we feel weird that we shared

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  1. Strange that she wouldn't be supportive as she knows you both have anxiety to begin with....I would think she could understand the trust you both must have for her in order to share that nformation with her. I also thing if she is helping with nutrition in order to aid the anxiety she would need to know anout the other medications you will be on to be effective. So sorry you got that reaction....I know some on the "natural" side of medicine frown on IVF due to the drugs...but I would think they would still be willing to have an open mind about a couple wanting a child. I wish you luck with your cycle....sorry you are in this "weird" situation.

  2. both hubby and I have anxiety. we also have been with a nutritionist and we decided to tell her about IVF coming up ( our first) she was upset by it greatly, the hormones the whole thing. And it upset us too. We know it's not natural like making love. that's why we're doing this. we need med assist! LOL.
    Anyway, we love her as a consultant but now feel weird that we shared. Didn't expect the reaction we got.

  3. I've learned to keep my mouth shut around certain doc's (and certain friends)! I have learned the hard way that not everyone agrees with your given protocal and some people will tell you their honest opinions even though you don't want to hear them. I have been learning to trust my own instincts and therefore I think that you should go with what you think is best for you and your husband and future family. So now I am very careful about who to tell what. Hope that helps!

  4. Just stumbling across this post...

    Why was the nutritionist "upset greatly" by your need to pursue IVF? Why would she have any reaction at all? Can't really understand why she'd spend her emotions making any judgements about you... that's just weird if you ask me. Not sure I'd stick with her, but that's just my 0.02.

    Good luck.

  5. May I suggest finding a nutritionist that specialized in infertility? When I was cycling, i found a nutritionsist via the stress management therapist i was seeing (who also specialized in infertility and those with terminal/chronic illnesses). She was great...put me on a special diet for several months leading up to my last (and successful) IVF cycle.

    There are nutritionists out there who speicialize in this, perhaps seeking one out would be beneficial for you and DH.


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