Weirdo Period After Lap: Normal? (TMI):)

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  1. Hello gals!

    On Wednesday, I thought my period started. It was bright red and I thought that's a bit odd.

    Then it stopped an hour later.

    This is after having a lap done on April 21st.

    My cycles are usually 28 days although the last three months they have lengthened to 32 days (acupuncture, heating pads, better diet, who knows..getting older?).


    I called my IVF nurse and she said to wait for a full day period but did not explain what's up?

    Can anyone explain what my body is doing????

    Thanks in advance!


  2. What is your body doing? It's doing like most bodies of women who are doing does whatever the helll it wants just when you need it to be normal the most!!! Any kind of surgery makes your cycle go wonky. I remember being in the hospital a day or two after my bowel resection and I feel what feels like bleeding so I am freaking out pushing the nurses button thinking something from my surgery had gone wrong. Nope, it was just AF coming 2 weeks early. WTF? I was a huge mess and couldn't move or help myself in any way.

  3. Mustang!

    You're right...

    Our bodies do whatever they want.

    Who knows why my period is strange?

    It could be the result of the surgery.

    It could be me getting old.


    Oh well.


  4. As I have crept up in age, my periods have gotten shorter..I thought that was more typical with "older" age folks...
    Since my lap/ablation I have been feeling menstrual like cramps a lot.

    Hang in there my dear.

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