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  1. I can't fit in any of my clothes! My lord I feel like a giant cow, and I can't even diet and work out like crazy to get rid of the weight. With every cycle I've gained about 5 pounds that never came back off. I'm just had my second Beta with great >200 numbers and waiting for U/S on the 22nd. I've read some people say that they lost about 5 pounds a couple of weeks after Beta. Does anyone have any experience with losing weight...most importantly bloating?

  2. Hi Joyluck Eggs,
    Conrgratulations on your success! Unfortunatley, no BFP for me yet. I've gained some serious weight thru my first 2 IVF cycles. My first IVF was in May 07'.....I just completed IVF#2 with my beta on 8/15. I've gained 15lbs...SINCE MAY!!! I'm not running anymore, or really exercising for that matter, plus I'm eating the house and everything around it. I think the horomones, BCP's, stress, of all this have just messed me up. I look like hell, and all my clothes are tight... very depressing. I've decided if I get a BFN after Wed. beta I'm going on a serious fast/cleanse. I will be so depressed over the BFN I will have to do something to get me back on track fast. Regarding pregnancy.....I have heard numerous stories about girls losing major weight from breastfeeding their babies. They actually turn out skinnier after the baby is born...breast feeding ...got to get the BFP first though!

  3. 3rd time's a charm...at least it was for me. Ironically I had come to the same conclusion, I was going to go on a big ole diet and exersize binge after this last cycle and then...BFP. Kind of blew my plans to lose weight, but I'm perfectly happy with that

    The drugs are a major factor for me, and all the not being able to drink or eat sushi made me kind of try to make up for it with cookies and other goodies I wouldn't normally eat. Plus my RE has you on 2 weeks of virtually no activity from retrieval to 1st beta. You're not allowed to even walk around the block, so I got pretty sedate and found it hard to get back into my excercise routine once I got the BFN.

    I swear though I've put on another dress size just since the first beta. It's insane I just tried on some pants I had on last week and I couldn't button them. I certainly hope this is a good sign!

  4. Well hopefully this 2nd time will be a charm for me! I have beta tomorrow and can't focus on anything! I have been POAS for the last 5 days and have them all lined up for a comparrison. I'm using the Dollar Tree HPT and have a gradual faint positive which "slightly" increases over the last 4 days. But it takes up to 2 minutes to see the faint pos line...makes me wonder if it's the evap line.. I have gone to the peeonastick site to compare but I'm still worried. I will find out tomorrow.... and get my fast grocery list prepared just in case. I hope and pray in the meantime...and eat!!!!

  5. Alaa: I also used the Dollar Tree sticks. I tested 4dp5dt and 5dp and got BFN's. On 8dp5dt, I got a "faint" line - where I thought I was seeing things - my beta that same day turned out 244.

  6. This is my 6th IVF and I have gained more weight this cycle than any other. I have a 2.5 DD from IVF #1. I have probably gained around 7 lbs. I literally took the bed rest seriously on this cycle and just sat and ate for 3 days. I also completely gave up all smoking on this cycle.

    I usually gain about 3-5 lbs each cycle as I can't work out while stimming and during the 2ww and them proceed to lose it when I get the dreaded BFN...then gain and lose, etc.

    I have tested on hpt's yesterday (9dp3dt) (4 of them and 1 this morning - YES - I have officially lost in and am crazy). All positive. I can't believe it. The last time I saw 2 lines on a prego stick was when I got BFP with my DD over 3 years ago. Beta is tomorrow. Cross your fingers that it is a nice strong number.

    P.S. If it is a positive - can I resume working out? Can I use the elliptical machine, stationary bike, etc?

  7. In the last 4yrs I have done several cycles and have always gained weight..When I got pg with my son I only gained 13lbs and the baby weighed 8.9oz..I nursed and by the 6th week had lost 35lbs and was back in my size 4 clothes..

    Now a year later doing another cycle and I have gained weight and can only wear pants that have elastic because I am so bloated..I have gained back about 1/2 the weight back .Its so disheartening but I keep reminding myself of why this has happened..

    My Dh says "its because of all the drugs" and I say "True, but only you know that, everyone else just thinks I am fat, its not like I can wear a sign that say - I am fat because I am taking fertility medication!!" UGH..

    I transferred 2 GradeAA blasts and my beta is 2/12..

  8. riservetarsiacra-I thought about having the I'm fat b/c...made. I gained 20 lbs. and had to go from a six to a ten. I had an m/c but the "pregnancy weight" is stubbornly hanging on even after half a year. I'm using a bootcamp video this time. I've lost five but there's 15 more to go. Help!!! Anybody lost any weight so far?

  9. I gained about 12 lbs just with all the meds and stuff, and being more inactive. I had to buy bigger pants because I could not stand to stuff myself into the smaller ones any longer. I just got my BFP, so screw it.. I can wear maternity soon, just going to enjoy my blessing and eat for 2 or 3 (not sure yet)

  10. I put on at least 8lbs every single time I started lupron. After each cycle, I would lose a few but not all of it and then start again. So it has definitely added up. I would say that Lupron was my biggest gainer med. Also my BP skyrocketed while I was on it, then would go back to normal after the flare ended.
    But I'm hoping to be fat and happy for the next 8months so screw it. I've learned to love my new big girl pants

  11. I gained 90 flipping lbs! I had twins and the good news is I had them via elective C at 35 weeks cuz they were identical and they were six lbs each. I have to credit my fat self for that good size!


    I\'m 14 months out and still trying to lose that last 20. It's not easy!

  12. I actually lost about 2 sizes thanks to Glucophage for PCOS. Went from a size 8 to a size 4.

  13. I've gained 15 lbs. which looks like quite a bit on a shorty. LOL!

  14. I lost weight

  15. I got super lucky and despite mild OHSS causing some bloating after retrieval i still way the exact amount i started out at! a strapping 165lbs since i get my 2nd beta tomorrow i'm hoping to be a bit um... bigger in the near future!!!

  16. I ended up the same. Refused to weigh myself during stims and weighed myself a day after + beta to find right back to my normal weight. Now this doesn't mean i'm not bloated! My jeans barely button now!

  17. Got a BFP on Friday 5/29 with beta of 154. Sat. morning I got on the scale and realized I'd lost 5 pounds during the 2ww...between stress and having no appetite, I guess that's how it happened. I expected to have a bigger appetite but haven't felt like eating much of anything for the last 2-3 weeks. Second beta was 682 yesterday...have my last one tomorrow....hoping for a reason to start gaining soon!

  18. I've likely gained 20lb in the last year. I was 180lb last fall (weighed many times at the doctors so I know), then it went up to 185 with my first ivf in April, 190 after the m/c, 195 for ivf#2 (on ER day), and now I won't be surprised if I'm 200lb. Luckily my body is good at distributing the weight so I only look a little chunky and not severely obese.

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