. I remember sitting in the bathroom sobbing my eyes out a few days before the beta because I was so sure it didn't work..I almost didn't believe the nurse when she called and told me I was pg.

    IVF #2---I am currently 7dp5dt and I have taken two HPT's and they had very, very faint lines so the HPT's say I am..I still don't think I am though. I don't think I will truly believe it until I hear the nurse confirm it with a BFP beta...we'll see on Tuesday.

  25. i've been right 10/10 times:

    IUIs- 1 through 4- thought i wasn't and i wasn't
    IVFs 1 and 2 (with own eggs) thought i wasn't and i wasn't
    IVFs 3 and 4 (with donor eggs) thought i wasn't and i wasn't
    IVF 5 (new donor) thought i was and yup
    IVF 6 (FET, same donor as #5) thought i was and today's POAS confirms!

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