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  1. Hi-

    I was wondering if anyone was told the weight of their baby or babies at 16 weeks pregnant? Ours were 6 oz each and I want to make sure that is ok. It is bigger than what it says on the internet and pregnancy books but those seem to be off by quite a bit as far as weight and what people are really seeing.

    Thank you!!

  2. Our twins measured 5 oz each at nearly 17 weeks, and the doctor was pleased with that news - totally normal size. Remember that twins are more likely around the 35th percentile versus singletons, and also that these measurements are notoriously inaccuate. I've had friends (more than 1!) where estimated weight at birth was off by >2 lbs!!! Seriously!! Last, remember that your own size/stature does play a role ... my DH and I make long, skinny babies - it's genetic, LOL. So I don't expect to see fetal sizes that are average, especially for twins - my singletons were each 21" but under 7 lbs each, full-term.

    Try not to worry

  3. when I carried twins they measured in the 95th and 97th percentile at 16 weeks (that compared to a singleton). They never translated that into weight simply overall size.

    When they were born at 24w they still both weight/measured larger than average singletons (both +90%). The docs were impressed with their size and in the end, if your carrying large twins for their gestation, consider it a positive. Most twins are born early and having that extra size is important if they're born extremely early.

    But Amy is spot on...measurements from an u/s are too inaccurate to put much emphasis on. If their measuring big that's MUCH more beneficial then small but there's still a lot of room for error with u/s. Also, most twins tend to slow their fetal growth when they start running out of room...around 24 plus weeks so its perfectly normal for them to be a 'good' size that early on.

    Good luck.

  4. Thank you guys! That makes me feel better but now onto my new worry- and much more substantial worry! (see new thread )


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